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Vindication For Samuel Huntington, by Matthew Richer

  Voter Fraud In Alabama, by James Fulford

Noose Nonsense, by James Fulford

Obama's Spanish Lesson, by Marcus Epstein

Ann Coulter, Christopher Hitchens, and Brent  Bozell On Jesse Helms, by James Fulford

Memo to Goldberg and Ponnuru: Go After McCain not Helms, by Marcus Epstein

McCain Flip-Flop--The Problem is "When Is He Lying", by James Fulford

Sounding Black, by Steve Sailer

How To Win At Games of Chance, by Steve Sailer

Refugee From The Golden State, by James Fulford

Norm Matloff: It's Not Just Cisco And Tata, It's All Of Them!, by James Fulford

National Data--June Jobs: Have Hispanics Hit the Wall?, by Edwin S. Rubenstein

  Village Voice: Only VDARE.com stands by Jesse Helms., by Patrick Cleburne

  Children And "Anti-Racism", by James Fulford

  Norm Matloff On Corruption In The Tech Industry, by James Fulford

  Obama: Failure Is Always A Resume-Enhancing Option, by Steve Sailer

  Jesse Helms: The Sailer Strategy Victorious, by Patrick Cleburne

  Immigration And Terrorism--One Percent Of Foreign Jihadis With Criminal Records In The U.S. , by Steve Sailer

  McCain Visits Mexico , by Allan Wall

  From Central Asia to Forest Hills, by Steve Sailer

  Jesse Helms, RIP, by James Fulford

  Independence Day Is Not Immigration Day...Now Somebody Tell President Bush, by James Fulford

  Norm Matloff: Immigration Lawyers Attack American Victim Of H1-B Visas, by James Fulford

  This Just In, San Francisco Not Completely Insane, by Brenda Walker

  Coercive Law...And The Spirit Of the Nation, by Patrick Cleburne

  The Younger Generation's Motto: Always Trust Anyone Over 30!, by Steve Sailer

  United States Of Lamerica, by Steve Sailer

  What's Wrong With This Headline?, by James Fulford

  Happy Birthday, Refugee Resettlement Watch Blog!, by Paul Nachman

  Merida Initiative Snubs Border Sheriffs, by Brenda Walker

  Allan Wall On George Putnam's Talk Back--1:05 p.m Pacific, 4:05 Eastern , by James Fulford

  Spam Fraud Names, by Steve Sailer

  SPLC Regurgitating Their Own Propaganda, by James Fulford

  Stereotype Accuracy, Again, by James Fulford

  Drawing Distinctions Between Clinton And Bush, by Steve Sailer

  Can McCain Look Less Old the Hillary Way?, by Steve Sailer

  Two Books From The Steveosphere Officially Published Today, by James Fulford

  Obama's Patriotism Speech, by Steve Sailer

  Allan Wall Sings on YouTube , by Allan Wall

  Muslims Residing in Britain Shriek in Mock Offense over Paper Puppy, by Brenda Walker

  Richwine Tells Krikorian: The Problem is "Them", by Marcus Epstein

  Rasmussen: The Media Doesn't Get Immigration, by James Fulford

  Cheap Gasoline Was A Social Lubricant, by Steve Sailer

  Mexican-Olympian Americans, by James Fulford

  Tomato-Picker Brain Surgeon Now Featured on Reality TV, by Brenda Walker

  Spinning Cannon, by James Fulford

  I'm Not Making This Up, by Steve Sailer

  Slavery, Immigration, And The Press--Update, by James Fulford

  Russert Had Big Plans for His Buddy Schwarzenegger, by Brenda Walker

  Lou Dobbs Takes On Nielsen's Florida Outsourcing, by Rob Sanchez

  Matloff: Correct, but not on George Will, by Patrick Cleburne

  Norm Matloff On George Will's Ignorance, by James Fulford

  Florida Company Outsources Hundreds Of Jobs To India In Spite Of Local Subsidies , by Rob Sanchez

  Mexican Official: Many Illegal Aliens Deported from U.S. are Criminals, Please Don't Send Them Back , by Allan Wall

  Black Philadelphia Security Guard Arrested for YouTube Threat, by James Fulford

  Kaus on McCain And The Cannon Defeat, by James Fulford

  Malpracticing Indian Doctor Gets a Minimal Penalty, by Brenda Walker

  "Americans Love A Winner!" -- G.S. Patton, by Steve Sailer

  McCain's Intelligence Intelligence, by Steve Sailer

  Turco-Germans Say Blood Is Thicker Than Lowenbrau As Far As Soccer Loyalties Go, by James Fulford

  The World Unites! (In Opposing Immigration), by Steve Sailer

  Obama's Advantage Over Other Black Democrats, by Steve Sailer

  Los Mets Fired the Wrong Man, by Nicholas Stix

  Unknown Man Shoots Unknown Victims In Kentucky, by James Fulford

  Bill Gates' Last Day On The Job, by Steve Sailer

  NYT: Italy Lagging Lamentably On De-Italianification, by Steve Sailer

  Where Did The Obamas' money go, 1997-2004?, by Steve Sailer

  Inevitable Happens At Last! Amnesty Pol Defeated In Utah Primary, by Peter Brimelow

  The Rain in Spain falls...on Presidential Candidates?, by Patrick Cleburne

  Bad Hair Days Ahead for Britain, by Marcus Epstein

  Tijuana Police Accused of Mistreating Deported
Illegal Aliens
, by Allan Wall

  The Most Dangerous Woman In America Is..., by Steve Sailer

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LA Times And The Minuteman March, by James Fulford

  Joe Wins Top Awards In "Ethnic Baking" Category At San Joaquin County Fair, by Joe Guzzardi

  US Conference of Catholic Bishops Promoting Hispanic Family Values, by Marcus Epstein

  Diversity Recession Predictable And Predicted, by James Fulford

  Top Research Universities: The View From Shanghai, by Steve Sailer

  Chronicle Goes Upbeat on Ethnic Lead Poisoning, by Brenda Walker

  Zimbabwe: Sam Francis was right (3), by Patrick Cleburne

  What Will Currency Look Like In The U.S. of O.? , by Steve Sailer

  Gaston Phebus Says Bonjour, by Peter Brimelow

 Today's Letters
A North Carolina Reader Says Anchor Baby Citizenship Leads To America's "Unraveling"
A California Lawyer (Male) Agrees With Athena Kerry That American Women Are "Out of Control"
  A Reader Says A CDC Cover-Up For Mexico Leaves American Tomatoes Rotting On Vines

A CA Reader Says San Francisco Mayor Newsome Violates Federal Immigration Law

A California Reader Says American Women Are "Out Of Control"; Joe And Athena Reply

On Independence Day, A Michigan Reader Thanks VDARE.COM For "Saving The Country"

A Michigan Reader Says Not Even The Murder Of His Brother By An Immigrant Dampened Teddy Kennedy's Goal To Destroy America

A California Reader Wonders If The Beach Boys Could Write A Song About The State's Immigration Craziness

A California Reader Thinks San Francisco Giants May Have Learned Lesson About Multicultural Madness

A Reader Asks If Blacks Discuss Race And IQ Among Themselves; Jared Taylor Answers

Saturday Forum: A Former NCAA Division I Tennis Player Says His Foreign-Born Teammates Were "Always Ready To Take, Rarely To Give Back"; etc.

Saturday Forum: A Las Vegas Reader Says MADD Is "Useless" In The Fight To Curb Illegal Aliens Drunken Driving

Saturday Forum: A Washington D.C. Reader Says MADD Doesn't Understand Motorcycle Safety Issues Either

Saturday Forum: A Reader "Living In Paradise" Says Ending Fiancée Visas Won't Stop Americans Importing Foreign-Born Wives

A Former California Teacher-Environmentalist, Liberal Democrat-Says Sen. Dianne Feinstein Is Wrong On AgJobs

A Minnesota Reader Says Ethiopians Aren't Adapting Either

A Texas Reader Says The New York Times Wants More Islamic Immigration To Europe Because Of...The Holocaust!

A Colorado Reader Says Illegal Alien Pandering Is Front And Center At St. Patrick's Cathedral
Don't Misunderestimate Obama, by  Patrick J Buchanan
  The Loss of Independence, by Patrick J. Buchanan

The Wars of Religion Return, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Who's Planning Our Next War?, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Morality-Trotskyite vs. Christian, by Patrick J Buchanan

View From Lodi CA: Democratic Congressional Leaders Blocking Vote On Birthright Citizenship, by Joe Guzzardi

View From Lodi CA: Independence Day and Hot Dog Gluttony, by Joe Guzzardi

15 Things You Should Know About "The Race", by Michelle Malkin
  Interviewing John Ondrasik-Hollywood Patriot, by Michelle Malkin

 Voter Fraud And Neosocialism-The ACORN Obama Knows, by Michelle Malkin
  A Work Force Betrayed, by Paul Craig Roberts


The Cuban Compromise-A Sustainable Model For The Jewish Lobby

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