08/12/14 VDARE.com 8/11 Bulletin (68 Items): Of course there\’s a War on Whites, GOP\’s Priebus Just Enlisted With Cultural Marxists. Etc.!

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Of course there’s a War on Whites, RNC Chairthing Reince Priebus just enlisted with Democrats. Paul Gottfried on yet another Conservatism Inc


Featured Articles

  1. Memo From Middle America | Refugee Industry Profiteering So Gross Even TIME Magazine Has Noticed by Allan Wall

  2. When Will Intercollegiate Studies Institute Disassociate Itself From Notorious Racist Russell Kirk? by Paul Gottfried

  3. RNC’s Reince Priebus Enlists In Democrats’ War on Whites by James Kirkpatrick

  4. War On Whites? This Iowa Veteran Survived World War II–Only To Be Murdered By An African “Refugee” Imported By His Government by Nicholas Stix

  5. Elites And A “Welcome End to American Whiteness”–Who Owns the Future? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  6. Readin’, Writin’ and Social Justice Agitatin’ by Michelle Malkin

  7. Unnoticed, Immigration Patriot Democrats Have Gone Extinct by Washington Watcher

  8. Ebola Doc’s Condition Downgraded To ‘Idiotic’–Can’t Anyone Serve Christ In America Anymore? by Ann Coulter

  9. Immigration’s Human Dirty Bomb—A Weapon of Mass Diversity by Thomas Martel

  10. Border Patrol Agent’s Murder in Rio Grande Valley: ‘This Is Coming to a Town Near You’ by Michelle Malkin

  11. Memo From Middle America | California’s Jerry Brown Visits Mexico–To Speed Up Reconquista by Allan Wall

  12. Nixon—Before Watergate by Patrick J. Buchanan


  1. by Paul Nachman

  2. Do Whites Accused of Killing Blacks Get Fair Trials? by Anonymous Attorney

  3. Looting In St. Louis–Underlying Causes by James Fulford

  4. While Debunking Racist Crime Fears, News Crew Gets Burglarized by Steve Sailer

  5. Remittances Fuel Illegal Immigration by Brenda Walker

  6. Thoughts On Obama’s Upcoming Amnesty by Steve Sailer

  7. Free Speech Sacrificed To Diversity in Australia by James Kirkpatrick

  8. “Billionaires for Open Borders” in Latest Social Contract Journal by Allan Wall

  9. The Answer! For “Online Gambling” Read “Amnesty/Immigration Surge” by Patrick Cleburne

  10. by James Fulford

  11. Sacramento: Update On Cabbies Who Can’t Speak English by Brenda Walker

  12. Jindal Pulls a Perry–Talking Tough On Enforcement, After Calling For Amnesty by James Kirkpatrick

  13. California Releases Thousands of ‘Lifers’ from Prison by Brenda Walker

  14. Carr Easily Wins the Votes Per Dollar Competition in TN Senate Primary by James Kirkpatrick

  15. Another Fine Horowitz Immigration Piece – REDSTATE Neglects Issue For Middle East Obsession by Patrick Cleburne

  16. South Texas Rancher Says Numbers of Illegals Are ‘Overwhelming’ on His Land by Brenda Walker

  17. Newt Gingrich Warns about Brutal ISIS Islam by Brenda Walker

  18. WaPo’s Charles Lane Says Administrative Amnesty Is Coming. So Is Impeachment! (You Heard It First On VDARE.com) by Peter Brimelow

  19. Gladwell At His Gladwelliest: Black Crime Today Is Just Like The Old Italian Mafia by Steve Sailer

  20. TNR: “The Economic Recovery, Not Gang Violence, Caused the Border Crisis” by Steve Sailer

  21. Rasmussen Poll: 60 Percent of Voters Believe States Can Enforce Border if Feds Are Inadequate by Brenda Walker

  22. Reuters/Ipsos Poll: 70 Percent of Americans Believe Illegal Immigration Threatens Traditional Culture by Brenda Walker

  23. Lamar! Survives (For Now) By Lying About His Position On Immigration by James Kirkpatrick

  24. Milbank: White Americans Have Tired Blood by Steve Sailer

  25. The Great Nine West Shoe Ad Crisis of 2014 by Steve Sailer

  26. Middle East Jihadist Plans New York City Do-Over by Brenda Walker

  27. ICE SVU Raids A Flea Market by Federale

  28. Immigration and the End of the (One Way) Western Alliance With Israel by James Kirkpatrick

  29. My Letter To Reason, 1996 by Peter Brimelow

  30. Cotton Uses “Brat Playbook” In Arkansas, GOP Consultants Getting Message? by Peter Brimelow

  31. REDSTATE Posts Substantial Administrative Amnesty Essay!!! Reader Asks Key Question by Patrick Cleburne

  32. Rand Paul Claims He Scuttled Away From Illegals To Do Media Interview–But Who With? by James Fulford

  33. Australia Solves Its Illegal Alien Problem by Allan Wall

  34. by James Fulford

  35. “Get on Up:” James Brown Biopic Fun, But May Need Subtitles by Steve Sailer

  36. Rand Paul Defined By Retreat — Now on Foreign Aid by James Kirkpatrick

  37. Sudanese and Eritrean Africans Riot in Calais, France by Brenda Walker

  38. Quantifying Alliterative Metaphors: “War on Whites” v. “War on Women” by Steve Sailer

  39. Feminism Is Organized Not Getting the Joke by Steve Sailer

  40. Updated NumbersUSA Map Of “Child” Relocations–Your Local Hispanic Juvenile Population May Be About To Spike by James Fulford

  41. Rand Paul Runs Away From DREAMer; Steve King Speaks Truth To Power by James Fulford

  42. What Does Mexico Do With Illegal Child Migrants? It Deports Them by Allan Wall

  43. Marion Barry Blames “Low Blood Sugar” For Car Crash by Eugene Gant

  44. The Most Interesting Man in the World–Carlos Slim by Steve Sailer

  45. Hitch Discovered in Dems’ Elect-a-New-People Strategy: White Voters Still Allowed to Vote by Steve Sailer

  46. The Wrath of Grapes: Californians Head to Oklahoma by Steve Sailer

  47. Real Soon Now, Immigration Will Stop Equaling Plutocracy in Practice by Steve Sailer

  48. Does HUFFINGTON POST Immigration Reporter Elise Foley Hate American Children? by James Kirkpatrick

  49. Traumatized Victims Of Jamaican Perverted Gynecologist “Refused To See Male OB-GYNs”–Suppose They Refused To See JAMAICAN MDs? by James Fulford

  50. Mo Brooks: Democrats Waging A “War On Whites”–Righteous Right “No. No. No” by James Fulford

  51. IT’s Denial of Disease:The “Myth” of the Diseased Immigrant by James Fulford

  52. WaPo’s Greg Sargent Angry With Republican Immigration Patriots by James Fulford

  53. California: Mulling The Freelance Class In A Bleak Job Market by Brenda Walker