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The Big Squeeze - or the Big Betrayal of America's workers? Brenda Walker on a New York Times author, Ryan Kennedy on Hillary's Alaska summer job

Featured Articles
NYT's Steven Greenhouse Reports "Big Squeeze" On American Workers-But Barely Mentions Immigration, by Brenda Walker
In The Blog

Media "Fauning:" Obama As Mr. Tumnus, by James Fulford

  Mexican Illegal Alien Detained - in Panama ! , by Allan Wall

Fruits of H-1b:Trojan Horse Counterfeit Equipment, by Randall Burns

Barack Obama As Eric Hebborn, by Steve Sailer

Treason Lobby MSM Represses Even Democrats, by Patrick Cleburne

Mexican Chaos Heating Up, by Brenda Walker

Race Riots And The Associated Press, by James Fulford

Immigration Patriots' Secret Weapon: Hispanic Arrogance, by Patrick Cleburne

Oprahma, by Steve Sailer

Reuters: "Relieved Castro blames 'Idol' exit on inexperience", by Steve Sailer

"I am King-Ton. As overlord, all will kneel trembling before me and obey my brutal commands." [Crosses arms] "End communication.", by Steve Sailer

Obama's Early Legal Career: Heavy on Advocacy for Blacks, by Anonymous Attorney

With Obama, It's Always About Obama, by Steve Sailer

Maryland Court Denies Islamic Divorce: "I Divorce You" Can't Circumvent State Law , by Brenda Walker

Mama Obamanomics, by Steve Sailer

National Latino Museum Under Consideration , by Allan Wall

iGate Mastech Fined For Discriminating Against American Workers, by Rob Sanchez

Heritage Foundation In The Tank On H-1B--Because They've Decided To "Ignore The Realities Of The Marketplace", by James Fulford

Failure Is Always An Option, by Steve Sailer

The Cost Of Bloc Voting, by James Fulford

National Review Defends "Identity Politics for White People", by Marcus Epstein

"Finland, The Cool Attic Of Europe", by Steve Sailer

Canadian Invasion vs Mexican Invasion, by James Fulford

Creativity vs Personality, by Steve Sailer

Is The History Of Art A Hoax?, by Steve Sailer

The Houston Area Survey: Rotten To The Core, by Patrick Cleburne

William Saletan And Race--"He loved Big Brother", by Steve Sailer

Top 50 Pundits, by Steve Sailer

John McCain's Cinco de Mayo Party, by Marcus Epstein

McCain's Latest , by Allan Wall

Norm Matloff Writes On American Students And Science, by James Fulford

The Hitch On Michelle Obama, by Steve Sailer

Waiting for the Final Exhale, by Brenda Walker

Talking With Glenn Spencer...And Watching The Border, by Joe Guzzardi

DOJ Slaps Wrist of H-1b Fraud Artists iGate Mastech, by Randall Burns

Cinco De Mayo And The Republican National Committee:, by Marcus Epstein

Cinco de Mayo Greetings from Mexico , by Allan Wall

What Obama Wrote About Wright In 1995, by Steve Sailer

BNP Wins Seat In London Assembly, by Peter Brimelow

Victim's Mom Supports Deportation of Criminal Aliens, by Brenda Walker

Three Americans Killed in Indiana in Another Preventable Crime, by Brenda Walker

1389, 843, And The Historical Illiteracy Of Immigration Enthusiasm, by Peter Brimelow

National Data: Slowdown Ending? American Displacement Up, by Edwin S. Rubenstein

The Cognitive Age In The New York Times, by Steve Sailer

The Painted Word, by Steve Sailer

Canadian Refugee Board Gives MS-13 Member Asylum BECAUSE He's A Gang Member, by Marcus Epstein
 TODAY'S LETTERS Saturday Forum: A Los Angeles Reader Says News Of The Water Shortage Hasn't Reached City Hall; etc.

Saturday Forum: A New York Reader Say Peter Bradley Must Have Been "Born Yesterday"; Bradley Replies

Saturday Forum: A Reader Proposes "A Bushel Of Grain For A Barrel Of Oil"

Saturday Forum: A Black Democrat In Georgia Wants To End "Dash-Americans"

Saturday Forum: A Reader Explains Why He Will Not Celebrate Cinco de Agosto

A Reader In Costa Rica Wonders "What's Going On" Back Home In America?

A Reader Whose Family Includes P.O.W.s Notes PTSD Effects in John McCain

Two Houston Readers Cheer On Cleburne vs. Chronicle

A WA State Reader Says Americans Have New Reason To Celebrate: Cinco de Agosto

A Los Angeles Reader Says His City Is "Water-Crazy"

A NY Reader Says Obama's Body Language Clearly Indicates Sexism

Saturday Forum: A Chicago Reader At May Day Rally Says Socialist, Communist Organizations Dominated; etc.

Saturday Forum: A Georgia Reader Says Even Green Card Holders Are Not Necessarily "Loyal" To The U.S.

Saturday Forum: Former President Of American Engineering Association Says "Incestuous Relationship" Stacks Deck Against U.S. Workers

Saturday Forum: A Reader Says Joe Guzzardi Should Refrain From "Ageist Prejudice"; Joe Replies
View From Lodi CA: Wall Street: Do Investors Need More Regulation Or More Common Sense? by Joe Guzzardi

Hillary Is Right-White Voters Are The Key, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Iran: Is It Jaw-Jaw or War-War? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Barack Obama's Bitter Half, by Michelle Malkin
Alchemists Can't Turn Lead Into Gold, Educrats Can't Eliminate IQ. (But Lead Is Useful Anyway)

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