A Florida Reader Reminds Everyone To Save A VDARE.com Link To Enter Amazon.com

From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

I am not able to donate much to VDARE.com, but in January I went to Amazon via your Amazon link button on your webpage and saved the page in my favorites and have been entering Amazon via that saved page with your link since January. Everything I have bought on Amazon for my business should have given VDARE.com a percentage.

It would it be a good idea to remind VDARE.com readers, not only to go to Amazon via your link button, but to save the link as a, so when they go to Amazon in the future you will still get a percentage of any purchase without the readers having to go to your webpage and click on the Amazon link?

The reason I saved the Amazon page in my favorites, as I could never remember to go to VDARE.com and enter Amazon via your webpage link until after I made the purchase.

VDARE.com Note: Excellent idea. Drag this link to the toolbar: Amazon, or right-click and choose Add To Bookmarks

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