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We're often told that everyone knows about IQ,and that it's not discussed out of politeness. But Governator Schwartzenegger (!) has just proved IQ is not discussed out of ignorance. Also: the Massachusetts preview of the Obama Administration.

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"No Real Solution"-Arnold Schwarzenegger's Algebra For Dummies, by Steve Sailer


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"Spanish Is Not A Secret Language"--Linguistic Racial Profiling, by James Fulford

  Alexander Solzhenitsyn, R. I. P., by Steve Sailer

Stanley Kurtz Reads Barack Obama's Paper Trail, by Steve Sailer

Retired San Francisco Narcotics Cop Blows Whistle on City Hall, by Brenda Walker

When BOTH The Attacker And The Victim Are Immigrants..., by Brenda Walker

Obama's Immigration policy: Bring in more Haitians, by Patrick Cleburne

It's Official! Chinese IMMIGRANT Decapitates Canadian!, by Peter Brimelow

Chinese/Canadian atrocity triggers US/MSM atrocity, by Patrick Cleburne

Chinese Man Decapitates Canadian On Bus, by James Fulford

Legal Mexican Turns Self In to Make a Statement , by Allan Wall

Hispanic Mortgage Meltdown In Stockton--The Numbers, by Linda Thom

Temporary Ban On New Fast Food Restaurants In South Central LA, by Steve Sailer

California's $9.3 Billion Immigration Tax, by Brenda Walker

Sailer In The National Post, by James Fulford

Undocumented Workers And Undocumented Mortgages, by Steve Sailer

Suicide In 2001 Anthrax Case, by Steve Sailer

The Heretical 2: Asylum Seekers the Refugee Industry Won't be Fighting for, by Nicholas Stix

Listen To Peter Brimelow On Lou Dobbs Radio At 4:15 EST, by James Fulford

My Contribution To The Stuff White People Like Book, by Steve Sailer

Hillary Clinton is the Katie Holmes of the Veepstakes, by Steve Sailer

New CIS Study--Is The Illegal Tide Turning? , by Edwin S. Rubenstein

David Brooks As The Kinder, Gentler Steve Sailer, by Steve Sailer

A Headline In The LA Times, by Steve Sailer

Rep. Luis Gutierrez OKs ID Theft For Illegals Who Just "Want To Work", by Dave Gorak

Freedom Folks In Postville, by James Fulford

The U.S. Olympic Team Is Always Californian-dominated, by Steve Sailer

Reagan's Protectionism, by Steve Sailer

Postville Protestor: "An Illegal Alien Killed My Mom" , by Brenda Walker

Condoleezza Rice Asks Texas Not To Execute Mexican Killer, by Brenda Walker

Jalapeno Peppers, Rather Than Tomatoes, Are The Cause Of The Salmonella, But They Do Come From Mexico, by James Fulford

Enforcement Works! So Does Grassroots Immigration Activism, by James Fulford

Zionism/ Conservatism - Love/ Hate?, by Peter Brimelow

Miami Ranks Last In Civic Spirit--First In Percentage Of Foreign-Born Residents. Coincidence?, by Brenda Walker

Assailant Gets 422 Years for Attack on Raceless Victim, by Nicholas Stix

The Singing Revolution vs. Open Borders Libertarianism, by Peter Brimelow

Fox News Investigates Honor Killings in the USA, by Brenda Walker

SPLC Is Back Protecting The World From Me , by Steve Sailer

More Phony Job Ads--This Time From Hewlett Packard., by Rob Sanchez

MSM Starts To Notice Obama's Biography Gap, by Steve Sailer

Bad H-1B Article Eight-Pack, by Rob Sanchez

 Today's Letters An Illinois African-American Reader Says Black Support for Barack Obama "Mirrors" Irish Enthusiasm For John F. Kennedy

Saturday Forum: A New Jersey Reader Tries To Tip Off The Nantucket Police Chief About Illegal Aliens; He Ignores Her; etc.

Saturday Forum: A Reader Says That Muslims Immigrants Should Not Be Excluded From America Because Of Their Gender Bias

Saturday Forum: A Washington State Reader (Female) Says American Men Have Personality Traits Equally Unpleasant As The Women They Disparage

Saturday Forum: A Hispanic Reader Wants Guzzardi And Brimelow Dead-Or At Least Back In Italy And England

A California Reader Predicts San Francisco's Sanctuary City Policy Will Face Further Problems

A Writer (Rather Than A Reader For A Change) Notes A Follow-Up To His Piece

A Reader Reminds Us That Poets Are More Important Than Lawmakers

A Reader Comments On Volga Germans And Somalis

A Reader Points Out The Disgusting Reason Vegetables Exported By Mexico May Be Unsafe

A Reader Asks If Our Broccoli Comes From Mexico, Why Do We Need All Those Agricultural Workers In America?
Obama's War?, by Patrick J Buchanan

  The Brangelina-fication Of The Obamas, by Michelle Malkin

Hegemony Everywhere But At Home, by Paul Craig Roberts

Under President Obama, Whites Need Not Apply, by Patrick J Buchanan

View From Lodi, CA Pittsburgh, PA: Starting Afresh, by Joe Guzzardi

"No Real Solution"-Arnold Schwarzenegger's Algebra For Dummies

 LAST SUNDAY:Obama Hands McCain The Quota Issue. Will He Use It?

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