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Belated Bulletin #2 - brings us up to June 6. Note "Immigration Is The Viagra Of The State" - A Libertarian Case Against Immigration,
Peter Brimelow's address to the Property and Freedom Society in Bodrum, Turkey

Featured Articles
 "Immigration Is The Viagra Of The State"-A Libertarian Case Against Immigration, by Peter Brimelow

  In The Blog

SPLC Linked To ...Us?, by Marcus Epstein

  Navarrette on "Stirring up Anti-Latino Sentiment", by Allan Wall

Epstein-Barr infects Libertarian Convention, by Marcus Epstein

National Data: Immigrant Job Displacement Resumes, by Edwin S. Rubenstein

Obama Leads McCain 62%-29% Among Hispanics, by Steve Sailer

Mexico's Bathtub Cheese Spreads Tuberculosis in America, by Brenda Walker

RFK Remembered--Immigration Not So Much, by James Fulford

Birthright Citizenship In Washington State, by James Fulford

Obama Winning H-1b Soundbite Points? Not So Fast!, by Randall Burns

Drunken Mexican Driver Crashes Into Bike Race, by James Fulford

Pat Buchanan On The Media And The White Vote, by James Fulford

The Reality-Based Community In Action, by Steve Sailer

Writer-Politicians--Barack Obama And Jim Webb, by Steve Sailer

It's Not Plagiarism If I Attribute It, by Steve Sailer

Joe to Hillary Clinton: Run As An Independent!, by Joe Guzzardi

Idahoans Resist Mexican Consulate , by Allan Wall

Bryanna Bevens On Frosty Wooldridge Show, Thursday, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM CST., by James Fulford

Hasta La Vista, Illegals!, by Brenda Walker

Jamaican Breaks 100m Dash Record, by Steve Sailer

Lawyers Strike Again--"Disqualification Of American Workers" Seminar, by John Miano

Diversity, School Discipline and a Service Dog , by Allan Wall

James Watson Interviewed By Henry Louis Gates, by Steve Sailer

Common Dreams and Immigration in the 2008 Election, by Randall Burns

McCain/Bloomberg? The Death of the GOP as we know it?, by Randall Burns

Cuba's Cartoon Economy, by Steve Sailer

Goofy in Greeley, by Patrick Cleburne

Obama quits Trinity United Church of Christ, by Steve Sailer

American Generosity Abused in Organ Transplants, by Brenda Walker

Kudos to the Center for Immigration Studies, by Marcus Epstein

New Twin Study Finding On Non-IQ Cognition, by Steve Sailer

The "I'll See You in Hell" Syndrome , by Steve Sailer

Does The Wonderlic IQ Test Predict Success In The NFL?, by Steve Sailer

The Few, The Brave, The Other, by Steve Sailer

Justice Delayed In Knoxville--But Why?, by Nicholas Stix

Jared Diamond: Life Is Full Of Interest In The New Guinea Highlands, by Steve Sailer

Obama as the Rovian 51% candidate, by Steve Sailer

Assassination Threats Against Tom Tancredo, by Steve Sailer

Hillary's "Assassination" Gaffe, by Steve Sailer

Mexican-Americans vs. Mexican Tackiness, by Steve Sailer

Hillary and Obama Campaigning in Puerto Rico , by Allan Wall

Mexicans Love Jesus Art (Particularly When It's Made of Cocaine), by Brenda Walker

Fred Barnes's New Math ON H-1B Visas, by John Miano

Are Albinos Smarter?, by Steve Sailer

Stuff Whiterpeople Like #101: Being Offended, by Steve Sailer

Scandal!!! Feds Employ On Genetic Considerations!!!, by Patrick Cleburne

Agricultural Automation and Immigration, by Randall Burns

Importing Corruption at the Border--New York Times Version, by Marcus Epstein

Hispanic Border Patrol Corruption, by James Fulford

Prison Diversity to Be Pumped Up, by Brenda Walker

McCain Bad Enough On Immigration To Make Conservatives Consider Voting For Bob Barr, by James Fulford

Journal Editorial Report: "The Worst Show On A Cable News Network", by James Fulford

Youtube Cartoon History Of Illegal Immigration, by James Fulford

Washington Turns Up the Heat against English, by Brenda Walker

Mexico: Only a Burden, by Patrick Cleburne

Razib On Crotty's Cow-Centric Theory Of History, by Steve Sailer

An English Test for Immigrants? , by Allan Wall

Memorial Day Holiday--Steve Sailer To Appear Tomorrow, by James Fulford

Meltdown in Ciudad Juarez, by Brenda Walker

Combat Zone On The Border, by James Fulford

 TODAY'S LETTERS Saturday Forum: A CA Lawyer Says Ted Kennedy Couldn't "Carry His Own Water On A Simple Test"; etc. Saturday Forum: A Maryland Reader Says Kennedy Loves Refugees...But Keep Them Away From Hyannis Port! Saturday Forum: A Colorado Reader Says Don't Forget Kennedy's Palm Beach Philandering Saturday Forum: A Texas Woman Says She's Living In A "Mexican Twilight Zone" A Puerto Rican Reader Is Tired Of Being Mistaken For An Illegal Alien A New Jersey Republican Says Hillary Clinton May Be Counting On 2012 A Retired Border Patrol Agent Says That A Legally Issued Visa Doesn't Always Make An Alien "Legal" A Delaware Reader Has Advice For A Somali in Columbus A Washington State Reader Says The Seattle Mariners Should Be Called the "Habana Marineros" A California Reader Details The Full Extent Of Senator Dianne Feinstein's Malfeasance Saturday Forum: A California Democrat Wants His State To "Fall Into The Pacific Ocean"-After He Moves!; etc. Saturday Forum: A Reader In Norway Says Even Liberals Scholars Are Coming Around On Illegal Immigration Saturday Forum: A California Teacher Offers VDARE.COM Readers A Racism Quiz A California Nurse Opposes Giving Organ Transplants To The Foreign-Born-Especially When They Are Known Criminals A California Reader Asks How Health Care Becomes "Critical" To Those Who Have Never Had It An Oregon Reader Warns Of Multilingual Pitfalls  A Somali Reader Wants To Be Treated With "Respect And Dignity"; Joe Guzzardi Responds A Bankruptcy Expert Says Payday Advance Businesses Are Worse Than The Mafia A Reconquista Tells A Police Officer To "Open His Mind" About Immigration; He Replies
Munich, 1938 And The Unnecessary War, by Patrick J. Buchanan

View From Lodi CA: Big Time Baseball Returns To Lodi, by Joe Guzzardi

Can Truth Retain Its Independence? by Paul Craig Roberts

Is Bush Becoming Irrelevant? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Rachael Ray, Dunkin' Donuts and the Keffiyeh Kerfuffle, by Michelle Malkin

View From Lodi CA: The Sunday Night Drive Remembered, by Joe Guzzardi

Planned Parenthood's Obscene Profits, by Michelle Malkin
National Review "Determined" To Ignore Realities Of Genetics

  SAILER ON LAST SUNDAY:Roll Over, Michael Barone-Even Fourth-Generation Mexicans Are Failing

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