06/27/12 SCOTUS on 1070: A Victory-If Patriots Can Make It One

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A bad speech from Romney on immigration, and another lawless move by Obama attempts to nullify a relatively hopeful Supreme Court decision

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  57. Wonders Of Competition: TWO Bills To Block Obama`s Youth Amnesty by Patrick Cleburne      
  58. Chicago Tribune Disinformation Campaign: Daily Runs Story on 25 Saturday Night Chicago Shootings, NONE of Which was Committed by a White…by Nicholas Stix      
  59. No First Amendment for You, Whitey: Miami-Dade Fire Captain Who Criticized Trayvon Martin Hoax is Busted All the Way Down to Fireman,by Nicholas Stix      
  60. Derb Response to Jared Taylor by John Derbyshire      
  61. Houston Illegals “Bombard” Immigration Lawyers by Brenda Walker      
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  81. “Moonrise Kingdom”by Steve Sailer


  1. A North Carolina Student Writes To Ask About VDARE.com`s “Warped View Of The History Of Colonialism And Slavery”   
  2. A Pennsylvania Reader Is So Enraged With Romney`s Obamnesty Cowardice That He`ll Stay Home On Election Day      
  3. A Reader Says That if You Think Romney`s Amnesty Assent Is Bad, His Plans For Legal Immigration Are Worse      
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  6. A California Reader Says It Would Be Better To Reelect Obama And Impeach Him Than To Elect A Treacherous Romney         
  7. A Louisiana Reader Says That Romney Could Have Stopped The Obamnesty By Promising To Repeal It-Illegals Would Be Afraid To Come Forward       
  8. An Indian Reader Says That, While Blue Collar Workers Are Already Worried About Obamnesty, White Collar Workers Are Next–Just Ask Alan Greenspan!        
  9. A Southern California Reader Shares Our Reaction To Romney`s Wimpout On Obama`s Amnesty 



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  1.  Has the Day of the Islamist Arrived? by Patrick J. Buchanan
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