Mexican "American" soccer fans, Poster Boy Illegal Alien Pulitzer-winners, Asian "American" Activists, and the Coming non-white majority---all hilarious, if you can see the joke,


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Mexican "American" soccer fans, Poster Boy Illegal Alien Pulitzer-winners, Asian "American" Activists, and the Coming non-white majority---all hilarious, if you can see the joke,
  Featured Article 
  1. Immigration/Invasion/Demographic News Funnier If You Get The Joke-Which Is ALWAYS On America, by Steve Sailer 
  2. Good Question! Lou Barletta: Why Don't We Deport "Every Single Illegal Alien Caught By Any Law Enforcement Officer In The Country"?, by Patrick Cleburne 
  3. The Fulford File: Illegal Alien Poster Boy Jose Antonio Vargas-Lawbreaker, Liar, Displacer of American Workers, Treason Lobbyist, Thief, by James Fulford 
  4.  Another Honorable Error: Rep. Lamar Smith On Hispanics And The GOP, by Ellison Lodge
  5. The Peter Morrison Report: Democrats and RINOs Trying To Block Anti-Sanctuary City Legislation In Texas, by Peter Morrison 
  6. Avigdor Eskin And The National Question In Israel, by Eugene GirinMemo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico): Does SB 9 Mean Texans Are Finally Fighting Back?, by Allan Wall 
  7. Did Senator McCain Ignite Immigration Reform Wildfire? by Donald A. Collins  

Blogs   Multiculturalism Isn't About Culture, by Paul Nachman Mexican Unfriendlies Cheer Their Tribe in Southern Mexifornia, by Brenda Walker NBA Draft 1st Round: 6 Overseas Whites v. Jimmer--"Disparate Impact Discrimination Against Whites", by Steve Sailer To Wither and Die in L.A., by Steve Sailer From Blue State to Red State via Section Eight, by Steve Sailer White Male Fire Chief--"It's Certainly Not Something We're Proud Of", by James Fulford One Repatriation Revealed, by Brenda Walker FBI's Most Wanted Fugitive Doesn't Fear Border Patrol, by Matthew Richer The Morton Amnesty Considered , by Brenda Walker Indiana Law Blocked Before It Even Takes Effect, With Help From The Treason Lobby's Well-Funded Legal Team, by James Fulford Firewatchers: Much Ado about Very Little, by Steve Sailer Tancredo on E-verify in WND, by James Fulford Doubts Take Hold concerning the Smith E-verify Bill, by Brenda Walker Julie Myers, Former ICE Head, "Defects" To Illegal Immigration Bar, by James Fulford "Santa Ana" Man in Custody Dispute Forgets to Tell His Wife That He Has Entered Her into a "Suicide" Pact, and Then Forgets to Commit Suicide, by Nicholas Stix The Georgia NAACP to Neal Boortz: We Love Raceless Carjackers!, by Nicholas Stix The Illegal Alien Pulitzer, by James Fulford A Further Dow Blog Antidote To Sanctimonious Treason, by Patrick Cleburne  Media Honchos Lawyer Up over Illegal Alien Journalist Revelations, by Brenda Walker How Far Down Does The Pakistani Rabbit Hole Go?, by Steve Sailer If Lou Barletta Opposes Lamar Smith's E-Verify Bill - Then So Do I, by Patrick Cleburne Tim Pawlenty Commits The Most Boring Campaign Mailing. Ever., by Anonymous Attorney Ann Coulter On Free Speech And Violence Directed At Conservative Speakers, by James Fulford Walmart Discriminates Against Women Because Its Male Managers Work Really Hard, by Steve Sailer Treasonous Southern Baptists Provoke Fine Work From The Dow Blog, by Patrick Cleburne Santa Maria the Worst for Hit & Run Crashes, Mostly from Illegals, by Brenda Walker Vargas AND Illegal--What's in The Daily News Vs. What's In The New York Times, by James Fulford EU's Greek Problem Has Same As Roots America's Multicultural Problem, by Patrick Cleburne McCain Surprised at Criticism for His Wildfire Remarks , by Brenda Walker Feminists Are Easy To Fool, by Steve Sailer A Simple Request From A Person Of Height, by Steve Sailer Social Media v. Antisocial Media, by Steve Sailer It's Important To Thank Our Stand-Up Friends, by Paul Nachman Shooting Fish In A Barrel, by Steve Sailer "The Tribal Imagination" by Robin Fox, by Steve Sailer The last word on Florence of Arabia, by Steve Sailer Has The J-1 Visa Scandal Gained Critical Mass?, by Patrick Cleburne No One's Going To Write "Blue State Demographics, The Shame Of A Nation", by James Fulford 

A Spanish Speaking Reader Says "Quiero Denunciar A Alguien"-We Say She's Out Of Luck A Non-Puritan Reader Lauds The Loose Women Who Help Bring Down Bad Politicians-We See It As An Excuse For Another Picture Of Ginger Lee An Italian-American Immigration Patriot Joins Patrick Cleburne And Lou Barletta In Suspecting Lamar Smith's E-Verify bill A Wisconsin Reader Skeptical Of Lamar Smith's E-Verify Bill Paul Mendez Reports Progress Against Maryland's Dream Act A Dallas Reader Points Out That The Last Person Who Said "It's Basically Over For Anglos In Texas" Was Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna In 1836
Syndicated Columnists

  1. Who Does The Law Serve? by Paul Craig Roberts 
  2. Jose Antonio Vargas And The Insane Folly Of the "Undocumented Immigrant", by Michelle Malkin 
  3. Who Is To Blame For Losing Our Unnecessary Wars In Afghanistan And Iraq? by Patrick J. Buchanan 
  4. On A Letter From An Agnostic, by Chuck Baldwin 
  5. Jon Huntsman: McCain on Wheels, by Michelle Malkin     

Immigration/Invations/Demographic News Funnier If You Get The Joke-Which Is ALWAYS On America, by Steve Sailer 




The New York Times's Jonathan Mahler On Arizona: Immigration Policy As Fantasy Baseball F or Liberals, by Steve Sailer 



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