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Raping the Military, by Jared Taylor

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Nice Version Of Brimelow's Coming White Minority Blog, by Peter Brimelow

  Quote Of The Day: Calvin Coolidge--"America Must Be Kept American", by James Fulford

(Not) Thinking About The Coming White Minority, by Peter Brimelow

Catholic Church Promotes Open Borders...Gets Sued By Hispanics Over English-Only Schools, by Dave Gorak

The World's Fastest Man--Round One, by Steve Sailer

I Agree With John McCain , by Steve Sailer

India Immigration Growth in America Is Celebrated (by Indians), by Brenda Walker

"Immigrants Make It All Work," Redux, by Nicholas Stix

Norm Matloff On Rishawn Biddle, by James Fulford

A Real Anti-Immigrant Hate Crime, by Marcus Epstein

Dog Bites Man. Immigration Bites American White Majority., by Peter Brimelow

Another Sad Farewell Noting a Preventable Crime, by Brenda Walker

Brains: Bigger Is Better, Sort Of, by Steve Sailer

Why Did Anthrax Suspect Ivins Recently Call His Counselor from 2000?, by Steve Sailer

The Ossetians, by Steve Sailer

You Heard It Here First--Obama's Pastor Resurfaces (Or Does He?), by Steve Sailer

Capital Punishment In Canada, An MSM Omission--And Immigration, by James Fulford

Illegal Alien Firefighters--The Financial Aspect, by Linda Thom

Politicians Consider Replacing Japanese People, by Randall Burns

Bush Permits HIV Positive Immigration, by Randall Burns

Disputed Borderlands--Auction Them Off, by Steve Sailer

Foreign Land Grab and Immigration, by Randall Burns

Something Encouraging In The State of Denmark, by Patrick Cleburne

US IT Decline, by Randall Burns

NYPD: Victims' and Suspects' Citizenship, Nation of Birth, Religion, Irrelevant to Murder Investigations, by Nicholas Stix

Krugman Unfair To Know-Nothings!, by Peter Brimelow

How Exactly Is South Ossetia Not Like Kosovo?, by Steve Sailer

Knoxville Horror Murder Trial Update, by Nicholas Stix

BHO -- the Ultimate One-Worlder, by Brenda Walker

Was the 2001 Anthrax "Weaponized" Or Not?, by Steve Sailer

Rielle Hunter as the Alma Mahler of our Age of Brass, by Steve Sailer

 Today's Letters A California Reader Wants To See The Math On Immigrants With AIDS A Louisiana Reader Says Michelle Malkin Needs An Education A Former Manhattan Resident Says That Like Nantucket, The Hamptons Are Awash In Illegal Aliens Two Neanderthal-American Readers Write To Reprove Us For Insensitivity A Reader Reminds Us That It Wasn't Immigrants Who Invented The Computer Industry A Former Census Employee Notes, Once Again, Hmong SSI Use A Former Schoolteacher Writes About Algebra And America's Children
Blowback From Bear-Baiting, by Patrick J Buchanan
  A Catholic Case Against Barack by Patrick J Buchanan Pelosi and the Big Wind Boone-doggle, by Michelle Malkin
Cheating ChiComs, Crouching IOC, by Michelle Malkin View From Lodi, CA Pittsburgh, PA: House For Sale In Lodi, CA-No Reasonable Offer Refused, by Joe Guzzardi
From Stupid to Moronic to Evil , by Paul Craig Roberts
  The Neocons Do Georgia, by Paul Craig Roberts
  "President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?", by Paul Craig Roberts
  The Daily Show Live From The White House, by Paul Craig Roberts
  Superstition Off the Charts For The 800-Pound Chinese Gorilla, by Paul Craig Roberts


THIS SUNDAY: SAILER SPEAKS...on the Census prediction of a coming white minority

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