08/20/12 Obama`s Adminstrative Amnesty And His War Against White America

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Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Obama`s Adminstrative Amnesty began processing last week Nicholas Stix says it`s just part of his War Against White America. James Fulford says Happy Birthday, Virginia Dare and America–they`ll need it. etc. etc.

Featured Articles


  1. Barack Obama`s Administrative Amnesty-Just Part of His War Against White America by Nicholas Stix
  2. Memo From Middle America | GOP Should Ignore “Hispanic Republican” Scamsters by Allan Wall
  3. On Virginia Dare`s Birthday: Will Her Fate Be The Fate Of America? by James Fulford
  4. Harmony before Insight? The Destruction of Western Man by Susie Green
  5. Paul Ryan: More Of The Same by Chuck Baldwin
  6. The ICE Lesbian Scandal, Democratic Women, And The Culture Of Corruption by Michelle Malkin
  7. John Derbyshire Considers His Future As A Zek In Cultural Marxist America by John Derbyshire
  8. Biden`s Race-Baiting: SOP For The Minority Occupation Government by Unamusement Park
  9. Black Like Us: The Race Clownery of Obama-Biden by Michelle Malkin
  10. Gore Vidal`s Death Inspires Anti-WASP Spasm At Slate, The New Republic by Charles Bloch



  1. The Gunfight at the Wal-Mart Corral: Raceless Suspect Shoots 4 in Parking Lot at 4:30 A.M., in Planned “Altercation” (Cedar Park, Texas/Austin Suburb) by Nicholas Stix
  2. Drug Cartel Cops Executing Legit Cops: Today in Mexico, Tomorrow… Here? by Nicholas Stix
  3. Glenn Spencer and the Sonic Barrier by Allan Wall
  4. ICE HSI Finds Another Immigrant-Run Fraudulent “University”–Won`t Deport Students by Federale
  5. Dr. Norm Matloff On Unemployed Engineer Darin Wedel by James Fulford
  6. California Will Distribute Drivers Licenses to Illegal Alien DREAM Schemers by Brenda Walker
  7. British Newspaper Examines Witchcraft Diversity by Brenda Walker
  8. “Goody Proctor, I Hereby Sentence You To Be Burned As A Witch!” Robert D. Putnam Witchhunts His Own Research by Steve Sailer
  9. New Ebook: The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature by Byron Roth by James Fulford
  10. Niceness v. Noticing Things by Steve Sailer
  11. Black Police Kill Black Miners “In A Spectacle That Reminded Many South Africans Of The Apartheid Past” And Everyone Else Of ALL THE OTHER GOVERNMENTS IN AFRICA by James Fulford
  12. Color Of Law = Illegal Alien by Federale

  13. Finland v. Sweden in the Anti-Olympics by Steve Sailer
  14. Washington Times Details Paul Ryans`s Atrocious Immigration Provenance by Patrick Cleburne
  15. Another GOP Immigration Patriot Sighted: NY`s Kieran Lalor by Peter Brimelow
  16. Fat Welfare Cheat Wants Her Free Government Cheese by Federale
  17. Should Patriots Write In Arizona`s Governor Brewer For President? by Patrick Cleburne
  18. Doctor Norm Matloff On The Foreign Students Displacing Californians (3) by James Fulford
  19. Dr. Norm Matloff With More On The California University That Can Only Admit Non-California (Including Overseas) Students by James Fulford
  20. 35 Years Of Feminism -> Governor Schwarzenegger by Steve Sailer
  21. Banned From NRO! Derbyshire`s Americanization of Betjeman by John Derbyshire
  22. Why Australia Won So Many Medals In 2000 by Steve Sailer
  23. A Rant About Seeing What`s Under Your Nose by Steve Sailer
  24. Day Of Infamy: Illegals In Mile-Long Lines To Benefit From Obama`s Administrative Amnesty by Patrick Cleburne
  25. A Ryder Cup for Basketball? by Steve Sailer
  26. India Is Doing Better Than Finland in Olympic Medals by Steve Sailer
  27. Beer Summit-Obama And The Joe Six Pack Vote by Steve Sailer
  28. FRC Shooting Arrestee Floyd Lee Corkins-“Black Guy”, “African-American”, Gay, Or What? by James Fulford
  29. On Anaheim`s Anna Drive, Where Locals “Protested” Police Shootings, Cops & Feds Bust 49 Gang-Bangers for Weapons and 10 Pounds of Crystal Meth! by Nicholas Stix
  30. Two Affirmative Action Success Stories: Racist, Corrupt, “Black” Incompetents Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett Failed Upward Together by Nicholas Stix
  31. The Real Motive Of Civil Rights Groups by Federale
  32. Admininstrative Amnesty: Remember, You Were Warned by Federale
  33. South-Hating Author`s Plan Would Have Saved 600,000 Lives In The 1860s by James Fulford
  34. Black Shooter Attacks The Family Research Council: I Blame The SPLC by James Fulford
  35. Rep. Poe Seeks to Deport ALL Convicted Alien Felons by Brenda Walker
  36. The Last Hurdle In Sports-Segregation By Sex by Steve Sailer
  37. How Many Times Does Bloomberg`s “Immigrant Entrepreneurs” Myth Have To Be Exploded? by John Derbyshire

  38. Anti-American Bloomberg Wants A “Debate” On Immigration-a.k.a. Amnesty And Massive Increases In SKILLED LEGAL Immigration by James Fulford
  39. Radio Derb On “Facecrime” In Britain by John Derbyshire
  40. Dr. Norm Matloff On The CSU Graduate Program That Plans To Only Admit Foreign Students–Because They`ll Pay. by James Fulford
  41. Does Romney Direct Mail Prodigality Prove Campaign Consultants In Control? by Patrick Cleburne
  42. “A Full Description Not Available”: Knoxville News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy Tells Outright Lies, in Support of Black Felons by Nicholas Stix
  43. Vijay Amritraj on Indians and Sports by Steve Sailer
  44. Women, Sports, And Steroids: The Sequel by James Fulford
  45. Ah, Youth! AP Story On Riots In France Can`t Say What Race And Color Rioters Are by James Fulford
  46. College Freshman Indoctrination Begins with Summer Read of Illegal Alien Saga by Brenda Walker
  47. Peter Brimelow On Chuck Wilder AT 3:20 PM Eastern Time by James Fulford
  48. It`s Not Profiling But The Accuracy Of The Profile That Matters by Federale

  49. Olympic Basketball Final: 40 Million White Spaniards 100/107th As Good As 40 Million Black Americans by Steve Sailer
  50. Diversity in Hard Times: Violence Heats Up over Immigration in Greece by Brenda Walker
  51. Dang Bong Jow, 1985 Immigrant Mass Murderer (Interrupted) by James Fulford
  52. Spanish-Surnamed U.S. Medal Winners: 5 Out Of 208 by Steve Sailer



  1. A Midwestern Reader Reports An Anti-Sikh Hate Crime That Will Lead To No National Dialogue Whatsoever-Because It Was (Allegedly) Committed By A Black Teenager
  2. A Reader Sympathizes With Black South African Miners Killed By Black South African Police
  3. A London Reader Points Out That Statistics On Minority Students` Discipline Problems Are Provided By The Students Themselves
  4. A Chicago Reader Says Don`t Give Up On Politics-And Don`t Forget Immigration (Unlike Ron Paul)!
  5. A Reader Suggests That Americans Register For Obama`s DREAMnesty
  6. A Massachusetts Reader Wonders Why We Even Bother With The Two Major Parties
  7. A Detroit Reader Begs To Disagree On Ryan


Syndicated Columns
  1. Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo by Paul Craig Roberts
  2. `The Most Dangerous Man in the World`? Does The Weekly Standard Know What It`s Talking About? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  3. Paul Ryan: Mitt`s `Damn-the-Torpedoes!` Decision by Patrick J. Buchanan
  4. The Next Election: High Stake Outcomes Based on Non-issues. by Paul Craig Roberts




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