05/19/14 VDARE.com\’s week (66 items): The End Is Nigh!–For Amnesty And/Or GOP

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Ruling Class scheming to maneuver Amnesty/ Immigration Surge past an enraged America has become so shameless that it’s hard to see how the GOP can survive; Michael Sam–another Ruling Class set-up; etc. etc!


Featured Articles

  1. Why Does Jonah Goldberg Want To Block The Backlash Against Political Correctness? by Paul Gottfried

  2. The Fulford File | Criminal Alien Releases: Treason Lobby Strikes Back At CIS’ Mark Krikorian by James Fulford

  3. Report From Soon-To-Be Occupied America: Meddling Mexican Government To Peddle Reconquista-Boosting Matricula Consular Card In Wyoming by Paul Nachman

  4. The VA’s Deadly Bureaucratic Drones by Michelle Malkin

  5. A Left-Right Convergence Against The Corporate Elite? It Could Happen! by Patrick J. Buchanan

  6. Memo From Middle America | It’s High Time For An Immigration Shutdown—Let’s Put It On The Front Burner by Allan Wall

  7. Ann Coulter: Load And Lockett—If States Are “Botching” Lethal Injections, Use Firing Squads—Volunteer Ones by Ann Coulter

  8. Ken Burns’ THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE: The New TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD—Fiction Designed To Induce White Guilt by Nicholas Stix

  9. Cash For Obamacare Shirkers–Your Tax Dollars NOT At Work by Michelle Malkin

  10. Michael Sam—“Hero” of Ruling Class’s Christophobic Post-American Narrative by Paul Kersey

  11. Abolish the Corporate Income Tax And Bring Offshored Jobs Home! by Patrick J. Buchanan


  1. “Arizona GOP Candidate Says Democrats Are Behind Most Mass Shootings”–If By “Democrats” You Mean “Non-White”…. by James Fulford

  2. Bad Lawyering Behind The Latest Obama Administrative Amnesty: “President Obama Can’t Start Handing Out Green Cards” by Federale

  3. San Antonio: Lackland AFB to House Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children by Brenda Walker

  4. Jamaican Felon: Give Me Criminal Alien Amnesty Because I Was In The Navy by Federale

  5. So Many Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors Crossing the Border That They Set Up a Shelter For Them–Rather Than Just Controlling the Border by Allan Wall

  6. The Rise And Rise Of Julian Castro, America’s First Hispanic President by Steve Sailer

  7. Thanks, Harry Reid: GOP Owner Sheldon Adelson Confirmed As Social Leftist by Patrick Cleburne

  8. “Who Gets to Graduate”–Students Who Needed Affirmative Action To Get Them IN To College May Need More To Get Them OUT by Steve Sailer

  9. Mrs. Obama : “Schools Aren’t Equal, Especially Ones Attended By Students Of Color” Because They Have Low Test Scores by Steve Sailer

  10. More Mexican Voting Fraud, In Texas School Board Election by Federale

  11. Larry Kudlow’s Pro-Open Borders Piece In RealClearPolitics–EVERY SINGLE COMMENT Is Hostile by James Fulford

  12. Radio Derb Is On The Air: Border Issues, Etc. by John Derbyshire

  13. Blond Muslim Billionaire Takes Control In Eastern Ukraine by Steve Sailer

  14. Charles Peters, DC’s Black Run Government, And The Limits Of Neoliberalism by James Fulford

  15. If You Live “Close” To Powell, Wyoming, Here’s A Chance To Stand Up And Be Counted by Paul Nachman

  16. Nicholas Wade’s Story of Race and Inheritance by Steve Sailer

  17. The Cure For All Ills: More Immigration by Steve Sailer

  18. Mexican Oligarch Carlos Slim to own 17% of NYT by Steve Sailer

  19. Don Collins On Frosty Woolridge vs. 850KOA Immigration Enthusiast Ross Kaminsky by Donald A. Collins

  20. “Homeland Security” Chief Jeh Johnson May Find Ways to Deport Even Fewer Illegal Aliens by Allan Wall

  21. “Racism” And Corruption: “I Think I Spot A Disproportion” by James Fulford

  22. NYT review of “A Troublesome Inheritance” by Steve Sailer

  23. Politician Warns Fellow Democrats, in Group Email, Against “Democratic Anglo Newcomer Opponents” by Allan Wall

  24. Senator Sessions: Senate Immigration Bill Would Harm American Workers by Brenda Walker

  25. AIDS, Magic Johnson, And Donald Sterling: MENTIONING A Disease Worse Than GIVING It To People by Steve Sailer

  26. NYT Editorial Board Thinks Over 1% Of Military Is Transgender–They Want More by Steve Sailer

  27. Is ‘Transgender’ A Real Thing? by Anonymous Attorney

  28. UKIP Leads Polls For Euro Parliament?When Will GOP Get The Message? by Steve Sailer

  29. California Governor Debate on the Radio: Immigration Patriot Tim Donnelly Vs. Neel Kashkari by Brenda Walker

  30. Sailer: “The Strange Evolution of Eugenics” by Steve Sailer

  31. Manufacturing Is Returning to US, but Automation Means Fewer Hires by Brenda Walker

  32. Adrienne Airhart, Unconscious Coulter Hater by James Fulford

  33. Government Releases 36,000 Illegal Alien Criminals by Brenda Walker

  34. Are There Medicines To Help American Indians Resist Alcohol? by Steve Sailer

  35. Dr. Norm Matloff On The Displacement Of Older (American) Programmers By Younger (Imported, Indentured) Labor by James Fulford

  36. Rick Telander On How Magic Might Have Gotten HIV: “It Eventually Became Clear They Weren’t Women At All…” by Steve Sailer

  37. Donald Sterling Turns To Steve Sailer for his P.R. strategy by Steve Sailer

  38. New York City Police Criticized for Too Few Interpreters by Brenda Walker

  39. “Wreckers”–Feminists Assume Anything But 50-50 Man-Woman Results Is A Plot by Steve Sailer

  40. Nebraska GOP Senate Favorite Outed As Weak On Immigration by Patrick Cleburne

  41. Jeb Bush Gets a Semi-Friendly Look from the Washington Post by Brenda Walker

  42. “Not All Men!” Is Scorned, But Why Are We Expected To Say “Not All Muslims” , Etc? by James Fulford

  43. “A Troublesome Inheritance” And The Hate Squad by Steve Sailer

  44. A Genetic Census of America by Steve Sailer

  45. Wade’s Speculation Disclaimer by Steve Sailer

  46. The Obama Administration’s Own Goal In Ukraine by Steve Sailer

  47. John Derbyshire On Wade vs. Cochran: A Correction by John Derbyshire


  1. A Reader Points That Immigrant Mass Murder Is Underreported, Especially (For PC Reasons) Jamaican Murders by VDARE.com Reader

  2. A California Reader Compares Today’s Republicans To Basketball’s WASHINGTON GENERALS–They Don’t EXPECT To Win by VDARE.com Reader

  3. A Reader Writes That The Onrushing “Non-White Majority” Could Be Delayed, Or Even Averted, By Ending Special Privileges For Non-Whites by VDARE.com Reader

  4. A Concerned Reader Wonders If DREAMers Actually Crossed The Border As Toddlers by VDARE.com Reader

  5. An American Defense Worker Reminds Us That The Operative Word In “US Chamber of Commerce” Is Commerce, Not “US” by VDARE.com Reader

  6. A Military Reader Reports That The Pentagon Ignored V-E Day, But Is Preparing For The Next War By Recruiting Transgendered Illegals by VDARE.com Reader

  7. A Florida Reader Reports On Obama’s Administrative Prison Break?THOUSANDS Of Deportable Felons Set Free by VDARE.com Reader