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We refute the Stop-Worrying-About-Mexico propaganda meme launched by the New York Times (who else?) and expose the immigration enthusiast mole in the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. Plus more on Michele Bachmann etc. etc.
  Featured Article 
  1. Propagandist And Traitor: NYT's Damien Cave And State's Edward McKeon, by Steve Sailer
  2. Democrat Ponders Two Conflicting MSM Sob Stories: Illegal Alien Jose Antonio Vargas-and The Hidden America's 25% of U.S. Kids In Poverty, by Donald A. Collins
  3. National Data: June Jobs: Displacement Surges-But Michele Bachmann Misses Chance To Advocate Immigration Moratorium, by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  4. The Fulford File: The Dominique Strauss-Kahn Scandal: Overkilling The Mockingbird, In The Heat Of The Night, By The Green Mile!, by James Fulford
  5. Why Are 400,000 Illegal Aliens In Washington State Driving With Licenses?, by Linda Thom
  6. The Peter Morrison Report: Special Session Priorities Still Unachieved Thanks To RINO Sabotage, by Peter Morrison
  7. Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico): Are They Hispanics Or Americans? SB 9 Debacle Vindicates IRCOT's Rebecca Forest, by Allan Wall

Blogs   Bill James's prison reform idea, by Steve Sailer Indoctrination Success: New York Times Incites Illegal Immigration Appeasement, by Brenda Walker First National Spanish Spelling Bee Held In United States, by Brenda Walker New York Times Asks Why Unemployed Are Invisible; VDARE.com Explains, by Peter Brimelow Unstoppable Mexican Political Juggernaut Somehow Derailed By Apathy Again, by Steve Sailer London Warning to Infidels: Sharia Zone Ahead, by Brenda Walker The Moneyballization of college admissions, by Steve Sailer Southwest Immigration Enforcement Overlooked by Napolitano, by Brenda Walker Pearcy Massacre Morons: Black Felon Victor Davis Snitches on Mass/Serial Killers, then Double Crosses Prosecutor, with the Support of KATV Reporter Jason Pederson, by Nicholas Stix What Caused the Phoenix Haboob?, by Rob Sanchez NYT: Not Enough Whites Murdering Blacks, by Steve Sailer Gov. Jerry Brown sides with BAMN, by Steve Sailer Muslim Son of Immigrants Convicted of Terrorism, by Brenda Walker David Brooks Explains It All, by Steve Sailer A Killer's Last Words--"Viva Mexico", by James Fulford Alan Greenspan Explains It All, by Steve Sailer I Don't Want My Flying Car, by Steve Sailer Memories Of Atlanta, 1968: "The Teacher Stayed. The Fix Was In. The Principal Put His 'Integrated Faculty' Accolade Above His Students' Education", by James Fulford "It Is The First Time In 20 Years That A Petition Drive Has Forced A Vote On A Maryland Law", by James Fulford Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Kills Mother and Daughter in Missouri , by Brenda Walker "The Other Barack:" New biography of Barack Obama Sr., by Steve Sailer Why Not Show Jurors Edited Videotapes?, by Steve Sailer New York Times: Mexican Invasion Is Over, by Brenda Walker Judicial Watch Produces Smoking Gun on Obama Immigration Enforcement Sabotage: Will MSM Ignore?, by Patrick Cleburne Closing The Test Gap By Any Means Necessary, Including Cheating, by Steve Sailer Celebrating Diversity In Track And Field, For A Changea, by Steve Sailer The Hunts for the Great ..., by Steve Sailer Racehorse Haynes And Juries, by Steve Sailer More On Juries, by Steve Sailer    ATF Investigation Aided by Acting Director, by Brenda Walker The Casey Anthony Verdict And Jury Stupidity, by Steve Sailer Internet Triumphs: Southern Baptist Treason Lobby Leader Posts Dow Blog's Dissent , by Patrick Cleburne Jonah Goldberg On "That's Racist!!", by James Fulford Illegals' Employers Say Rule Of Law Would Cause Problems For Wealthy Farmers, by James Fulford "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", by Steve Sailer Mexico Miffed over Gunrunning Scandal , by Brenda Walker Denmark Reintroduces Border Control against Schengen Agreement, by Brenda Walker Kobach Doubts Good Intentions from Chamber of Commerce, by Brenda Walker Black Philadelphia Prosecutor Took 'No Snitching' Stand, Got Hired Anyway, by Anonymous Attorney  New Autism Findings, by Steve Sailer Muslim Brotherhood Mosque Planned for Brooklyn, by Brenda Walker Tennessee Signs Anti-Refugee-Dumping Bill into Law, by Brenda Walker Independence Day Thoughts On How Reagan Got To Do What He Did, by Patrick Cleburne Deserve Each Other, by Steve Sailer The Hunt For The Great Bright Illegal, by Steve Sailer 
A Los Altos, CA Reader Says It's Time For Action!   A Reader Wonders How, When White And Black Americans Leave California, The Asian And Mexican Populations Will Get Along   A Washington State Reader Pines For A Seattle Earthquake   A Reader Reports That Americans On Probation Are Getting Jobs That Illegals Are Too Illegal To Do   A Canadian Reader Weighs In On The Reagan Presidency A Reader Doesn't Think Reagan Was Conservative-We Reply  

Syndicated Columnists
An Establishment in Panic, by Patrick J. Buchanan   New Romans 13 Book Now Available, by Chuck Baldwin   All the President's High-Paid "Engagers", by Michelle Malkin   Will Strauss-Kahn Be The Next President Of France? by Paul Craig Roberts

Propagandist And Traitor: NYT's Damien Cave And State's Edward McKeon, by Steve Sailer



PREVIOUS SUNDAY:That BAMN vs Michigan Decree: Will GOP Defend Whites Against Judge - Imposed Discrimination?,  by Steve Sailer   



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