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Legislating federal judges just handed the GOP an election- winning issue by striking down Ward Connerly's anti-Affirmative Action Michigan Civil Rights initiative. But by abandoning patriotic immigration reform in Texas, the GOP shows it may not have the courage.  
  Featured Article 
  1. That BAMN vs Michigan Decree: Will GOP Defend Whites Against Judge - Imposed Discrimination?,  by Steve Sailer 
  2. The Fulford File, By James Fulford
    : Independence Day Under Immigration Attack
  3. So, Do You Think You Can Dance? Only With A Diverse Partner!, by Rob Sanchez 
  4. Could Michele Bachmann Be The Patriotic Immigration Reform Candidate? Maybe!, by Washington Watcher 
  5. Federal Government Electing A New Virginia, by A.W. Morgan 
  6. Race Realism: Good for the Jews, Good for America, by Charles Bloch 
  7. Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico): Will Mexico's Latest Immigration Law Work-And Why Can't The U.S. Have It?, by Allan Wall 
  8. The Peter Morrison Report: Straus Calls TSA Bill a "Publicity Stunt", by Peter Morrison 

Blogs   Kobach Doubts Good Intentions from Chamber of Commerce, by Brenda Walker    Black Philadelphia Prosecutor Took 'No Snitching' Stand,  Got Hired Anyway, by Anonymous Attorney    New Autism Findings, by Steve Sailer    Muslim Brotherhood Mosque Planned for Brooklyn, by Brenda Walker    Tennessee Signs Anti-Refugee-Dumping Bill into Law, by Brenda Walker    Independence Day Thoughts On How Reagan Got To Do What He Did, by Patrick Cleburne    Deserve Each Other, by Steve Sailer    The Hunt For The Great Bright Illegal, by Steve Sailer  Dr. Norm Matloff On The Current Tech Job Market, by James Fulford  Yes, He Is In Fact Kidding, by James Fulford  Southern Baptist Treason Lobby Leader Represses Dow Blog's Refutation, by Patrick Cleburne    DSK's Side Claims Accuser A Hooker, by Steve Sailer  WSJ Editorial On Teen Unemployment Doesn't Mention Immigration, by James Fulford  Socal Supe Suggests State Split, by Brenda Walker  Pelosi (Jr.) Version of Patriotism Opens July 4, by Brenda Walker  Better Off As A Colony? Perhaps--But Not For The Colonizers, by James Fulford  Senator Jeff Sessions: the New DREAM Act Is Worse, by Brenda Walker  Texan Plutocrats Nullify State Election, Protect Sanctuary Cities: Where Was Governor Perry?, by Patrick Cleburne  Now, That's Fast Service!, by Steve Sailer  How Golf Fans At St. Andrews Heckle Tiger Woods, by Steve Sailer  Rasmussen Poll: Citizens Still Expect That Immigrants Assimilate to America, by Brenda Walker  Good advice for DSK from today's NBA stars, by Steve Sailer  Asylum Fraud and DSK, by Steve Sailer  The Movie I Talk About The Most, by Steve Sailer  James Taranto And The Non-French-Looking Democrat , by James Fulford  Iain Duncan-Smith On British Worker Displacement, by James Fulford  DSK and Mark Sanchez, by Steve Sailer  DSK Accuser Not Proving Credible, by Steve Sailer  Okay, Here's The Punchline, by Steve Sailer  Paul Mendez--Another Update on Petition Drive Against MD DREAM Act, by James Fulford  Would Obama Reject Workplace Enforcement?, by Brenda Walker  The Single Most Effective School Reform, by Steve Sailer  Not The Onion--Aspen Ideas Festival On A Borderless World:"One Day We'll See Legal Discrimination By *Place* Of Birth As Evil", by Steve Sailer    Southern Baptist Treason: The Dow Blog Deals With The Theology, by Patrick Cleburne  More Orientalism, Please, by Steve Sailer  Kris Kobach Analyzes Recent Proposed Legislation in Washington, by Brenda Walker  More Straight White Guys, by Steve Sailer  Senator Cornyn Deflates DREAM Disinformation, by Brenda Walker  Racial Reality Catches Up to the Onion, Onion Keeps Straight Face, by Anonymous Attorney  "Disparate Impact Realism", by Steve Sailer  "Bad Teacher", by Steve Sailer  Darrell Issa: Update on Gunrunner Investigation in Mexico, by Brenda Walker  Muslim Sues to Make Abercrombie & Fitch Islam Compliant, by Brenda Walker  Senator Pearce: the States Are Partners in Immigration Law Enforcement, by Brenda Walker  Matthew Yglesias Self Parody Edition, by Steve Sailer  Stress And Schizophrenia, by Steve Sailer  Ballplayers And Age, by Steve Sailer  More on the SB 9 Vote in the Texas Senate, by Allan Wall  New York's Once-Mighty Far Rockaway High School Closed: Why?, by Patrick Cleburne  Bullying Robert Redford, by James Fulford  ICE Backdoor Amnesty Endangers Public Safety, by Brenda Walker  Lack Of Extradition Treaties (Particularly With Armenia), by Steve Sailer  Xenia Tchoumitcheva--The Face (And Body)Of Legal Immigration, by James Fulford  A Public Service, by Steve Sailer  Police Describe Suspect As "6-Foot-Tall Black Man In His 20s With Dreadlocks"--FOX NEWS Describes Him As 6-Foot-Tall MAN In His 20s With Dreadlocks", by James Fulford  Multiculturalism Isn't About Culture, by Paul Nachman  Mexican Unfriendlies Cheer Their Tribe in Southern Mexifornia, by Brenda Walker  NBA Draft 1st Round: 6 Overseas Whites v. Jimmer--"Disparate Impact Discrimination Against Whites", by Steve Sailer 
A Washington State Reader Praises VDARE.com's Reverse Playboy Strategy   An Alaskan Reader Notes Further Attempts To Turn Independence Day Into Immigration Day  An Irish-American Encourages Us To Continue Our Pictorial Policies-One Bikini Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Of Wonkery    A Reader Who Remembers The Alamo Wonders If Modern-Day Americans Are Still Willing To Do Battle  A South Carolina Reader Blames LBJ And The Voters Who Elected Him In 1964  A Christmas Story Fan Discovers What Happened To Director Bob Clark-Killed By An Illegal Alien DU  A Florida Reader Points Out That Most Illegal Immigrant Fruit Pickers Can Be Replaced By Machines  A South Carolina Reader Sends Us A Comment Unpublished By National Review 

Syndicated Columnists

  1. Is a U.S. Default Inevitable? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  2. Conspiracies, by Paul Craig Roberts
  3. Prosecutors Back Off From Their 'Iron-Clad' Case Against Strauss-Kahn, by Paul Craig Roberts
  4. Gay Marriage And The Death of Moral Community, by Patrick J, Buchanan
  5. Founders Without Whom America Would Not Exist, by Chuck Baldwin
  6. Observations On The Day: Idiocy Reigns Supreme, by Paul Craig Roberts
  7. AmeriCorps' Favorite Scandal-Plagued Mayor-Former NBA star Kevin Johnson, by Michelle Malkin
  8. A World Overwhelmed By Western Hypocrisy, by Paul Craig Roberts
  9. Moral Of That U.S.-Mexico Soccer Game: Say Goodbye to Los Angeles, by Patrick J. Buchanan
  10. Can The Fed Stop Quantitative Easing? by Paul Craig Roberts    

That BAMN vs Michigan Decree: Will GOP Defend Whites Against Judge - Imposed Discrimination?,  by Steve Sailer  



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