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Belated Bulletin # 1 - Peter Brimelow has been travelling, but VDARE.COM went marching on anyway. Note Arthur Pendleton's lament for paleolibertarianism.

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Out of Mexico-A British Journalist Survives The Lawless Mountains Of Mexico, by Bellamy London


  In The Blog

Voter Fraud In Overlawyered.com, by James Fulford
  The Difference between Republicrats on Immigration, by Randall Burns
Nigerians Are The Most Educated Nationality In America -- If You Don't Believe Me, Just Ask Them!, by Steve Sailer
Total Victory in the Senate...But Don't Get Comfortable, by Marcus Epstein
McCain Talking up "Immigration Reform" , by Allan Wall
Obama Caters to Rich Donors--Slams Working Class White Pundits, by Randall Burns
The Ted Kennedy Memorial Immigration Act?, by Marcus Epstein
More On National Review on "The Fallacy of Genetic Determinism" , by Steve Sailer
Good Fences Make Less Homicidal Neighbors, by Steve Sailer
Let's Let Friends In High Places Know We Appreciate Them!, by Paul Nachman
Fear-of-Backlash Eruption in Houston, by Brenda Walker
Do Brazilians Hate Reading Because They Are So Bad At It Or Are They So Bad At Reading Because They Hate It?, by Steve Sailer
University Education As A Pyramid Scheme, by Steve Sailer
National Review And The "Fallacy Of Genetic Determinism.", by Marcus Epstein
Will Chaffetz Cut Chris Cannon?, by Marcus Epstein
On British Airways, Where's the Beef ? , by Allan Wall
Happy Birthday, Richard Wagner (1813-1883), by Kevin Lamb
Latest IQ Brouhaha In Britain, by Steve Sailer
VP Webb: VDARE.com leads, Bloomberg.com follows, by Patrick Cleburne
VP Choices And Immigration, by Randall Burns
Hit-Run Killer Alien Gets a Handslap Sentence, by Brenda Walker
Partial victory in the Senate, by Marcus Epstein
NRISoft: The "Unsweatshop" For Indians By Indians--And For American Salaries, They Claim, by Rob Sanchez
Is Webb The Solution To Obama's Scots-Irish Problem?, by Steve Sailer
English Rules The Multiplex Abroad, by Steve Sailer
Back-Shooting Child-Molesting Cop Killer Gets to Live, by Brenda Walker
Who Knew? A Woman's Right NOT To Be An Engineer, by Steve Sailer
Raza's Attempt Stifle Debate Failing, by James Fulford
How Will McCain Vote On Feinstein/Craig Amnesty? , by James Fulford
Anti-Immigrant Violence In South Africa, by James Fulford
Rob Sanchez On George Putnam Show--1:30 PM PST., by Rob Sanchez
Indian IQ, Part 1: Diaspora Demographics, by Steve Sailer
Bicycles And Crime In The Cities, by James Fulford
Two Views Of Postville, Iowa, by Steve Sailer
Slime Line for $7.15 an Hour, by Rob Sanchez
Brilliant Neurosurgeon Discovered in Tomato Fields!, by Brenda Walker
Is Paleolibertarianism Dead - Or Just Homeless?, by Peter Brimelow
Immigration Humor, by James Fulford
Employers, Not Workers, Are The Intended Beneficiaries Of Amnesty, by James Fulford
De-Policing and the Knoxville Horror, by Nicholas Stix
Medical "Maltreatment" While In ICE Custody: The Horror ..., by Paul Nachman
Illegal Farm Workers Critical for the War in Iraq, by Marcus Epstein
U.N. Racism Gauleiter Inspecting U.S. - By Bush Invitation , by Peter Brimelow
George Washington Vs. Cheap Labor, by James Fulford
Brimelow speaking at John Randolph Club, September 12-13, by Peter Brimelow
Showing Proof of Citizenship in the Show Me State, by Allan Wall
Republican Panic--and Immigration, by Randall Burns
A Superior Human Being, By The Numbers, by Steve Sailer
Scientific American Declares War on Occam's Razor, by Steve Sailer
Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. to run for Libertarian nomination for President, by Steve Sailer
Educational Romanticism, by James Fulford
Times-Democrat's Bogdanovic Needs More Patience, by Peter Brimelow
Legal Somalians ("Refugees") Replace Illegal Mexicans At Swift Plant, by Brenda Walker
Media "Fauning:" Obama As Mr. Tumnus, by James Fulford
Mexican Illegal Alien Detained - in Panama ! , by Allan Wall
Fruits of H-1b:Trojan Horse Counterfeit Equipment, by Randall Burns
Barack Obama As Eric Hebborn, by Steve Sailer Treason Lobby MSM Represses Even Democrats, by Patrick Cleburne

 TODAY'S LETTERS Saturday Forum: A Massachusetts Reader Confirms Special Hospital Treatment for Sen. Kennedy; etc. Saturday Forum: A Reader In Scotland Says Pat Buchanan's Column "Strikes Out" Saturday Forum: A Texas Reader Fears Don Collins May Be "Off His Meds" A Mexican Reader Studying In Spain Supports U. S. (And Mexican) Sovereignt A New Jersey Republican Says His Party's Problems "Run Deeper Than Immigration" A Houston Reader Says The Comprehensive Approach To Immigration Is "Deportation" A Colorado Reader Thinks It's No Coincidence That Both The NY Times And The Washington Post Published A Series On Alleged Detainee Abuse A WA State Baseball Fan Says Diversity "Destroyed" His Seattle Mariners A New Jersey Reader Wonders If Teddy Kennedy Had To Wait Long In The Emergency Room Saturday Forum: A Washington State Reader Answers LA Mayor Villaraigosa's Claim That Hispanics "Clean Your Toilets"; etc. Saturday Forum: A Texas Reader Says Criminal Aliens Are Victims Of Their Own "Code Of Silence" Saturday Forum: A Veteran D.C. Journalist Supports The National ID Card Saturday Forum: But A Montana Reader Says: "We Don't Need No Stinking IDs!" A California Reader Explains Why Somalis Are The "Perfect Employees" For A Meat Packing Plant A Georgia Reader Sees Propaganda In The New York Times' Coverage Of Postville Immigration Raids An Iowa Reader Tells Postville's Side Of The Immigration Raids-Since The MSM Won't A Virginia Reader Decries Malkin's "Invective" Against Jimmy Carter, Prefers Paul Craig Roberts A Reader In Ireland Notes Similarities Between "Bogus Language Institutions" In Her Country And Ours
How the West Lost the World, by Patrick J. Buchanan

California's Gay Marriage Decision And Post-Christian America, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Bush Plays the Hitler Card, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Is Time On Israel's Side? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Race Cards and Speech Codes In The Democrats' Civil War, by Patrick J. Buchanan

View From Lodi CA: Memorial Day In My English As a Second Language Class, by Joe Guzzardi

View From Lodi CA: In Over Your Head On Credit Card Debt? Help May Be On The Way! by Joe Guzzardi

War Abroad and Poverty at Home, by Paul Craig Roberts

The Conservative Movement: From Failure to Threat, by Paul Craig Roberts

Constitution's Checks, Balances Failing As Bush Prepares Iran Attack, by Paul Craig Roberts

New Buchanan Book: Anglo-American Ascendancy Lost in Unnecessary Wars, by Paul Craig Roberts

Barack Obama: Gaffe Machine, by Michelle Malkin

Beyoncé's New Brand of Pedophilia Chic, by Michelle Malkin
Darfur v. Zimbabwe: Is U.S. Foreign Policy Just An Elite Plaything?
  SAILER ON LAST SUNDAY:Are Human Beings Alike Or Different? The Evidence Is In, But It's Hard To Talk About

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