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We always like Earth Day. The Environmentalist Establishment doesn't want to know about immigration. The grass-roots (so to speak) environmentalists know only too well. Perfect for VDARE.COM's bridge-building mission!
Food Or Immigrants? That's America's Choice On Earth Day 2008, by Brenda Walker

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Food Or Immigrants? That's America's Choice On Earth Day 2008, by Brenda Walker
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Displacing American Professionals--Why The H-1B Quota Gets Used Up In One Day, by John Miano

  LA Times Starting Wake Up?, by Steve Sailer

  Enoch Powell, 40 Years Later, by James Fulford

  "Police Struggle to Find Drivers 'That Don't Exist'", by Nicholas Stix

  A Small Dose of Reality at the NYT, by Randall Burns

  Obey Obama The Giant, by Steve Sailer

  Los Angeles Chinese Protest Criticism of PRC Government, by Brenda Walker

  HUD Threatens Nebraska Over Illegal Aliens, by Allan Wall

  In 2007, Obama Gave $26,270 To Rev. Wright's church, by Steve Sailer

  N.C.'s Easley: Another Immigration Turkey, by Patrick Cleburne

  Illinois Senate: Stupid Is As Stupid Does, by Dave Gorak

  Saving the Environment & Anti-Momism, by Steve Sailer

  From Urban Guerrillas to "Upstanding Establishment Citizens": Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground in Perspective, by Kevin Lamb

  Nixon's IQ, by James Fulford

  McCain's Reported IQ, by Steve Sailer

  Iowa Takes Action, by James Fulford

  A Pilgrimage to Chavez-land, by Patrick Cleburne

  Is Religion The Opiate Of The Rust Belt Masses?, by Steve Sailer

  Department Of State Says Watch Out For Violence If You're Going To Mexico, by Brenda Walker

  World Health Organization Should Look Into The Virus Of Political Correctness, by James Fulford

  Pathogens And Individualism, by Steve Sailer

  NRO vs The Snobs, by James Fulford

  A Tale Of Two Press Conferences, by Marcus Epstein

  Ashkenazi Jewish Genes in 3-D, by Steve Sailer

  Obama And Indonesian Racism, by James Fulford

  Brimelow Bulletin From D.C.: Immigration Reform Alive, McCain Questionable, by Peter Brimelow

  Ashkenazi Genes, by Steve Sailer

  The Beijing Olympics, by Steve Sailer

  "Cling To Guns" vs. Golf, by Steve Sailer

  Homeland Insecurity Brings in H-1B Trojan Horses, by Randall Burns

  Time Magazine on Mama Obama, by Steve Sailer

  Million-Dollar Mexican Medical Moocher, by Brenda Walker

  Dreams From My Father--YouTube Audio, by James Fulford

  Gettygate?, by Steve Sailer

  Kinsley Gaffe Mark II--Obama Says What He Really Thinks About Working-Class Whites, by James Fulford


A California Reader Documents Another Alien Murder That Should Never Have Happened

Saturday Forum: A Master's Thesis Exposes Anti-White Liberal Media Bias

Saturday Forum: A Texas Reader Looks Back With Sorrow At His Home State Of Maryland

Saturday Forum: An Illinois Reader Thinks That Md. Governor O'Malley Should Stay Pro-Immigration-So Voters Can Throw Him Out

Saturday Forum: A New York Reader Disagrees About Barack Obama's True Feelings

Saturday Forum: A Canadian Reader Says Baking Slow Rising Bread Teaches Us To Respect The Value Of Time

A Roman Catholic Reader In Illinois Asks Why VDARE.COM Posted Peter Gadiel's "Rant"; Gadiel Replies

A California Lawyer Says Political Pundits "Fail To Grasp The Obvious" About Barack Obama

A Texas Reader Says Non-Working Politicians Are The Source of Working Man Walter Abbott's Woes

A Reader Questions Use Of "Treason" For Religious Leaders' Pro-Immigration Stance; Peter Brimelow Replies

The Sacramento Bee Suppresses A Reader's Comment On Immigration And Race On Public Education

A Nevada Reader Says When The ADL Is After You, "You're In Big Trouble"

Saturday Forum: An Idaho Reader, Refugee From California, Says It's Impossible To Calculate How Much Aliens Pay In Taxes Since No One Knows How Many Are Here; etc.

Saturday Forum: A California Reader Says Illegal Immigration Costs That Don't Include Anchor Babies Are "Meaningless"

Saturday Forum: A Reader Who Lived In Mexico Calls Illegal Immigrants In The U.S. "Dangerous"

Obama In Darkest Pennsylvania, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Voting For "Lesser Of Two Evils" Will Not Save America, by Chuck Baldwin

There Must Never Be Another Waco!, by Chuck Baldwin


SAILER ON SUNDAY: Diversity Is Strength: It's Also Extended Crime Families, Tax Fraud, And Hung Juries



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