04/28/12 That “Immigration Ending” MSM Meme; Color of School Suspensions

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Peter Brimelow writes:  I can`t stand keeping VDARE.com closed anymore, so we`re opening the site. But please help us reach our $25,000 goal so we don`t have to close again.

Yesterday, we got this note from a serving soldier, along with a $100 donation.

It`s a damn shame when I have to donate to support the only site that tells so much truth. Where are the White Knights? I am a soldier, I am not rich, I should be on the border down in Mexico right now. I fear we have a lost cause but we need each other.

I can`t improve on that–except perhaps to note that the Romney campaign apparently expects to raise and spend $800 million this Fall. But it will have fewer ideas than VDARE.com

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Featured Articles


  1. The Fulford File | Pew Declares “Victory” Over Illegal Immigration-Does That Mean Illegals Are Going Home? by James Fulford   
  2. School Suspensions: More Official Baloney by Jared Taylor   
  3. Some History about The Triangulation Of Our Open-Border Immigration Advocates by Donald A. Collins     
  4. The Fulford File | Fire Jonah Goldberg!!!! by James Fulford     
  5. Derbyshire, Weissberg, And Dog-Whistling: Conservatism Inc`s Uneasy Balancing Act by James Kirkpatrick     
  6. Memo From Middle America | Titanic Centennial – The Immigration Dimension by Allan Wall     
  7. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo





  1.  Wait … Wait … Don`t Tell Me! (“Disparities In Gun Violence”) by Steve Sailer
  2. The “Girls” Whiteness Crisis Mounts by Steve Sailer
  3. Foreign Spies Infiltrate Our Universities by Rob Sanchez
  4. Mexico`s President Calderon Visits the U.S. Again by Allan Wall
  5. Polls Show Continuing American Approval of Arizona`s Immigration Enforcement Law, despite Media Campaign of Lies by Brenda Walker
  6. Philadelphia: Burqa Bandit Remains at Large by James Fulford
  7. The Secret History of the 1990s by Steve Sailer
  8. J. Alfred Prufrock Never Had It So Good by Steve Sailer
  9. Arizona Immigration Enforcement Is Debated on C-SPAN by Brenda Walker
  10. Accused Illegal Alien Killer of Jamiel Shaw Goes to Trial by Brenda Walker
  11. Congressman Ted Poe: Send Convicted Foreign Criminals Home by Brenda Walker   
  12. Democrats And White Men by Steve Sailer   
  13. Secret Service Agents Not Going Quietly Into The Night by Federale   
  14. Guess Who Has Been Reading My Blog? by Federale   
  15. Obama Regime Continues To Lie To The Supreme Court by Federale   
  16. Latest on “Girls” diversity crisis by Steve Sailer   
  17. Why The Most Hated Man In America Looks A Little Like Obama by Steve Sailer   
  18. Arizona Economy Booming Without Illegal Aliens by Federale   
  19. More ICE Fail-“Farm Rehired Illegal Immigrants” by Federale   
  20. No Stereowiping Possible by Steve Sailer   
  21. Tiger Woods and George Zimmerman by Steve Sailer   
  22. Lesley Arfin: The Witch Hunt For The Young Female John Derbyshire by Steve Sailer   
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  25. Monopoly Is More Fun Than Competition by Steve Sailer   
  26. Biggest Indian Job Shop Under Investigation, Again by Federale   
  27. The Déformation Professionnelle Of Jewish Organizations On Immigration by Steve Sailer   
  28. California: Diverse Populations Are Aging and Need Services by Brenda Walker   
  29. Muslim Gang Sentenced for Raping Children to Celebrate Eid by Brenda Walker   
  30. The Rules Don`t Apply In NYC by Steve Sailer   
  31. Talk Left On Zimmerman Bail Hearing by Steve Sailer   
  32. Stay Unmassive, Allyson by Steve Sailer   
  33. Diversity against Women (Britain): 100,000 Girls Physically Mutilated by FGM by Brenda Walker   
  34. France Election: Will Muslim Voters Elect the Socialist? by Brenda Walker   
  35. Nobody Knows Nuthin` by Steve Sailer   
  36. Stereowiping and the Zimmerman Teletravesty by Steve Sailer   
  37. Hugh Hewitt Channels Pontius Pilate by Federale   
  38. Case Against Secret Service Agents Falling Apart by Federale   
  39. The Ted Nugent Threat & other stuff I`m not going to read about by Steve Sailer   
  40. Daily Mail: “Why has children`s party restaurant Chuck E. Cheese become a hot spot for grown up brawling?” by Steve Sailer   
  41. How Good Is The Best Woman At Golf? by Steve Sailer   
  42. Unz: Chinese Scandals v. American Incidents by Steve Sailer   
  43. The Best Statement On The Upcoming Lynching Of George Zimmerman by Federale   
  44. Pitcher Jamie Moyer Wins At 49 by Steve Sailer   
  45. Can You Raise Your IQ Thru Mental Exercise? by Steve Sailer   
  46. The Forgotten Minority by Steve Sailer   
  47. Is There Anything Left To Say About Racial Profiling? by Steve Sailer   
  48. GOP Hispanderfest Breaks Out – To Appease Whom? by Patrick Cleburne   
  49. Another Twist On Naked Officials, Anti-Americanism, And Immigration by Federale   
  50. Mitt Concerned about Latino Vote, Supports “Republican Dream Act” by Allan Wall   
  51. Imam`s Fatwa to Muslims: Leave France by Brenda Walker   
  52. Rasmussen Poll: 73 Percent of Voters Say Requiring Photo ID in Elections Is Not Discriminatory by Brenda Walker   
  53. A George Zimmerman Neighborhood Watch Could Have Saved Anne Pressly by Patrick Cleburne   
  54. Obama Regime War On Whites Continues by Federale   
  55. Plan B For Spinning The George Zimmerman Prosecution by Federale   
  56. The Demand for Black Rage by Steve Sailer   
  57. Why Zimmerman Is Doomed: Black Jurors by Patrick Cleburne   
  58. Obama Promises Amnesty Again, This Time from Colombia by Brenda Walker   
  59. California Governor Salutes Illegal Aliens as Economically Valuable by Brenda Walker   
  60. Will Bears Cause Vermont`s Governor Shumlin To See Light On Immigration? by Patrick Cleburne   
  61. MCAT changes: More NAMS or fewer Tiger Cubs? by Steve Sailer   
  62. Derbyshire Atrocity: Why Has Drudge Report Dodged? by Patrick Cleburne   
  63. NRO Girlieman Channels Andrey Vyshinsky by Federale   
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  66. The Triumph of Reverend Bacon by Steve Sailer   
  67. Sweden`s Crackdown on Home Schooling Causes Parents to Flee by Brenda Walker   
  68. Dynasticism: Fading or Growing? by Steve Sailer   
  69. Here`s Why We Have 11 Million Illegal Aliens by Federale   
  70. Dershowitz: Zimmerman Arrest “Irresponsible And Unethical”/NRO`s Maggie Gallagher:”Arrest George Zimmerman” by Federale   
  71. Slow Walking The Onyango Obama Non-Deportation by Federale   
  72. Python Parents by Steve Sailer   
  73. Leftists Want the Lowry Treatment for Robert Spencer and Other Anti-Sharia Freedom Fighters by Brenda Walker   
  74. Trayvon`s Mom Calls It “An Accident” by Steve Sailer   
  75. Derbyshire Talks Back by Steve Sailer   
  76. SAT Scores & Race: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know by Steve Sailer   
  77. Liberalism As Leapfrogging Loyalties by Steve Sailer   
  78. 2nd Degree Murder Requires “Depraved Mind” by Steve Sailer   
  79. Nine Invasive Mexicans Killed in Texas Crash by Brenda Walker   
  80. NYT: Toulouse Anti-Semitic Murders Really Are Fault Of “Exclusionists” After All by Steve Sailer   
  81. Florida Prosecutor Not Reassuring … by Steve Sailer   
  82. Does Constitution`s Double Jeopardy Ban Protect Zimmerman? by Steve Sailer   
  83. Martin-Zimmerman Announcement by Steve Sailer   
  84. Tuareg Revolt in Mali by Steve Sailer   
  85. George Lucas To Show Marin Dark Side Of The Force by Steve Sailer   
  86. Haidt, Derbyshire, and Hate by Steve Sailer   
  87. Cochran`s New Theory Of IQ Genetics by Steve Sailer   
  88. How To Survive The Titanic by Steve Sailer   
  89. For Me, Not For Thee by Steve Sailer   
  90. Illegal Alien Kicked Off One Welfare Program by Federale   
  91. Hhhmmm, No Grand Jury In Zimmerman Case by Federale   
  92. Burqa Diversity in Bank Robbing by Brenda Walker   
  93. Thinking Like A Somali About Ethnicity by Steve Sailer   
  94. “Mirror Mirror” by Steve Sailer   
  95. Potential Veep Kobach Gets Stunning Tribute From $PLC`s Mark Potok:”Wherever Kris Kobach Goes, Sorrows And Trouble Follow.” by James Fulford   
  96. Derbyshire Aftermath: Will PC Lynch Mob`s Next Target Be Peter Brimelow? by Patrick Cleburne   
  97. Foreign Lawbreakers Get Top Healthcare, ICE Brags by Brenda Walker   
  98. Sharia Law and Order: a TV View of Future Islo-Diversity by Brenda Walker   
  99. On the Totemic Status of NATIONAL REVIEW: Like The DAILY WORKER For Republicans by Paul Gottfried   
  100. Shifting Sands Of Trayvon Case: Now, It`s Not About Race by Steve Sailer   
  101. The NBC Editing “Error” by Steve Sailer   
  102. Giving Money To John Derbyshire, And Why by Peter Brimelow   
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  104. Press Frets over Kiddies of Deported Parents by Brenda Walker   
  105. Talking About The Talk by Steve Sailer   
  106. Rich Lowry fires John Derbyshire by Steve Sailer   
  107. Mitt & Bibi: An Unpromising Accident of Biography by Steve Sailer   
  108. Susan Sontag`s Fame: Why? by Steve Sailer   
  109. “Take A Snapshot Of The Bleeding Mess”–Left MSM Flashmob Against John Derbyshire? by Peter Brimelow   
  110. More Defenses Of John Derbyshire – But Not On Google News by Patrick Cleburne




  1. A Reader Reports O`Reilly Encouraging Rove and Romney In Hispandering  Competition 
  2. A Midwest Reader Applauds James Kirkpatrick  
  3. A Reader Says Dick Morris Is (Implicitly) Endorsing The Sailer Strategy!   
  4. A Washington State Reader Says Obama Will Regret Any “Administrative” Moves Towards Gun Control


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  1. “Crucify Them”: The Obama Way by Michelle Malkin     
  2. The Real GSA Scandal: Job-Killing Big Labor Payoffs by Michelle Malkin     
  3. Real Moms of the GOP vs. White House SOP by Michelle Malkin    
  4. Conservative Consumers: Stand Your Ground, by Michelle Malking   
  5. Trials Without Crimes Or Evidence by Paul Craig Roberts     
  6. How Liberty Was Lost by Paul Craig Roberts  
  7. Unplugging Americans From The Matrix by Paul Craig Roberts      
  8.  Washington Leads World Into Lawlessness by Paul Craig Roberts  
  9. What Is ObamaCare? by Paul Craig Roberts   
  10. Marco Rubio: Tomorrow`s Man or Yesterday`s?, by Patrick J Buchanan   
  11. Bibi`s Dilemma-and Barack`s by Patrick J. Buchanan     
  12. Something Rotten in the State by Patrick J. Buchanan  
  13. The Outing of Deep Throat by Patrick J. Buchanan   

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