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Steve Sailer calls it "The Diversity Recession." More on the minority mortgage crackup tonight. Also: Ilana Mercer on multicultural malaise - from South Africa to the Pacific NorthWest. etc. And: Brimelow blogs on Krugman on Know-Nothings.

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Memo From Mexico: Diversity Is Strength! It's Also...Mexican Bad Driving, by Allan Wall

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Krugman Unfair to Know-Nothings!, by Peter Brimelow

  How Exactly is South Ossetia Not Like Kosovo?, by Steve Sailer

Knoxville Horror Murder Trial Update, by Nicholas Stix

BHO -- the Ultimate One-Worlder, by Brenda Walker

Was the 2001 Anthrax "Weaponized" Or Not?, by Steve Sailer

Rielle Hunter as the Alma Mahler of our Age of Brass, by Steve Sailer

Tamar Jacoby--"Silicon Valley Would Not Exist Without Immigration." Wrong!, by James Fulford

Hispanic Real Estate Agents, The Housing Bubble, And Beans For Breakfast, by James Fulford

The Alternative History Olympics, by Steve Sailer

Occam's Butterknife Always More Popular, by Steve Sailer

Illegal Immigration Foes Are, Uh, "Old News," Says Chicago Tribune Reporter, by Dave Gorak

Bay Area Diversity Update, by Brenda Walker

Country Music Expert Max Blumenthal Decries Toby Keith's "Pro-Lynching Anthem", by Marcus Epstein

Illegal Guatemalan Guilty of Causing Deaths of Four Children, by Brenda Walker

Worst Fears Confirmed in Vince Weiguang Li Beheading Case, by Nicholas Stix

Medellin Execution Provokes Underwhelming Response in Mexico , by Allan Wall

Allan Wall On George Putnam Show--Thursday 1:05 p.m Pacific Time, 4:05 Eastern, by James Fulford

Anthrax: The Mad Scientist Did It, by Steve Sailer

September 2001: The Month of Comic Book Bad Guys , by Steve Sailer

The Anthrax Lag, by Steve Sailer

Newt Gingrich and Boring White Guys , by Allan Wall

Who's Groping on the NYC Subway?, by Anonymous Attorney

Confirmation Of My Cochrane Blog On Anthrax And Genome Sequencing, by Steve Sailer

Running Tribes of Kenya and Mexico, by Steve Sailer

Identity Theft Ring Busted, by James Fulford

Greg Cochran On Anthrax, by Steve Sailer

Italian Military Deployed--in Italy , by Allan Wall

Italian Crime and Immigration Crackdown, by Randall Burns

Allan Wall Interviewed by Larry Pratt on "Live Fire", by Allan Wall

No Country for Old Satirists, by Steve Sailer

Greyhound Killer Bore Canada's Most Common Surname: "Li" , by Allan Wall

Sportscaster Julie Donaldson's Brutal, Raceless Boyfriend Finally ID'd, by Nicholas Stix

Matthew Richer On George Putnam Show Discussing VDARE.com Tuesday 1:05 PM PST, by James Fulford

The Power of Two: A Game Show for PBS or NPR , by Steve Sailer

A Reality TV Show I'd Watch, by Steve Sailer

Invasion of The Job Snatchers, by James Fulford

Norm Matloff On The New Green Card Bill, by James Fulford

"Spanish Is Not A Secret Language"--Linguistic Racial Profiling, by James Fulford

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, R. I. P., by Steve Sailer
 Today's Letters A Texan Reminds Us Not To Get Too Enthusiastic About Governor Rick Perry

A Reader Contrasts Bush's Actions In The Ramos/Compean And Medellin Cases

A Reader Remembers Deval Patrick's Role In An Earlier Race Hoax

A Reader Describes Hispanic Linguistic Profiling

A North Carolina Reader Says Obama's Promised "Change" Will Include Much More Illegal Immigration-And Not Just From Haiti
Why Do Chinese, Russians, Like Their Governments So Much? , by Patrick J Buchanan

  What America's Daughters Need To Know About Nancy Pelosi, by MichelleMalkin

Mr. Obama, Welcome To The Big League!, by Patrick J Buchanan

Marching Off Into Tyranny, by Paul Craig

View From Lodi, CA Pittsburgh, PA: Water, Water, Everywhere-In PA, That Is, by Joe Guzzardi

THIS SUNDAY: More on the "Diversity Recession"

"No Real Solution"-Arnold Schwarzenegger's Algebra For Dummies

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