10/16/12 Romney`s Real Problem: Weak White Share

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Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

We continue our struggle against MSM disinformation about the white (formerly known as American) vote–bashing Boston Globe Editrix Renee Loth here, reporting the reason immigration enthusiast Connie Mack is doing poorly in FL here. Etc etc.

Featured Articles


  1. “Anti-Model Minority” Leftists Inventing An Anti-White Pan-Asian Identity by Nicholas Stix
  2. The Fulford File | White Share Update: BOSTON GLOBE`s Renee Loth Wrong On “The GOP`s Demographics Problem”-Romney COULD Win With The White Vote, He Just Hasn`t Tried by James Fulford
  3. There`s No American Foreign Policy Because There`s No America by James Kirkpatrick
  4. Hispanics Are Hopeless-Time For Romney To Consult Kris Kobach by Washington Watcher
  5. Elections Should Belong To The People by Chuck Baldwin
  6. Rushton`s Legacy Versus Modern “Skeptics”-Skeptical About Everything But IQ Denialism by Cornelius J. Troost
  7. Univision Exposé Of “Fast And Furious” Won`t Cause Obama To Lose The Hispanic Vote-And We Shouldn`t Want It To by Allan Wall
  8. Phil Rushton`s Credo And The New Dark Age by Spencer Davenport
  9. Is a Nuclear Deal With Iran Possible? by Patrick J. Buchanan


  1. Romney, Obama Tied; White Share Stalled At 58%; The Moral Of Mack In FL by Peter Brimelow
  2. Affirmative Action Brain Puzzlers by Steve Sailer
  3. “Sexual Selection, Conspicuous Consumption and Economic Growth” by Steve Sailer
  4. Israel Also Has Judicial Activism and Illegal Alien Protest, But At Least Its Government Is Determined To Deport by Allan Wall
  5. This Weekend`s Radio Derb: Biden v. Ryan, Etc. by John Derbyshire
  6. Brought Up on Charges for Working While White Detroit: Racist Black EMS Chief Jerald James Tries to Get White EMT Paramedic Jeff Gaglio Fired For Gift Of Blanket by Nicholas Stix
  7. Kennewick Man Unveiled! (Partially) by Brenda Walker
  8. Romney`s White Share Still Only 56-58%–Worse (50%-52%) In Ohio by Peter Brimelow

  9. Mexican Carlos Slim, World`s Richest Man, Cashing in on “Obamaphones” by Allan Wall
  10. Russian Reporter Visits Muslim Paris; Chaos and Danger Ensue by Brenda Walker
  11. Judge Richard Posner On IQ By Race And How To Rate Teachers by Steve Sailer
  12. Sherman and Berman Get Physical over Amnesty Cred by Brenda Walker
  13. Awardable Housing news: “Petition Calls for `Shulamith Firestone Memorial Apartment` for Low-Income Feminists” by Steve Sailer
  14. As Immigration Becomes More Of A Sacred Civil Right For Foreigners, Free Speech Becomes Less Of A One For Americans by Steve Sailer
  15. Carter-Era Military Test Misnorming, And The Resulting Interracial Rape, And Murder-1979 by James Fulford
  16. Satoshi Kanazawa: “Modern-Day Galileo: J. Philippe Rushton (1943-2012)” by James Fulford
  17. Reagan`s Hidden Historical Advantage Over Carter: The Military Enlistment Exam Misnorming Fiasco Of 1976-80 by Steve Sailer
  18. It`s Always 1980 For The Republicans by Steve Sailer
  19. Florida Sets Different Academic Goals For Different Racial Groups by Allan Wall

  20. Report: Unlicensed Drivers Make Los Angeles Roads More Dangerous by Brenda Walker

  21. More Catch And Release-This Time Of Pedicab Operators Violating Their Student Visas by Federale
  22. Chinese Government, Worried About Quality As Well As Quantity Of Population, Advises Smart Women Not To Waste Their Attractive Years; American Feminists Outraged by Steve Sailer

  23. Concentrated Immigration Folly by John Derbyshire

  24. Romney`s Lead Narrows, White Share Down To 55-56%–Only 50% (!) In Michigan by Peter Brimelow
  25. Another Victim of the Word Gap by Steve Sailer

  26. “How Deep Are the Roots of Economic Development?” by Steve Sailer

  27. Romney Keeps Narrow Lead, Mediocre White Share–But Only 45%(!) in CA by Peter Brimelow

  28. Advice For Economists Contemplating Incorporating Genetic Information In Their Theories by Steve Sailer

  29. What The Fisher Affirmative Action Case Is Actually About by Steve Sailer

  30. Oral Arguments In FISHER: Justice Sotomayor Takes This Skinny White Girl`s Complaint Very Personally by Steve Sailer
  31. Taliban`s Attempted Murder of Education-Reformer Girl Gets Mainstream Attention by Brenda Walker

  32. Mega Mosque Rises over Cologne by Brenda Walker

  33. More High Comedy At The High Court–Sailer On The FISHER Oral Arguments by Steve Sailer

  34. Let`s Invent Some New Quotas by Steve Sailer
  35. The Latest Car Crash In Trendy Economics: “The Out Of Africa Hypothesis, Human Genetic Diversity, And Comparative Economic Development” By Quamrul Ashraf And Oded Galor by Steve Sailer
  36. Those Who Can See, The U.S.S.R., And The Ominous Parallels by John Derbyshire
  37. True Diversity by Steve Sailer

  38. Down The Affirmative Action Rabbit Hole At The Supreme Court by Steve Sailer
  39. The Irony Of “Critical Mass” In The Pursuit Of Academic Diversity by Steve Sailer
  40. Univision vs. New York Times on Term “Illegal Immigrant” by Allan Wall
  41. More Polls Show Slight Romney Lead, But White Share Still Stuck in McCain`s 55% Losing Range by Peter Brimelow

  42. Heading Fast In The Wrong Direction On Race by John Derbyshire

  43. How George W. Bush`s Bushlit Economy drove up illegitimacy rates by Steve Sailer
  44. The War Between The Sexes And The GOP: Too Much Fraternizing With The Enemy For There To Be A Final Victory, But Not Enough Formal Allying With The Enemy For A Romney Win? by Steve Sailer
  45. Bryan Caplan`s Exquisite Moral Sensitivities Are All That Stand Between Us And The Horrors Of An America v. Canada War Of Conquest And Enslavement by Steve Sailer
  46. Chairman Gallegly Excoriates ICE and Administration for Release of Scofflaw Jose Antonio Vargas by Brenda Walker

  47. Los Angeles Will Release Deportable Foreign Criminals from Jail into the City by Brenda Walker
  48. Obama Opens Cesar Chavez National Monument by Brenda Walker
  49. ICE SVU Out Of Immigration Enforcement Business-Prefers The Role Of National Vice Squad For America by Federale
  50. Romney Ahead, White Share Up To 58%! (Pew); Tied, Only 56% (Rasmussen) by Peter Brimelow
  51. New NYC Gifted Test Expected To Be Easier For African Americans Because It Emphasizes “Abstract Spatial Thinking And Largely Eliminates Language” by Steve Sailer
  52. “White Girl Bleed A Lot”-New Book on Black Mob Violence Frames No Hypotheses by John Derbyshire
  53. Why Elite College Presidents Love Racial Preferences by Steve Sailer
  54. Which Section Of The Sunday Newspaper Would The Candidates Turn To First? by Steve Sailer
  55. Obama: The Black Hole Of American Comedy (Continued) by Steve Sailer
  56. In TNR, Nicholas Lemann calls Barack Obama “The Cipher” by Steve Sailer
  57. Say Not The Struggle Aught Availeth by John Derbyshire
  58. Romney Lead Evaporates, White Share Down To 55% (Rasmussen); 56% (POLITICO/GWU) by Peter Brimelow
  59. “How Does It Feel To Be A Black Person In Society?” Pretty Good, If You`re A Federal Judge! by James Fulford
  60. J.P. Rushton, R.I.P. by John Derbyshire
  61. The Unmentionable Ethnicity: English-American by Steve Sailer
  62. A Tribute To J.P. Rushton: “Jensen`s Bulldog” by Steve Sailer
  63. Strange New Respect for judge in FDNY case by Steve Sailer
  64. Affirmative Action: Exotic India Turns Out To Be Just Like The U.S. by Steve Sailer
  65. Breaking News! Obama May Not Be Perfect After All by Steve Sailer




  1. A Reader Says That Pandering Will Never Work For The GOP: Dems Will Always Outpander
  2. A Texas Reader Jokingly Suggests A Preemptive Surrender Of The Term “Foreigner”
  3. A “White Minority” Reader In New Mexico Has No Privileged Delusions
  4. An Activist Reader Tells Us We`re “Perpetuating The Divide” Between The Races
  5. A Kansas Reader Says Dream Act Jose Antonio Vargas Should Have Been Subject To Exemplary Prosecution
  6. A Veteran Says The Real Culprit In The Immigrant Invasion Is Our Own Government
  7. An Illinois Reader Says No To “Nation of Illegal Immigrants”


Syndicated Columns


  1. The Deadly Disgrace of Obama`s Pro-Terrorist Lawyers by Michelle Malkin
  2. Stay out of the Syrian Maelstrom by Patrick J. Buchanan
  3. Missing in Action: Stimulus Sheriff Joe Biden by Michelle Malkin


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