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Share Jeff Bezo's Wealth!
Sailer on thinking about race (slow progress here); Collins on border fences (evidence is in).

Featured Articles
How To Think About Race-And Barack Obama, by Steve Sailer

  In The Blog

Piatak: Why does NRO prefer Hitchens to Conservatives?, by Patrick Cleburne

  Teens Face a Dismal Summer Jobs Market, by Brenda Walker

Civil Service Tests In Santa Barbara, by James Fulford

Court Allows Civil Service Tests To Be Thrown Out If Not Enough Minorities Pass, by James Fulford

New Zmirak Book--The Grand Inquisitor , by James Fulford

Muslim Terrorists In America Convicted--MSM Not Interested, by Brenda Walker

Tattoos, by Steve Sailer

Raise A Pint To The Memory Of Ray Crotty, by Steve Sailer

Martin Kelly Civilly Dissents, by Peter Brimelow

Bush Vs. Jay Leno On Cinco De Mayo, by James Fulford

That's White Male Bashing To You, by James Fulford

India's Average IQ in 2100?, by Steve Sailer

LA's MegaMansions and Immigration, by Randall Burns

Mexican Animal Cruelty Considered at the New York Times, by Brenda Walker

The Great Women Of China, by Steve Sailer

The ACLU, Having Ruined New York, Heads For The Heartland, by Brenda Walker

Weiner Bill To Import Hot Looking Foreign Babes, by Rob Sanchez

Another Blacklist Sighting: WaPo Bans King (Krikorian Next?), by Peter Brimelow

Pseudonyms, by Steve Sailer

Boycott Canada!, by Steve Sailer

Thank God For Small Favors, by Steve Sailer

Obama is not 7/16th Arab, by Steve Sailer

Not So Mysterious "American Murder Mystery" Now Online, by Steve Sailer

To Coin a Phrase: "An Uncle Tim", by Steve Sailer

Australia to Merge with Asia? , by Allan Wall

Kucinich Impeachment Ignores Immigration, by James Fulford

Larry Summers and Yves Saint Laurent, by Steve Sailer

Bustamante Visit Cancelled, by James Fulford

They Just Come Here To Bankrupt Hospitals, by Paul Nachman

Watch Out , Prince William County, Bustamante is Coming , by Allan Wall

Norm Matloff On The Lies Of Immigration Lawyers, by James Fulford

Same Old, Same Old--"Model Minority" Unfair To Asian Doctors, Mathematicians, Dentists And Professors, by Steve Sailer

"Uncle Barack's Cabin" Kerfuffle In Germany, by James Fulford

NYT: Gay Marriages Are Just Plain Better Than That Other, More Unequal, And All-Around Yuckier Kind Of Marriage, by Steve Sailer

More College Grads = Dumber College Grads, by Steve Sailer

Heartbreak and Tears in la Times, by Brenda Walker

Allan Wall Interview on June 10th on "The Voice of Utah" , by James Fulford

AIDS: The World Health Organization Says "Never Mind...", by Steve Sailer

Hispanics Dying On The Job--Doing Work That Americans Don't Want To Do Because It's Unsafe, by Brenda Walker

Why not Emigration? Danes Send Message, by Peter Brimelow

Dinosaurs Of Bronto, by Steve Sailer

Diversity On Iwo Jima, by James Fulford

"Under the Same Moon"--Illegal Immigration Goes To The Movies, by Steve Sailer

It Depends On What Your Definition Of "Jim Crow" Is, by Marcus Epstein

SPLC Linked To ...Us?, by Marcus Epstein

Navarrette on "Stirring up Anti-Latino Sentiment", by Allan Wall

Epstein-Barr infects Libertarian Convention, by Marcus Epstein

National Data: Immigrant Job Displacement Resumes, by Edwin S. Rubenstein

Obama Leads McCain 62%-29% Among Hispanics, by Steve Sailer

 TODAY'S LETTERS Saturday Forum: A Reader In Puerto Rico Wonders If Islanders Really Consider Themselves Americans; etc. Saturday Forum: A New York Reader Identifies The Latest American Displacement Scheme Saturday Forum: A Michigan Reader Says We Need More Immigration-Not! Saturday Forum: An Idaho Ph.D. Says La Raza's Influence Is Alive And Well Where It Matters The Most-With The Federal Government Saturday Forum: A Texas Reader Says Life In America Gets More "Bizarre" Every Day Malkin's Attack On Planned Parenthood Perplexes Former Philippines Resident A Former CA Resident Says "Jettison California Now!" A NY Reader Says Immigration=Medicare Fraud A Reader Says Lynn's IQ Tables Aren't As Valid As Steve Sailer Thinks; Steve Replies A Texas Reader Says Lou Dobbs Is "Starting To Cave" To Ethnic Special Interests A MD Reader Has Good News About Patriot Walter Abbott Saturday Forum: A CA Lawyer Says Ted Kennedy Couldn't "Carry His Own Water On A Simple Test"; etc. Saturday Forum: A Maryland Reader Says Kennedy Loves Refugees...But Keep Them Away From Hyannis Port! Saturday Forum: A Colorado Reader Says Don't Forget Kennedy's Palm Beach Philandering Saturday Forum: A Texas Woman Says She's Living In A "Mexican Twilight Zone"


View From Lodi CA: Long List Of Conspirators In Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez's Death, by Joe Guzzardi

D'OH-bama's Mortgage Industry Mess, by Michelle Malkin

The 'Good War' and the Terrible Peace, by Patrick J. Buchanan

View From Lodi CA: The Sunday Night Drive Remembered, by Joe Guzzardi

How Obama Won-and May Win, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Why the Oil Price Is High, by Paul Craig Roberts
How To Think About Race-And Barack Obama


SAILER ON LAST SUNDAY:Social Engineers Move Inner City Crime To Suburbs (Developers Delighted!), by Steve Sailer

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