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A Nation At Risk (not from immigration this time!) 25 years later. Some Things Don't Change-The Educational Achievement Gap After 25 (or 36!) Years By Steve Sailer. PLUS: VDARE.COM columnist gets Presidential nod!

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Some Things Don't Change-The Educational Achievement Gap After 25 (or 36!) Years, by Steve Sailer
In The Blog

VDARE.CM's Chuck Baldwin wins Constitution Party Nod, by Peter Brimelow

  You Can't Keep A Good Publicity Hound Down, by Steve Sailer

Indian Racism, by Steve Sailer

Is Mexico Awakening ? , by Allan Wall

Annoying Irish Illegals Won't Go Away, by Brenda Walker

McCain as Paris Hilton, Obama as Daniel Day-Lewis, by Steve Sailer

Summer Jobs On Cape Cod--Who Isn't Getting Them, by James Fulford

More On Taxi Driving And Resentment, by James Fulford

Lou Dobbs Gushes Over Senator Cornyn, by Rob Sanchez

Anti-American WSJ Edit Pager Commits Elementary Economic Error, by Peter Brimelow

Post Office Issues Diversity Stamp, by Brenda Walker

The Economics Of Eldorado, by Steve Sailer

Why Aren't High School Kids Finding Summer Jobs?, by James Fulford

Monocultural Marines?, by James Fulford

How Nation-States Are Dismantled, by Brenda Walker

What Obama Is Really Like Is More Important Than The Issues, by James Fulford

Paul Gets 16% in Pennsylvania, hmmm, by Peter Brimelow

Hillary Wins 55-45, by Steve Sailer

"How Dare You!" Illiterate Peasants And Republican Cowardice, by James Fulford

Another Child Sacrificed on the Altar of Open Borders, by Brenda Walker

Multicultural Marines, by James Fulford

New Muralism In Egypt--Walls Work Over There, Why Not Here?, by James Fulford

Texas Remembers The Alamo, by James Fulford

H-1B's With TB, by Rob Sanchez

Displacing American Professionals--Why The H-1B Quota Gets Used Up In One Day, by John Miano

LA Times Starting Wake Up?, by Steve Sailer

Enoch Powell, 40 Years Later, by James Fulford

"Police Struggle to Find Drivers 'That Don't Exist'", by Nicholas Stix

A Small Dose of Reality at the NYT, by Randall Burns

Obey Obama The Giant, by Steve Sailer

Los Angeles Chinese Protest Criticism of PRC Government, by Brenda Walker

HUD Threatens Nebraska Over Illegal Aliens, by Allan Wall

In 2007, Obama Gave $26,270 To Rev. Wright's church, by Steve Sailer

N.C.'s Easley: Another Immigration Turkey, by Patrick Cleburne


 TODAY'S LETTERS Saturday Forum: A Georgia Landscaper Has Lost "Half His Customers" To Illegal Alien Workers; etc.

Saturday Forum: A Retired Advisor To America's Ambassador To The Vatican Thanks VDARE. COM For "Setting The Record Straight"

Saturday Forum: A Roman Catholic Reader Explains The Different Immigration Views Held By Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI

Saturday Forum: A Legal Immigrant In California Says Illegal Aliens Are "Strident" And "Mock Our Military"

Saturday Forum: A California Asian-American Reader Says Jared Taylor Needs A Broader View

A California Reader Wants To Know How Amnestied Aliens Will Be Required To Learn English

A Reader Wonders How To Protect Cabbies While Allowing Non-Felonious Black Men To Get Cabs

An NJ Republican Says Obama "Can't Be Any Worse" Than Clinton II or McCain; Peter Brimelow Comments

A North Carolina Reader Says Gov. Easley Is "Bad"...But His Possible Successor May Be Worse

A PA Reader Explains Why Keystone State Residents Are "Bitter"

View From Lodi CA: The Curious Case Of Barry Zito, The San Francisco Giants' Winless Multimillionaire, by Joe Guzzardi

  Is Barack Obama "One Of Us"?, by Patrick J. Buchanan

The Greenhouse Effect-Seducing Senile Supremes, by Patrick J Buchanan

  The Democrats' Jimmy Carter Problem, by Michelle Malkin

What the Iraq War is about, by Paul Craig Roberts
SAILER ON SUNDAY:Some Things Don't Change-The Educational Achievement Gap After 25 (or 36!) Years SAILER ON LAST SUNDAY:Diversity Is Strength: It's Also Extended Crime Families, Tax Fraud, And Hung Juries

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