07/29/14 VDARE.com Bulletin (72+ items): GOP Leaders Not Interested In Impeachment–But Impeachment Is Interested In Them etc.

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GOP tries to dodge impeachment, but Obama Amnesty is forcing it into corner; Indian Immigrant Medical Fraud; etc. etc.


Featured Articles

  1. GOP Leadership Not Interested In Impeaching Obama (Or Doing Anything Else) But Impeachment Is Interested In Them by Peter Brimelow

  2. Ryan Andrews’ Novel THE BIRTH OF PRUDENCE by VDare Office

  3. Why Does America Tolerate Indian Immigrant Medical Fraud? by Thomas Meehan

  4. John Derbyshire On Science Education And Affirmative Action: The War Against Human Nature Continues by John Derbyshire

  5. Perdue Defeats Kingston Because Georgia GOP Voters Got Message About Chamber Of Commerce’s Support For Amnesty by Washington Watcher

  6. Is Putin Really Worse Than Stalin? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  7. Still Fighting: The Delphi Workers Obama Robbed by Michelle Malkin

  8. Memo From Middle America | “Who Would Jesus Deport?” Is The Wrong Question For Christian Patriots by Allan Wall

  9. Eyes On The Prize: Chris McDaniel Supporters Should Work To Take Back The Senate by Ann Coulter

  10. Marine Corps General John Kelly, Head of U.S. Southern Command, Says Border Security an “Existential” Threat to the U.S. Main Stream Media Ignores Him by Thomas Martel

  11. For Obama and the Church Hierarchy, It’s All Going According to Plan by Donald A. Collins

  12. The Left’s Dark Money Managers: Meet Philip Gara LaMarche by Michelle Malkin

  13. Carr vs. Alexander: Win Or Lose, Immigration Driving Tennessee Senate Primary—And, Increasingly, GOP Politics by James Kirkpatrick

  14. The Day of the Hawk: Would The U.S. Really Benefit From Breaking With Russia? by Patrick J. Buchanan


  1. Joe Carr Attacked By George Flinn In TN Race; Lamar Alexander Laughing by James Kirkpatrick

  2. Back to School Countdown: 30,000 Non-English-Speaking Alien Kids Are Redistributed around America by Brenda Walker

  3. “Obama Will Take Care Of Us” Say Illegal Border Crossers. Probably True. by Allan Wall

  4. THINK PROGRESS Prints Parody About Michele Bachmann As Fact by James Kirkpatrick

  5. Waco, Ruby Ridge Replay Averted In Murrieta: Agents Refused Unlawful Orders To Violate Rights Of Peaceful Protestors by Federale

  6. Salon.com, The Chamber Of Commerce, And VDARE.com– by James Fulford

  7. “Shouldn’t We Also Finance The Journey For Any Migrant Who Wants To Come Here?” You Do–It’s Called “Refugee Resettlement” by James Fulford

  8. Bottom 75% of Population Poorer Than in 2003 by Steve Sailer

  9. Boston: Hundreds Rally to Stop the Invasion by Brenda Walker

  10. Republicans Fight to Protect Military Bases–How About Protecting the Whole Country? by Allan Wall

  11. Stockman Says Obama “Begging To Be Impeached” by James Kirkpatrick

  12. Mark Steyn Channels Sam Francis–Without Naming Him by James Kirkpatrick

  13. White House: Triggering Impeachment Measure Of Good Border Policy. Terrified GOP Congresscritters Hiss by Patrick Cleburne

  14. Lynn Massachusetts Mayor Is Accosted by Alien Advocate by Brenda Walker

  15. Radio Derb Is On The Air: Ministering For Dollars, Etc. by John Derbyshire

  16. Benjamin Whorf, George Orwell, and George Zimmerman: Who Controls The Vocabulary Of Race? by Steve Sailer

  17. Is “Jewish Guilt” Wikipedia’s Shortest Entry? by Steve Sailer

  18. Numbers of African Boat People Soar by Brenda Walker

  19. Derb On The Wireless: Alan Colmes’ Radio Show Around 7 PM by John Derbyshire

  20. Rasmussen Poll: Obama Rated Poorly on National Security by Brenda Walker

  21. Obama Rhetoric v. Obama Policy On “Acting White” by Steve Sailer

  22. Do Latin “Children” Ever Lie About Their Ages? Evidence from Baseball by Steve Sailer

  23. Not Clear on the Concept Of Border Control: Obama Admin To “Vet” Prospective Illegals In Honduras by Steve Sailer

  24. The Three Billion: The World Is Full Of People Even POORER Than Central Americans by Steve Sailer

  25. How Other Nations Deal with Floods of Illegal Aliens by Brenda Walker

  26. REDSTATE Represses Daniel Horowitz: Too Effective Against Amnesty And GOP/AdelZuck Establishment? by Patrick Cleburne

  27. Church/Communist Alliance at Work in Lansing, Michigan by James Kirkpatrick

  28. More On Central American Child Endangerment : Freight Trains, Gangs, And Rafts by James Fulford

  29. Jason Malloy’s Evolving Epic on National Average IQs by Steve Sailer

  30. California Democratic Leaders: Still Palely After All These Years by Steve Sailer

  31. Immigration Court Amnesty Confirmed: Time To Impeach Michael P. Baird by Federale

  32. Why Do Swedes Stink at Math? by Steve Sailer

  33. NYT: “Why Do Americans Stink at Math?” by Steve Sailer

  34. Plagiarism: Mentionable And Unmentionable by Eugene Gant

  35. “Child ” Refugees Are Actually 90 Percent Teenagers by James Kirkpatrick

  36. Obama Uses Discretion He DOESN’T Have For Amnesty, Refusing To Use Discretion He DOES Have To Deport Border Surge Teens by James Fulford

  37. Germany Wins World Cup, a Controversial Call, and Favorite Sports of the World by Allan Wall

  38. Catholic Charities Is Expanding Its Taxpayer-Funded Illegal Alien Services by Brenda Walker

  39. Will The National Guard On The Border Have Loaded Weapons, Or Is Rick Perry Putting Them Unarmed In Harms Way?s by James Fulford

  40. Old Left Webzine TRUTHOUT Fluently Denounces Sheldon Adelson’s Corruption: Overlooks His Liberalism by Patrick Cleburne

  41. Luis “Our People” Gutierrez joins Eric “My People” Holder in hatred for historic American nation by James Kirkpatrick

  42. Pervert Gynecologist Nikita Levy Turns Out To Have Been A Black Jamaican Immigrant by James Fulford

  43. Roger Cohen in NYT Calls for World War 3 Against Russia by Steve Sailer

  44. Boston Marathon Accomplice Found Guilty by Brenda Walker

  45. Stuvesant High School May Not Survive DeBlasio’s New York by James Fulford

  46. “Most French Protester” by James Fulford

  47. Perry To Send National Guard To Border… But To What End? by James Kirkpatrick

  48. More On The International Math Olympiad Results–By Race And Sex by John Derbyshire

  49. Obama Hosts Ramadan Dinner Propaganda Fest by Brenda Walker

  50. Britain Is Losing Freedom of Speech from Islamic Diversity by Brenda Walker