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New Hampshire votes today and Immigration is (finally!) an issue. For a political issue to surface takes years of intellectual work. And VDARE.COM is still beavering away: we feature this week Peter Brimelow on a new (good!) immigration book and interviews with George Borjas, the leading  immigration economist. Plus the results of our War Against Christmas Competition - where Americans are also fighting back against the elite!

Featured Articles

  1. The Immigration Solution: Peter Brimelow's Review, by Peter Brimelow
  2. George Borjas On The Media's Immigration Economics: "People Now Are Getting That It's Complete Nonsense", by Peter Brimelow
  3. George Borjas Interview-Part 2: Borjas On Open Border Libertarians: " I Don't Really Miss Them, Actually", by Peter Brimelow
  4. War Against Christmas 2007 Competition [VI]: The Winner! (Also 2006's!!), by Peter Brimelow
  5. War Against Christmas 2007 Competition [V]: Merry Christmas From VDARE.COM!, by James Fulford
  6. National Data: WSJ Edit Page Whitewashes The Immigration Problem...Again, by Edwin S. Rubenstein
  7. The Fulford File: 2007 In Review-An Interesting Year, by James Fulford
  8. The Other Side: Gripped By Panic Over Immigration Patriots' 2007 Triumphs!, by Joe Guzzardi
  9. The Year in Multiculturalism: News from the Culture War, by Brenda Walker
  10. The Real Dropout Rate-And Why Some Students Should Drop Out Of School, by Steve Sailer
  11. Bill Kristol Joins The New York Times, by Marcus Epstein

In The Blog
Ron Paul On Border Guards, by Terry Graham

  Offended Muslim Syndrome, by James Fulford

Hillary Clinton's Bus Babbling, by James Fulford

Joe Klein In Time Blog--Romney "Loathesome" (I.E. Decent) On Immigration, by James Fulford

Giuliani Doesn't Like Us--He Really Doesn't Like Us, by James Fulford

Ron Paul Means It, by James Fulford

Ron Paul Plays Immigration Card in NH, by Randall Burns

WSJ's Selective Statistics, by Randall Burns

Fox News Blocking Ron Paul Out of Its January 6 Debate, by Nicholas Stix

Mexico Meltdown: First Update of 2008, by Brenda Walker

The New South Africa And Women's Rights--ANC Head Adds A Fourth Wife, by Steve Sailer

California Governator Eyeballs Increased School Spending, by Brenda Walker

John McWhorter On Randall Kennedy's New Book "Sellout", by James Fulford

Huckabee (!) Carries Iowa Immigration Patriots; Ron Paul Asleep, by Peter Brimelow

Dealing with Unruly Illegal Aliens , by Allan Wall

Neocons Failing Upward, by Steve Sailer

What Iowa Means, by James Fulford

Honor Killing in Texas?, by Brenda Walker

  Craptocracy On Campaign 2008 And Dana Milbank, by Steve Sailer

Diana Furchtgott-Roth Dissembles On H-1b Visas In The New York Sun, by John Miano

San Jose Mercury News's H1-B Driveby, by John Miano

George Macdonald Fraser, R. I. P., by James Fulford

What the Iowa Caucuses mean To Immigration Reform, by Randall Burns

Illegal Aliens Commuting To American Schools, by James Fulford

Barry Bonds In National Review, by James Fulford

CS Monitor On Arizona's Crackdown on Illegal Employers, by Randall Burns

India's Visa God: A Secret Immigration Weapon?, by Brenda Walker

The Future Of The GOP, by Steve Sailer

Ron Paul, World of Warcraft, the Internet, and VDARE.COM, by Patrick Cleburne

Employer Enforcement On Immigration Comes To Arizona, by Randall Burns

Race, DNA, Crime, And Denial, by James Fulford

Miami Woman Married Ten Men So They Could Stay in the U.S., by Allan Wall

2008: Will Drought-Stricken, Overpopulated Georgia Need Water Trucked In?, by Brenda Walker

THIS IS IT! Only two giving days left in 2007., by Peter Brimelow

Somalians In Shelbyville--All Refugee Politics Is Local, by Thomas Allen

A Degree of Insignificance, by Randall Burns

Presidential Jeopardy, by Steve Sailer

Immigration Story #1 for 2007 (the Hard Way), by Brenda Walker

Illegal Immigrants Don't Like Enforcement--This Is News?, by James Fulford

Immigrants, Disease, and Milk, by James Fulford

Why I Like Mexico's Anti-Americanism, by Steve Sailer

Britain: Shock at Job Displacement, by Brenda Walker

Canada "Grapples" with Racism , by Allan Wall

Guns In National Parks, by James Fulford

Will FBI Mugshots Be Too Diverse?, by Brenda Walker

More On Vandalism Of Nativity Scenes, by James Fulford

Self-Deportation Continues, by James Fulford

Us Steves Gotta Stick Together, by Steve Sailer

Intel Lobbies For More Corporate Welfare, by Randall Burns

Freeloaders Experience Second Thoughts, by Brenda Walker

Diversity Trainer Vs. Steve Sailer, by James Fulford

Panhandlemania, by Steve Sailer

Manger Scenes Vandalized, by James Fulford

Encyclopedia Britannica vs. VDARE.com, by James Fulford
 TODAY'S LETTERS A Minnesota Reader Says The "Sewer Rats" -And Not Us-Are Winning

A California Reader Notices Fox News's Failure

An African-American, Former DOE Employee And Father Of Seven, Explains How To Close The Achievement Gap

A Legally Trained Reader Suggests Charges Could Be Laid Against Illegal School-Users-And Their Parents

A California Reader Has A Question For Joe Guzzardi

An Arizona Reader (Of Cuban Extraction) Scorns Ethnocentrism

A California Reader Says "Plantation Owners" Will Not Cave In Easily On Cheap Labor

A California Reader Reminds James Fulford That Skilled Immigration Is Bad For Americans, Too

A California Teacher Says English Language Development Should Be On Students Time, Not Part Of The Regular School Day

Another California Teacher Says About Diversity Training That He's Seen It All Before

Illegals and Asbestos

Iowa Reveals Bush's Destruction Of Reagan Coalition,  by Patrick J. Buchanan

  Time Magazine Gets Serious Again, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Annus Horribilis Ahead?, by Patrick J. Buchanan

The Impotent Hegemon, by Patrick J. Buchanan

We Are All Prisoners Now, by Paul Craig Roberts

Criminals With Badges-How the Police Create Crimes, by Paul Craig Roberts

Now Congressional Democrats Are Attacking Free Speech, by Paul Craig Roberts

Top Story Of 2007: The Surge, The Military, And The Media, by Michelle Malkin

The Flawed but Useful Iowa Caucuses, by Michelle Malkin

Needed: A "Confessing Church" To Counter Huckabee's Christian Dupes, by Chuck Baldwin
The Real Dropout Rate-And Why Some Students Should Drop Out Of School




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