08/19/14 VDARE.com 8/18/14 Bulletin (89 Items): The Answer To Race Riots Is Ruthless Coercion Etc.!

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The Answer To Race Riots Is Ruthless Coercion, by Peter Brimelow. What The Appalling Luis Gutierrez (LA RAZA-IL) Tells Us About Treason and American Identity, by James Kirkpatrick. (89 items!)


Featured Articles

  1. Rand Paul’s Pandering On Ferguson Foolish—And Unlibertarian by Alexander Hart

  2. The Answer To Race Riots Is Ruthless Coercion. What Is America Waiting For? by Peter Brimelow

  3. Ferguson, Missouri: Another “Al Sharpton Is Right” Moment for National Review? by Peter Bradley

  4. History Repeats in Ferguson as MSM Covers for Rioters by Boss Aktuba

  5. Let Congress Vote on Iraq War III by Patrick J. Buchanan

  6. Meet the Cops Who Gave Their Lives by Michelle Malkin

  7. Ann Coulter: Let He Who Is Without Ebola Cast The First Stone by Ann Coulter

  8. What The Appalling Luis Gutierrez (LA RAZA-IL) Tells Us About Treason and American Identity by James Kirkpatrick

  9. New Jersey Conquistador-American/ Embezzler Jorge Rod Welcomes Unaccompanied Minor Compañeros/ Future Voters by Thomas Meehan

  10. The K Street President And His Lobbyist Staff by Michelle Malkin

  11. Obama’s Immigration “Judges” Plan Their Own Administrative Amnesty by Federale

  12. ISIS And Iraq: Let Middle Easterners Take The Lead In Fighting This Newest Middle East War by Patrick J. Buchanan


  1. Leftist caricature Jordan Sargent triggered by white woman stopping black crime by James Kirkpatrick

  2. “Militarization of Police” Not the Issue—Racial Difference Is by Anonymous Attorney

  3. Republicans Focus On Immigration’s Impact On Wages And Jobs by James Kirkpatrick

  4. Please Don’t Pogrom Us! Pleads Shop Ripped Off by Michael Brown by Steve Sailer

  5. Update On The Michael Brown Shooting: Shot In The Front, Not The Back by James Fulford

  6. Happy Birthday, Virginia Dare! The 427th Anniversary Of The Historical American Nation by James Fulford

  7. North Carolina Sheriff on Trial for Enforcing Immigration Law by Brenda Walker

  8. Governor Nixon, Reverend Bacon Defend Public’s Right Not to Know by Steve Sailer

  9. To Prevent Poverty, Parents Should Marry and Support Their Children by Linda Thom

  10. Iranian-American Immigration Judge Ashley Tabaddor In Hot Water Ordered To Recuse Herself On Iranian Cases, Files “Civil Rights” Beef by Federale

  11. The Ebola Amnesty by Federale

  12. Evidence Of Self-Defence: One Black Witness Says Brown Was Charging Wilson by James Fulford

  13. 3rd Ferguson Autopsy: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again by Steve Sailer

  14. Should Eric Holder be Indicted for Ferguson Cover-Up? by Steve Sailer

  15. Liberals Never Notice They’ve Been Running America Racially Since 1964 by Steve Sailer

  16. Diverse Alien Kids May Be Dumped on Long Island by Brenda Walker

  17. HUFFINGTON POST Reporter Mistakes Earplugs For “Rubber Bullets” by James Kirkpatrick

  18. Ferguson Is a Story of the Section 8 Era by Steve Sailer

  19. The Ferguson Store Owner and “Radical Chic” by Steve Sailer

  20. White Flight Is Evil, But So Are Whites Not Fleeing by Steve Sailer

  21. NEW YORK MAGAZINE’s Ferguson Photo Hoax: “The Most Important Photo from Ferguson” was Cropped; Look at What was Cut! by Nicholas Stix

  22. Rich Lowry Spinning Furiously–NOW He And NR Want Ferguson PD To Enforce The Law by Federale

  23. Obama DoJ Angry That Store Video Undermines Their Megaphone’s Narrative–There Were “Never Any Plans” By Feds To Release Video by Steve Sailer

  24. Mexico Kidnappers Downsize Their Targets by Brenda Walker

  25. Are 30,000 MORE Illegal Alien Kids about to Be Dumped into Local Schools? by Brenda Walker

  26. Michael Brown, Bully by Steve Sailer

  27. Media Trying to Spin Ferguson Fiasco by Steve Sailer

  28. How Many Media Manias Over White Racism Have Turned Out to be Fiascos? by Steve Sailer

  29. Ferguson Fiasco: It’s an Election Year … by Steve Sailer

  30. How Mass Immigration Destroys Societies, In Miniature–The “Minors” Are Coming To Your School by James Kirkpatrick

  31. Ravenel Certified For S.C. Senate Race. “F” On Immigration But Unique On Israel by Patrick Cleburne

  32. Ferguson, MO: Michael Brown Had Just Robbed a Convenience Store and Assaulted the Clerk, When He Tried to Murder the Policeman Who Stopped Him; See Pics from CCTV/ Police Report! by Nicholas Stix

  33. Administrative Amnesty And Impeachment–Peter Brimelow On The Bill Martinez Show (Audio) by James Fulford

  34. Ever-Greater Sophistication Among Commenters At NATIONAL REVIEW Online by Paul Nachman

  35. Julian Castro Being There for Hillary Clinton by Steve Sailer

  36. Texas Supplying Its Own Border Patrol, Better Armed Than The USBP by Federale

  37. How College Financial Aid Really Works by Steve Sailer

  38. 3 Out Of 4 Of Michelle Malkin’s Examples Of Murdered Police Were Killed By Young Black Men by James Fulford

  39. NR’s Immigration Middle Ground: Between Mexicans And Americans by James Fulford

  40. Chinese Kids Are Coming to America for High School by Brenda Walker

  41. The Big Squeeze: The Decline of America’s California Dream by Steve Sailer

  42. August Recess Town Hall Map From NumbersUSA by James Fulford

  43. More Refusal To Think From The Intellectuals Of Reform Conservatism by James Kirkpatrick

  44. Denial And Statistics by James Fulford

  45. Immigrant Mass Murder By Vehicle: Illegal Alien Juan Garcia Ahuezoteco Kills Five by Nicholas Stix

  46. From John Adams To Alberto Gonzales: “We Are A Nation Of Laws, But Also Of Immigrants” by Steve Sailer

  47. How Many Americans Grasp Mexican Ideologies? by Steve Sailer

  48. Carlos Slim: A Nonwhite Hispanic Middle Eastern-North African Speaks Truth to White Power on Immigration by Steve Sailer

  49. Pierre Ryckmans, RIP by John Derbyshire

  50. The Flight from White, Cont: Americans Of “Middle Eastern, North African Descent” Want To Be Official Minorities by Steve Sailer

  51. It’s Denial of Disease:The “Myth” of the Diseased Immigrant by James Fulford

  52. Demography Is Destiny In Ferguson, Missouri by Linda Thom

  53. Minority Occupation Government, Lobbyist/White House Division by James Fulford

  54. A Non-Story From Ferguson, Missouri–Woman Shot In Driveby By “Four To Five Black Males” by Linda Thom

  55. Press Still Outraged Whites Can Vote Against Immigration by James Kirkpatrick

  56. NYT: NY Times Is Not “The News Media”–And There’s Little Demand For Stories About Cops Shooting White Teens by Steve Sailer

  57. Hotel Robot Butler Automates Room Service Delivery by Brenda Walker

  58. America’s Largest Reservoir Is at Its Lowest Level Ever by Brenda Walker

  59. Islam: Headchopping for Beginners by Brenda Walker

  60. U.S. Border Patrol: Concerned About OTMs Right From The Start by Paul Nachman

  61. The Atrocious Thuggification of Country Music by Anonymous Attorney

  62. “Remittances Fuel Illegal Immigration” – Except In Israel by Patrick Cleburne

  63. Newsbusters, Knockout Games And Noticing–Young Black Man Commits Knockout Attack On 72 Year-Old White Man by James Fulford

  64. Kaus: No Actual Politician Is Going To Be Reassured By Lamar! by Peter Brimelow

  65. Suckers! Lamar Alexander Embraces Amnesty Again by James Kirkpatrick

  66. Gasoline Lead Pollution Hurt Whites Worse Than Blacks by Steve Sailer

  67. Geneticists Denounce Nicholas Wade’s “Speculative” Chapters as “Speculation” by Steve Sailer

  68. James O’Keefe/Osama Bin Laden Crosses Southern Border by James Kirkpatrick

  69. Meet Jeff Sessions, AMERICANS’ Senator by Paul Nachman

  70. Do Whites Accused of Killing Blacks Get Fair Trials? by Anonymous Attorney

  71. Looting In St. Louis–Underlying Causes by James Fulford

  72. While Debunking Racist Crime Fears, News Crew Gets Burglarized by Steve Sailer