05/21/12 Why Whites Should Fear Becoming A Minority, Etc.

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John Derbyshire`s third VDARE.com column upset even MORE Leftist vigilantes! Plus: More Martin/ Zimmerman; why whites should fear being a minority; etc. etc.

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  2. The Fulford File | More (Coordinated) Attacks On John Derbyshire, And VDARE.com by James Fulford 
  3. How Come Comedian Daniel Tosh Survives The “Anti-Racist” Flashmobs? by Paul Kersey  
  4. Memo From Middle America | Mexicans Want U.S. Intervention In Mexico! But Do We? by Allan Wall 
  5. Does Ford`s Grant To The ADL Mean More Ad Hominem Attacks On Patriots? by Donald A. Collins
  6.  Progressive Perspective | Dennis Kucinich, H1-B, Ron Paul-And The Fundamental Contradiction Of U.S. Politics by Randall Burns
  7. Doomed by Diversity: The Murder of Eve Carson by Nicholas Stix   
  8. New York Times Claims “Police Missteps” In Trayvon Martin Case Hurt Prosecution-But They Don`t by Federale 
  9. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo



  1. One Old Vet: Thumbs Down On Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez as VP Choices by Patrick Cleburne
  2. Mexicans Stay Home and Find Jobs by Brenda Walker
  3. Gay Marriage in Prisons? by Steve Sailer
  4. The Stormtroops of Tinley Park by James Fulford
  5. California Retail Businesses Pitch Bilingual Clerks by Brenda Walker
  6. Romney And Big Business: Herein Lies The Problem by Federale
  7. Chris Shays, Immigration Patriot (Sort Of), Forces Linda McMahon (Nullity) Into CT Senate Primary by Peter Brimelow
  8. Labor Department Withdraws Proposed Meddlesome Rule Changes Governing Youth Farm Labor by Allan Wall
  9. Euphemism Translations For Parents Of Foreign Students by Steve Sailer
  10. National Review`s Unforced Error And The “Scalping” Of Elizabeth Warren by James Fulford
  11. Major Patriotic Victory In Alabama! by Patrick Cleburne
  12. Euphemisms Don`t Translate Well-“Hiding Behind The Word `Urban`” by Steve Sailer
  13. Dershowitz: Drop Murder Charge Against George Zimmerman by James Fulford
  14. Muslim Voters Change France by Brenda Walker
  15. “Creepy:” Was Trayvon Martin Trying To Commit A Gay Bashing When He Attacked Zimmerman? by Steve Sailer
  16. Long Live Life! (Death to Intelligence, Though)* by Steve Sailer
  17. “The Dictator” by Steve Sailer
  18. Why American Whites Should Fear Being A Minority by Patrick Cleburne
  19. “Blacks”, Progressive Whites, And John Derbyshire by James Fulford
  20. The Philosophy Of Open Borders: “Death To Intelligence! Long Live Death!” by Steve Sailer
  21. Senator McCain Recommends GOP Embrace Illegal Aliens by Brenda Walker
  22. Uh-Oh-Will a White Male Win American Idol Five Times in a Row? by Anonymous Attorney
  23. A Romney Platform: “Providing Adult Supervision To Government” by Steve Sailer
  24. Hispanic Identity Confusion and Criminal Justice by Anonymous Attorney
  25. The Judah P. Benjamin Whiteness Crisis by Steve Sailer
  26. ABC Does Good:”Cops, Witnesses Back Up George Zimmerman`s Version of Trayvon Martin Shooting” by James Fulford
  27. The Trayvon Martin Hoax: AOL/Huffington Post Reports More Evidence Exculpating George Zimmerman, But is Sure to Mix in More Trayvon Propaganda by Nicholas Stix
  28. My Zimmerman Question To The NYT Answered by Steve Sailer
  29. Zimmerman Was Right About Martin: “He`s On Drugs” by Steve Sailer
  30. A Letter TO Comcast About Ignoring A Letter FROM Them by John Miano
  31. Border Report: Illegals Are Still Coming by Brenda Walker
  32. The Urge to Purge: Filipino Prizefighter Gay Marriage Edition by Steve Sailer
  33. Will The ADL Use CISPA To Take Over Internet And Repress Free Speech? by Patrick Cleburne
  34. Non-Deported Gangster Espinoza Was Violent in Jail by Brenda Walker
  35. Zimmerman: CYA by the NYT by Steve Sailer
  36. Trayvon`s Knuckles Were Injured by Steve Sailer
  37. In The No Surprises Department-Obama`s DHS Hires Have No Law Enforcement Background…But Neither Did Bush`s by Federale
  38. The (Imaginary) Indian in the Woodpile by Anonymous Attorney
  39. A List of Steps to Fix California by Brenda Walker
  40. Nebraska Upset: VDARE.com Correspondent`s Choice Wins GOP Senate Nod by Patrick Cleburne
  41. The Urge to Purge: James Q. Wilson Edition by Steve Sailer
  42. “Dark Shadows:” Tim Burton And Johnny Depp Fey It Up Again by Steve Sailer
  43. Kansas Legislature Passes Anti-Sharia Prohibitions by Brenda Walker
  44. Dog-Whistling Drudge Continues Dodging Immigration Outrages by Patrick Cleburne
  45. Mommy, Where Do Poor Children Come From? by Steve Sailer
  46. Commencement Speakers-Liberals Outnumber Conservatives A Lot MORE Than 7-1 by James Fulford
  47. How to Help the Third World by Steve Sailer
  48. The War Among Women by Steve Sailer
  49. Obama`s Julia and Affordable Family Formation by Steve Sailer
  50. People Are Not Ants…Says The Glass-Sided Ivory Tower by James Fulford
  51. Refugee Industry: Irresponsible Social Strip Mining In Pennsylvania by Patrick Cleburne
  52. Cadereyta, Mexico: Highway to Hell: 37 More-No Make That 49!-Dismembered Bodies Found Dumped, as Treason Lobby Promotes Bizarro World Talking Point … by Nicholas Stix

  1. A Reader Writes That George Zimmerman May Be In A Position To Sue Both ABC and NBC For Deliberate Falsification
  2. A Civil Servant Writes To Say That What We Said About The SBA And Minorities Was “Is All A Lie”
  3. A Florida Reader Reminds Us That MSM Attacks On VDare.com Will Result In Greater Readership
  4. A Canadian Reader Asks Why National Review Bothers To Grovel, Since They`ll Be Called Racists Anyway
  5. A Louisiana Reader Reports Newer, Stranger, Money Laundering-Which Leaves The Federal Government Owning A Movie Script About The Virgin Mary
  6. A “Truly Dedicated VDARE.com Follower” In Florida Won`t Contribute Because Of Paul Craig Roberts; Peter Brimelow Replies, Wearily

Syndicated Columns
  1. Are Americans Catching On, Waking Up, Unplugging? by Paul Craig Roberts
  2. Iron Ladies Of The Bible And The American Revolution by Chuck Baldwin


  3. Obamacare`s Patient-Dumping, Privacy-Meddling Scheme by Michelle Malkin
  4.  How the Gay-Marriage Mob Slimed Manny Pacquiao by Michelle Malkin
  5. Has the Bell Begun to Toll for the GOP? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  6. As Baby Boomers Head For Retirement, Does Demographic Disaster Mean The Good Times Are “Really Over For Good?” by Patrick J. Buchanan

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