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Brenda Walker wonders why MADD won't get mad at immigrant drinking. Allan Wall wonders why US politicians junket with their Mexican counterparts

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Successful Reformers-Or Hypocrites from Hell? by Brenda Walker


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Somalis: America Should Adapt To Us, by Patrick Cleburne

  A New York Times Living-In-The Past Classic, by Steve Sailer

  Allan Wall and Silvio Canto on Mexican Drug War, Remittances and The Beatles, by James Fulford

  Obama's Latest Ad: The Promised Prince, by Steve Sailer

  McCain: World Champion Hispanderer, by James Fulford

  Hypocrisy And Bipartisanship, by James Fulford

  Return Of The New Mulatto Elite, by Steve Sailer

  If Hillary Becomes Veep, What's Bill's title?, by Steve Sailer

  Iowa Reminds NYT Of New Orleans, by Steve Sailer

  Libertarian Snarkfest Over Fertility, by Steve Sailer

  Suspension Over For Obama Adviser Pfleger, Anti-White RC Priest, by Nicholas Stix

  Matt Welch On McCain, by James Fulford

  Immigration Crackdown Working In France, by James Fulford

  Incensed Over Menthol--Tobacco Policy Is Racist, No Matter Which Way You Look At It, by James Fulford

  WSJ's Riley Makes Barone Sound Like An Immigration Patriot, by Marcus Epstein

  Allan Wall Interviewed By Chuck Wilder on "George Putnam's Talk Back" , by James Fulford

  NYT Loves Michelle Obama, by Steve Sailer

  Gay Marriage in California, by Steve Sailer

  Charleston Post & Courier On The Human Cost Of Unlicensed Illegal Drivers, by Brenda Walker

  Open Borders Trifecta At Cato, by James Fulford

  In DC, Last Week's Hard-Working Day Laborer Is Today's Burglar, by Brenda Walker

  S.C. GOP Heads Down The Drain, by Patrick Cleburne

  Unintended Consequences Of Busing, by James Fulford

  Another Approach To Estimating Indian IQ, by Steve Sailer

  What Do You Have To Do To Be A "Real Criminal" These Days?, by James Fulford

  Diversity Is Strength: It's Also "A Virtual Petri Dish For Bacteria" (Asian Restaurants Pose Health Risk), by Brenda Walker

  Barack Obama's Dynastic Appeal, by Steve Sailer

  Golf's Human Scale, by Steve Sailer

  Piatak: Why does NRO prefer Hitchens to Conservatives?, by Patrick Cleburne

  Teens Face a Dismal Summer Jobs Market, by Brenda Walker

  Civil Service Tests In Santa Barbara, by James Fulford

  Court Allows Civil Service Tests To Be Thrown Out If Not Enough Minorities Pass, by James Fulford

  New Zmirak Book--The Grand Inquisitor , by James Fulford
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Saturday Forum: A New York Reader Says Our Realistic Analysis Of Lou Dobbs' Immigration Views Is "Long Overdue"; etc. Saturday Forum: A Single California Woman Says She Finds The Fiancée Visa "Hilarious" Saturday Forum: A California Reader Is "Happy He Went Foreign" Saturday Forum: A Texas Reader Says He Does Not Want To Be Lonely All His Life Saturday Forum: A Puerto Rican Reader Says Islanders Pay Too Much Attention To U.S. Left Wing Agitators A Texas Reader Says The "Biggest Piker" In The Oil Business Is-Government A Midwest Reader Notes No Riots After Iowa Floods A Nevada Reader Says Ted Kennedy Has No National Influence An Anonymous Attorney Says Political Correctness "Rot" Has Taken Over At The Washington Post
 California Reader Predicts A Booming New Business For Internet Matchmakers
View From Lodi CA: Obama Versus McCain-Who Has The Edge In Intangibles? by Joe Guzzardi

A Totally Lawless Regime, by Paul Craig Roberts

Was the Holocaust Inevitable? by Patrick J. Buchanan

John Yoo, Totalitarian, by Paul Craig Roberts

US Marines Vs. Haditha Smear Merchants, by Michelle Malkin

Obama Grovels To Lobby- GOP Grovels To Tyranny, by Paul Craig Roberts

Return of the Censors, by Patrick J. Buchanan

SAILOR ON SUNDAY: Thinking about education on the eve of Charles Murray's next blockbuster
How to Think About Race, And Barack Obama

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