06/24/14 VDARE.com Weekly Bulletin (79+ items): Immigration Patriotism Winning Issue, GOP Runs But Can\’t Hide

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Immigration Patriotism a.k.a. National Conservatism is a winning issue. New House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy can’t save the GOP Establishment. Iraq shows diversity is disaster. Etc., etc–79 items!


Featured Articles

  1. Heritage Foundation Fired Richwine Over Truth About Immigrants–Now Wants To Cash In On Brat vs. Cantor by Boss Aktuba

  2. Foreword To The Kindle Edition Of PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS by Jared Taylor

  3. John Derbyshire: Hillary—Lead Balloon Or Great White Hope? And Can The GOP Win The White Working Class? by John Derbyshire

  4. House Leader Kevin McCarthy (Chamber of Commerce-CA) Is A Blessing in Disguise by James Kirkpatrick

  5. NY-22: Laughable Lies of Liberal Open Borders Republicans by Michelle Malkin

  6. Bombing Won’t Save Iraq by Patrick J. Buchanan

  7. DHS: “A Wasteful, Growing, Fear-Mongering Beast” by Chuck Baldwin

  8. Patriot Democrat Says Republicans Can Take Back White House In 2016 By Pinning Pro-Immigration Tail On Democratic Donkey by Donald A. Collins

  9. Memo From Middle America | If Diversity Is Strength, Why Is Iraq Breaking Up? by Allan Wall

  10. You Bet This Is Swiftboating! Servicemen Told The Truth About Bergdahl And Kerry Both by Ann Coulter

  11. Please Ignore The Stupid SSL Security Warnings by James Fulford

  12. The Left Understands Brat Has Blazed A Trail To “National Conservatism”—But Conservatism Inc. Doesn’t Want To Know by James Kirkpatrick

  13. A Fed-Up Veteran Blasts VA’s “Lie, Delay, Deny” Abyss by Michelle Malkin

  14. Obama Regime Triggering Second Mariel Boatlift To Elect A New People—And Demoralize The Military by Brenda Walker

  15. Iraq Is Their War, Not Ours by Patrick J. Buchanan


  1. Senator Sessions Does His Part to Defend America – But Where is the GOP Leadership by Allan Wall

  2. Flogging a Dead Hypothesis: Sapir-Whorf In The AMERICAN SPECTATOR by John Derbyshire

  3. Latino Legislators: Vengeance Shall be Ours by Steve Sailer

  4. Radek Sikorski: Obama’s Polish Connection: “His Grandfather Ate a Polish Missionary” by Steve Sailer

  5. Weinreich: “The Jews Wanted to be by Themselves” by Steve Sailer

  6. Ross Douthat Channels Kaus’s Theory of the Inbound Rush for the Border by Steve Sailer

  7. Weinreich: “The Jews Wanted to be by Themselves” by James Fulford

  8. ICE: Missing in Action Again On Hamza Ali Ben Ali (YouTube Motorcycle Chase Guy) by Federale

  9. “In 1972, The U.S. Prison Population Was 300,000″…And There Was Chaos In The Streets by James Fulford

  10. What’s Missing Word in Stuyvesant High School Oped? by Steve Sailer

  11. Rep. Mike Rogers Worries about Thousands of Destabilizing Refugees–in Jordan by Brenda Walker

  12. Breibart Columnist Asks The BIG QUESTION by Patrick Cleburne

  13. Los Angeles Celebrates ‘Muslim American Heritage Month’ by Brenda Walker

  14. Border Surge May Provide Cover For Criminal Alien Amnesty by Federale

  15. More Proof That The Juvenile Surge Was Planned By The Obama Administration by Federale

  16. More Evidence Illegal Aliens Are Economic Migrants by Federale

  17. Israel: Now That’s a Border Fence by Steve Sailer

  18. Alex Tabarrok Not Clear on the Concept of Federalism … by Steve Sailer

  19. “Life Sentences for 2 Mexican Sex Traffickers” Would Be A Better Title by James Fulford

  20. Black Self Esteem: a Meta-analysis by Steve Sailer

  21. The Brat Effect in Canada by Steve Sailer

  22. NEW YORK TIMES Magazine Writes About American Kids Who Can’t Get Jobs–Guess Which Word Goes Unmentioned? by Steve Sailer

  23. Radio Derb Is On The Air: Is Your Old Hard Drive Going To Be “Recycled” In China?, Etc. by John Derbyshire

  24. Obama’s Administrative Amnesty: A Treason Time Line by Patrick Cleburne

  25. Fine REDSTATE Denunciation Of Obamacrat Dreamnesty Renewal – But Key Question Unasked by Patrick Cleburne

  26. World Refugee Day: Jihad on the March by Brenda Walker

  27. “Religion of a Different Color: Race and the Mormon Struggle for Whiteness” by Steve Sailer

  28. Bucknell Professor Calls for Racial Separation—In Iraq by Anonymous Attorney

  29. Lawrenceville, VA Citizens Rally against Illegal Alien Kid Dump by Brenda Walker

  30. Dr. Norm Matloff On Age Discrimination In Tech by James Fulford

  31. So Much for Stereotype Threat by Steve Sailer

  32. Limbaugh Hits Immigration Mess–Another Ingraham Effect? by Brenda Walker

  33. Texas: Muslim Demands That US Flag Be Removed from Apartment by Brenda Walker

  34. Yahoo Workforce Mostly White (Except Not Really) by Steve Sailer

  35. Immigrants And Mayflower Descendants … Distinguished! by Paul Nachman

  36. Plutocrat Rampage Day: Adelson, Murdoch Tantrum For Amnesty by Patrick Cleburne

  37. Prison Sends Woman Teacher Alone Into A Room Full Of Rapists–When She’s Raped And Stabbed, They Blame “Chronic Understaffing” by A.W. Morgan

  38. Mickey Kaus On Cantor: “Hang One As An Example To The Others” by James Fulford

  39. Francis Galton, Darwin’s Doppelganger by Steve Sailer

  40. Professional Occupations Are Threatened with Displacement by Smart Machines by Brenda Walker

  41. Sicilian Catholic Churches Open Sanctuaries for African Camping by Brenda Walker

  42. Lloyd Green: GOP’s 2016 Problem? Hillary’s White by Steve Sailer

  43. Deep State Conspiracy Theories Come True in Iraq by Steve Sailer

  44. NYT: “Latinos Onscreen, Conspicuously Few” by Steve Sailer

  45. Lou Barletta Says House Has Votes To Impeach Obama, Wimpish Aide Says He Doesn’t Really Advocate It by Allan Wall

  46. Government Finds New Sneaky Strategy to Take Away Washington Redskins Team Name by Allan Wall

  47. Please Ignore The Stupid SSL Security Warnings by James Fulford

  48. Hillary On The Border: Does She Remember The 1980 Marielito Riots In Arkansas? by James Fulford

  49. Senator Dick (Sob-Story) Durbin’s “Searing Indictment Of Our Broken Immigration System” by Paul Nachman

  50. Virginia Town Rejects Illegal Alien Kid Drop by Brenda Walker

  51. The Brat Effect: Hillary Says “Send Them Back” by Steve Sailer

  52. “Colorblind” Alternatives to Quotas by Steve Sailer

  53. Upcoming Affirmative Action Ploys by Steve Sailer

  54. Worker Pay Still Flat After Six Years by Steve Sailer

  55. WASHINGTON TIMES on Mexican Army and Police Armed Border Crossings Into The US by Allan Wall

  56. House of Representatives Increases Refugee Rescue Budget by Brenda Walker

  57. “False” Confessions And The Central Park Five by James Fulford

  58. John Zmirak In THE BLAZE On Churches And Immigration by James Fulford

  59. Santorum Either Sees Light Or Feels Heat, Tells GOP To Back Off On Immigration by James Fulford

  60. Whooping Cough “Epidemic” In California; Immigration’s Role Suppressed, As Usual by Peter Brimelow

  61. Brooklyn Courts Reel Under Lash of White Justice–Gentrification Brings Jurors Who Believe Crime Is Wrong by Steve Sailer

  62. 2014 Hispanic Electoral Tidal Wave Peters Out by Steve Sailer

  63. Raul Labrador: A Fraud. But Our Fraud? by Patrick Cleburne

  64. “Science:” Race Exists, at Least in Mexico by Steve Sailer

  65. Kissinger On National Character and the World Cup by Steve Sailer