06/18/12 Obamnesty–Romney Misses His Chance

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Romney`s Rodney King moment: he could have won the election by opposing Obama`s unconstitutional DREAM Act–but he flinched. Plus: John Derbyshire on a forgotten speechcrime scandal etc. etc. etc. 

Featured Articles


  1. The Fulford File | Romney May Have Lost The Election By Rolling Over For Obama`s Illegal Amnesty by James Fulford
  2. Democrat Regrets: Tribalism Has Triumphed Over Our Precious Rule of Law by Donald A. Collins
  3. John Derbyshire On Amity Shlaes And The Ballistic Trajectory of Political Correctness by John Derbyshire
  4. Memo From Middle America | FOCUS ON THE FAMILY Needs Evangelicals` Money-Don`t Give It To Them! by Allan Wall
  5. Narrow-Minded Left Claims Monopoly On Moral Legitimacy (A Sam Francis Column From The Year 2000) by Sam Francis
  6. Could Rubio`s DREAM Act Preening Reignite 2010`s Birthright Citizenship Firestorm? by Patrick Cleburne
  7. Immigration Hitting Middle Class Hardest, But Post Story Fails To Note Why by Donald A. Collins
  8. “What`s That You Say, Mr. Robinson?” A State Department Bureaucrat`s Public and Private Views On The Refugee Racket by Thomas Allen
  9. A Texas Businessman Makes Two Good Points About Mexicans by Donald A. Collins   
  10. Birth Announcement: Karia Sybil Nancy Brimelow by Peter Brimelow  






  1. Obama Executive Amnesty: Now for the Sob Stories Abroad by Brenda Walker
  2. Has Romney Sold Immigration Policy To Sheldon Adelson? by Patrick Cleburne
  3. Harmful Employment Effects of Obama Amnesty Are Observed by Brenda Walker
  4. The Rules Are Different In NYC (Cont.) by Steve Sailer
  5. “Moonrise Kingdom” by Steve Sailer
  6. A Good “Not Reporting Race” Post From 24Ahead.com by James Fulford
  7. Rodney King, RIP by Steve Sailer
  8. Rodney King: The Wicked Witch Is Dead by Federale
  9. Chicago`s “Decline” In Population: Blacks Leaving the Central City For the Suburbs by Steve Sailer
  10. Mittens Muffs DREAM Adminstrative Amnesty On Sunday Talk Show–Grassroots Reaction Now Critical by Peter Brimelow
  11. Obama`s Immigration Coup: If GOP Afraid To Defend Americans, How About Defending The Constitution? by Patrick Cleburne
  12. Malcolm Gladwell Versus The Hellhole In Port Arthur by James Fulford
  13. An Interesting Correlation Between (A) Immigration And (B) Income Inequality by John Derbyshire
  14. Excellent Frum etc. MSM Amnesty Articles Show Mittens The Way by Peter Brimelow
  15. King Barack Dispenses Work Permits and Ends Deportation for Under-30s (aka Amnesty by Fiat) by Brenda Walker
  16. Meanwhile…In Israel, Amnesty Is NOT Happening by Steve Sailer
  17. Obama`s Amnesty by Steve Sailer
  18. Why Is Norton/ Symantec Is Blocking VDARE.com? by Peter Brimelow
  19. “How`s He Doing?” by Steve Sailer
  20. Morgan Freeman interviews John Hawks and Linda Gottfredson by Steve Sailer
  21. A Black Caller To Rush Limbaugh Regarding Our Alien-in-Chief by Paul Nachman
  22. RedState Comes Through On Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty by Patrick Cleburne
  23. Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty Expands by Federale
  24. Official Obama Administrative Amnesty Announcement: “La Secretaria Napolitano Anuncia Proceso De Acción Diferida Para Jóvenes…” by James Fulford
  25. “Who Needs Congress”-Obama Administrative Amnesty Hits Drudge Report by James Fulford
  26. Slate Readers Don`t Want Kids… Should We Be Grateful? by Anonymous Attorney
  27. Hannah Arendt Anticipated Sam Francis On The Mentality Of The Left by Paul Nachman
  28. NRO Tries To Square The Circle Of Civil Rights by Federale
  29. Black Women Jocks Notice Title IX Is White Plot by Steve Sailer
  30. The Fairway Flapper by Steve Sailer
  31. Outed Illegal Alien Scribbler Jose Antonio Vargas Now a Time Cover Boy by Brenda Walker
  32. Chicago illegals Demand Free-to-Them Organ Transplants by Brenda Walker
  33. American Teens Face a Jobless Summer  by Brenda Walker
  34. Visa Express Is Back by Federale
  35. ICE HSI Continues To Ignore Its Responsibilities by Federale
  36. “Do the Jews Own Anxiety?” by Steve Sailer
  37. Paul Krugman Calls Depression; Press Snoozes by Brenda Walker
  38. Illegal Alien Gangbanger Sentenced To Life, Not Death by Federale
  39. Wisconsin And The Coalition of the Diverse by Steve Sailer
  40. Elinor Ostrom, RIP: Averting The Tragedy Of The Commons by Steve Sailer
  41. The Diverse Aren`t Interested In Diversity by Steve Sailer
  42. Whitifyingest Census Tracts by Steve Sailer
  43. David Brooks On Why Can`t We Get An Ike Memorial Built by Steve Sailer
  44. 14th Annual White Privilege Conference by Steve Sailer
  45. Focus on the Family Boards the Amnesty Bandwagon by Allan Wall
  46. Jeb Bush`s Conflict Of Interest On Immigration by Steve Sailer
  47. Mel Gibson and Lars von Trier by Steve Sailer
  48. “Liberation as Death Sentence” by Steve Sailer
  49. “Obama`s Early Chicago Rise Brought African-Americans Foreclosures, Bankruptcies” by Steve Sailer
  50. Israel Gets Serious About Deporting Illegals – Why Can`t America? by Patrick Cleburne
  51. Triple Murderer Illegal Alien Ramos Sentenced to Life in Prison by Brenda Walker
  52. Obama`s Voter Fraud Facilitation Policy: Is Florida`s Governor Scott Shaping Up? by Patrick Cleburne
  53. Indeed by Steve Sailer
  54. SLATE: “It All Comes Down to Race” by Steve Sailer
  55. The Protohuman Beta Revolution by Steve Sailer
  56. Before The Term “Gay Mafia” by Steve Sailer
  57. Immigrant Mass Murder: Sikh In California Kills Family, Then Self–Why Wasn`t He Deported? by James Fulford
  58. One Of The Reasons There Are 11-20 Million Illegal Aliens-ICE is Enforcing The Wrong Laws by Federale
  59. Black Coney Island Principal Yanks Patriotic Song from School Ceremony by Brenda Walker
  60. The Sunday Newspaper Test Of Presidents by Steve Sailer
  61. Who Destroyed Detroit? National Review`s Kevin Williamson Won`t Say – But He Knows by Patrick Cleburne


  1. A Reader Warns Bill Kristol Wants To Use Obama`s Administrative Amnesty To Pass A REPUBLICAN Dream Act
  2. A Reader Suspects The BBC Of Propagandizing-She`s Probably Right!
  3. A Reader Doesn`t Think Don Rickles Is Funny Anymore
  4. A Chicago Reader Points To The OTHER Gang Named “La Raza”
  5. A Somalian Christian Reader Says Westerners Should Stand Their Ground Against Immigrant Islamic Supremacists
  6. Linda Thom Says “The Talk” Should Be Black Parents Warning Black Teenagers About Each Other



Syndicated Columns
  1. Writing Off The Elderly by Paul Craig Roberts
  2. Dress Rehearsal for a Mideast War? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  3. Corruptocrat Eric Holder`s GOP Enablers by Michelle Malkin
  4. Hubris as the Evil Force in History by Paul Craig Roberts
  5. Republican Surrenderists for Obamacare by Michelle Malkin
  6. Will Heads Roll Over The Obama Administration`s Self-Serving Stuxnet Leak? by Patrick J. Buchanan



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