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VDARE.COM's unique take on the Election 2010 (the white vote is key). And, guess what, the American worker displacement issue has finally entered Establishment debate, after 6 years of VDARE.COM coverage. Next: immigration moratorium!
  Featured Article
National Data: Pew Confirms VDARE.COM On American Worker Displacement, by Ed Rubenstein

To Your Keyboards, VDARE.COM Weekend Warriors! Block Obama's Plan To Restart P-3! , by Paul Nachman

Is John Boehner Believable On Immigration?, by Washington Watcher

Election 2010 And The Unmentionable Sailer Strategy: White Vote Still Key, by Steve Sailer

 Election 2010: A Step Forward-But Still A Long Way To Go, by Washington Watcher

Democrat Says: Republicans Have A Mandate To Discuss Real Immigration Reform, by Donald A Collins

Habermas's Huff About Thilo Sarrazin, by Steve Sailer

Will A GOP Congress Block Obama's Ongoing Administrative Amnesty?, by "Federale"

Anti-Immigrant Sentiments From Robert Anton Wilson:"Here Come Those Lousy Vikings Again", by James Fulford State Questions and the National Question in 2010 , by Allan Wall What Words are Missing from the Parenthetical?, by Nicholas Stix Congressman Steve King to lead Birthright Citizenship charge?, by Patrick Cleburne Muslim Hostiles Continue to Head for the Border, by Brenda Walker Is Obama's India Enthusiasm Good For Americans?, by Patrick Cleburne An Uncle Tim, by Steve Sailer India Plans to Pressure Obama on Outsourcing and H-1B Issues, by Rob Sanchez Return Of The Mission Impossible Mask, by James Fulford Amnesty Boosters Not Dismayed!, by Brenda Walker CAIR Apparatchik Sues Oklahoma over Sharia Ban , by Brenda Walker DeAnna on Guy Fawkes Night, V For Vendetta, and English Liberties, by Peter Brimelow Marc Ambinder In The Atlantic: Pat Buchanan Explains The Election, by James Fulford Yet Another Intellectual Fraud Tries to Sucker-Punch Thilo Sarrazin, by Nicholas Stix The Lambeth Walk back - Bush; Muslim Courtroom behavior, by Patrick Cleburne Newark Schoolyard Executioner Sentenced , by Brenda Walker Jerry Brown Celebrates His Gubernatorial Victory in California, by Nicholas Stix Post-Election, Day One and Going Forward, by Brenda Walker Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Young and Hard-Bodied Latino Men, by Anonymous Attorney Hispanic Voters: Undercounted Or...Fraudulent?, by Peter Brimelow "Interesting, Although Somewhat Mysterious" Arguments From Obama's Justice Department, by James Fulford State Level Gains For Republicans:"The Alabama Legislature Is Republican For The First Time Since 1876.", by James Fulford Arizona Law Defended in the Courts and on the Streets , by Brenda Walker Canadian Police Investigate KKK Costume At Halloween Party, by James Fulford Ward Connerly's Ballot Initiative Cruises In Arizona, by Steve Sailer Quantitative Easing II, by Steve Sailer "The political economy of the subprime mortgage credit expansion", by Steve Sailer Election 2010---A Grinding Trench Warfare Advance For Immigration Patriots, by Peter Brimelow NumbersUSA Live Election Feed, by Peter Brimelow Tea Party Haters Threaten To Emigrate--To Largely White Foreign Cities, by James Fulford Balm In Gilead: On Election 2010, by Peter Brimelow "Second generation Immigrants in Europe are de-assimilating", by Steve Sailer Halloween and the Election--Who Got the Goodies, by Rob Sanchez Siccing the Disciplinary Dogs on Andrew Shirvell, Esq., by Anonymous Attorney Linguistic Progress At The Ninth Circuit!, by Paul Nachman Peter Brimelow Will Be On The Bill Cunningham Show Today at 12:30 p.m. ET., by James Fulford Numbers USA's Worst 50: Why so many Blacks?, by Patrick Cleburne Immigrant Voters From Homophobistan Elect Conservative Mayor In Toronto, by James Fulford "Latinos souring on illegal immigration"--Another "We Told You So" Moment, by James Fulford
A Reader Notes Mexico's Film Industry Employs Fewer Actual Mexicans Than Hollywood An Illinois Reader Says Don't Worry About Sharia Law-Worry About Immigrants Who Want To Pass Sharia Retired Foreign Service Officer In Arkansas Plans To Keep Pressure On Sen. Boozman An Immigration Lawyer Asks Why The Ninth Circuit Panel Contains Two Hispanics More On The Antique "Anchor Baby" Law A California Reader Points Out That Birthright Citizenship Will Make The Immigration Tap Impossible To Turn Off
Syndicated Columnists
Election 2010: The Center Has Disintegrated, by Patrick J Buchanan Voters Speak: No to Soak-the-Rich Schemes, by Michelle Malkin Take Your Olive Branch and Shove It, Democrats, by Michelle Malkin Big Lies, Little Lies, by Paul Craig Roberts

Election 2010 And The Unmentionable Sailer Strategy: White Vote Still Key

LAST SUNDAY:Habermas's Huff About Thilo Sarrazin



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