01/30/12 Mitt Romney: “Self-Deportation” AND Hispandering

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 Mitt Romney has actually struck a spark that could start an immigration conflagration–he`s mentioned “self-deportation” a.k.a. attrition through enforcement. But he`s doing a whole lot of Hispandering too; we analyze. Plus: white liberals mugged but still not realistic in Portland OR–at least if the MSM can help it; etc.


Featured Articles


  1. Red Tails Nosedives by Paul Kersey     
  2. Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico) | Gingrich And Romney Both Grovel On Univision by Allan Wall   
  3. Romney Strikes Immigration Spark In Florida Debate-Promptly Panders On Puerto Rico by VDARE.com Editors    
  4. Portland OR Columnist Joseph Rose: White Protests “Just As Bad” As Black Beatings by Peter Bradley        
  5. Ron Unz Has A Modest Proposal For Mitt Romney: To Encourage Self-Deportation, Raise The Minimum Wage by Ron Unz   
  6. In Memory Of My Grandson: Reflections On Reclaiming Florida by Enos Schera   
  7. Can US CEOs Be Persuaded To Stop Importing Unneeded Aliens? by Donald A. Collins   
  8. The Fulford File| Illegal Immigration: The Trafalgar Square Solution by James Fulford    
  9. Newt Gingrich And Richard Lapchick: Partners In America`s Racial Revolution by Paul Kersey   
  10. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo  





  1. Charles Murray`s “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010” by Steve Sailer
  2. Hispandering Newt States His Support for English Carefully by Brenda Walker
  3. USA Today Catches up with VDARE.COM (At Least on One Issue) by Allan Wall
  4. San Francisco Archbishop Campaigns against Public Safety by Brenda Walker
  5. Culture of Respect For The Law (in Mexico) by Federale
  6. Does Socializing Lower Women`s Effective IQs? by Steve Sailer
  7. Why are SAT scores rising at the high end? by Steve Sailer
  8. Was Nixon Gay? by Steve Sailer
  9. Wikipedia, Paul Gottfried, And Pat Buchanan by James Fulford
  10. Ron Paul Letters-The Atlantic`s Megan McArdle and Lawrence Auster Agree by James Fulford
  11. Military Diversity: Today`s Bad Example by Brenda Walker
  12. Pruitt-Igoe: Maybe it wasn`t all Le Corbusier`s fault? by Steve Sailer
  13. The Forgotten by Steve Sailer
  14. Things You Learn From Wikipedia by Steve Sailer
  15. Amazing! Howard Foster Gets Good Birthright Citizenship Essay Into Huffington Post by Patrick Cleburne
  16. The Boy in the Bubble, Volokh.com Edition by James Fulford
  17. More State Department And ICE Fail by Federale
  18. Which Fields Have The Highest GRE Scores? by Steve Sailer
  19. Newt Gingrich Is an (Inverted) Boggart! by Peter Brimelow
  20. CAIR Muslims Demand Resignation of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly by Brenda Walker
  21. To The Moon, Newt! by Anonymous Attorney
  22. Self-Deportation: An Old VDARE.com Friend Gets To Speak!!! by Patrick Cleburne
  23. Jan Brewer Vs. Obama, And “Disrespect” As A Verb by James Fulford
  24. MSM Talking Head + Immigration Reality = Incredulity by Patrick Cleburne
  25. Do Florida Hispanic voters care much about immigration? by Steve Sailer
  26. Gingrich Appears on America-Unfriendly Univision by Brenda Walker
  27. “Why The Long Face?” by Steve Sailer
  28. Obama`s State Of The Union Address: Amnesty, Dream Act, Three Million Jobs (For Foreigners) And Republican Complicity by James Fulford
  29. The Worm Has Turned, Again: Islamic Soldiers Bad? by Federale
  30. What ICE Is Really Doing: From Fake Gucci Bags And NFL Knockoffs by Federale
  31. Gingrich Sells American Foreign Policy To Sheldon Adelson – Immigration Policy Too? by Patrick Cleburne
  32. Identity-Theft Ghoul Finishes Oregon Prison Sentence by Brenda Walker
  33. Democracy v. Diversity in the Muslim World by Steve Sailer
  34. Oscar Nominations by Steve Sailer
  35. Sheriff Babeu Disapproves of How Obama Has Treated Arizona by Brenda Walker
  36. “Hugo`s” 11 Oscar nominations by Steve Sailer
  37. Dog v. Tail by Steve Sailer
  38. Anti-Jihad Documentary Is Shown to NYPD, which Alarms NYTimes by Brenda Walker
  39. Roy Beck On “Self-Deportation” And The Dumbfounded Media by James Fulford
  40. Apple`s Textbook Whiff by Steve Sailer
  41. Vibrancy-Or “Importing Corruption Culture” by Steve Sailer
  42. ICE: Missing In Action XVI by Federale
  43. GOP Florida Debate: An Immigrant/ Mercenary Army? by Peter Brimelow
  44. Obama`s Haitian Amnesty Kills. Remember Willie Horton? by Patrick Cleburne
  45. Romney Florida Ads – Message Depends on the Language by Allan Wall
  46. Lazy HBDers And Statistics by Steve Sailer
  47. Redmond v. Palo Alto over Yale v. Jail by Steve Sailer
  48. To which GOP candidates does the Smart Money lean? by Steve Sailer
  49. Maureen Dowd On Obama:Who Knew? by Steve Sailer




                  Syndicated Columnists

  1.  How Ron Paul Could Win by Paul Craig Roberts 


  2. Who Commissioned Us to Remake the World? by Patrick J. Buchanan  

  3. Barack And Michelle-Mr. and Mrs. Cranky Pants by Michelle Malkin 

  4. Drowning In Hypocrisy by Paul Craig Roberts

  5. Obama`s Green Robber Barons by Michelle Malkin 

  6. Mitt vs. Newt: the Gloves Come Off by Patrick J. Buchanan 
  7. More On Ron Paul by Paul Craig Roberts 

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Obama`s Racial Redistributionism Opens Up Affirmative Action Issue-But GOP Too Cowardly (Again) To Benefit by Steve Sailer    




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