09/03/12 Katrina Revised For the Age of Obama

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Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Labor Day Thought: Romney says he`ll produce 12 million jobs–but they`ll go to immigrants unless there`s a moratorium. Plus: Stix on Katrina revsionism; Sailer on Maraniss on Obama; etc, etc.

Featured Articles


  1. No Jobs For Labor Day In ROMNEY`S America, Either? by James Fulford
  2. Revising Katrina For The Age Of Obama by Nicholas Stix
  3. Memo From Middle America | Assimilation Fail: Why Isn`t Chicano Comedian George Lopez A Loyal American? by Allan Wall
  4. The Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words by Michelle Malkin
  5. National Review Wrong (Again) On Race And Welfare by Peter Bradley
  6. John Derbyshire On Our Unwanted (But Uncriticizable) Underclasses by John Derbyshire
  7. The Closing-Down of British Studies in the American Mind by Peter Sayles
  8. Steve Sailer On David Maraniss`s BARACK OBAMA: THE STORY-Boring, But Inadvertently Revealing by Steve Sailer
  9. Last Hurrah of Nixon`s `New Majority`? by Patrick J. Buchanan



  1. Scofflaw Trucker Story-Which Photograph Is More Helpful? by James Fulford
  2. Where Are The Hispanic Flash Mob Videos? by Steve Sailer
  3. NYT Doesn`t Notice Aide`s Refrigerator Light Joke About Obama Is Funny by Steve Sailer
  4. Radio Derb On Racism by James Fulford
  5. Gypped By Gypsies In Canada by John Derbyshire
  6. Romney on Illegals: “Expel Whoever Needs To Be Expelled” by Patrick Cleburne
  7. The Empty Chair by James Fulford
  8. Ramadan Muslims Fill Moscow Streets by Brenda Walker
  9. Jussim On Stereotypes by Steve Sailer
  10. Parker: “Romney, Alas, Leads Whites.” by Steve Sailer
  11. Tattooed Deportees In El Salvador by James Fulford
  12. You Know You`re a Redneck When . . . by John Derbyshire
  13. France: Marseille Mayor Requests Army to Fight Kalashnikov-armed Gangs by Brenda Walker
  14. Surprise! Spanish-language Media Peddles Immigration by Brenda Walker
  15. African Absconders Head North for Europe by Brenda Walker
  16. A New La Griffe Essay! by Steve Sailer
  17. Words William F. Buckley didn`t know by Steve Sailer
  18. Brazil Boosts Race Quotas For Colleges by Steve Sailer
  19. Democrats Can`t Find Most Black Milwaukee Voters by Steve Sailer
  20. Cone of Silence by John Derbyshire
  21. Senator Paul Dog-Whistles for the Arctic Alliance by John Derbyshire
  22. Romney: “I Intend To Make Life Miserable For Illegal Immigrants Until They Realize Their Place Is Not Here” by Patrick Cleburne
  23. Obama Regime Admits DREAMers Remain Illegal Aliens by Federale
  24. Germany Faces Salafist Jihad by Brenda Walker
  25. Robbing in the Fields by Steve Sailer
  26. The Latest Anti-Discrimination Cause by Steve Sailer
  27. Matt Yglesias And The Minority Mortgage Meltdown (Not Quite) Foretold by James Fulford
  28. Matter Out Of Place by John Derbyshire

  29. Yellow Journalism by John Derbyshire

  30. GOP Platform To Spread American Youth Summer Job Disaster To All Workers. by Patrick Cleburne
  31. Diverse California: Graffiti on Trees by Brenda Walker
  32. “A Propos De Bottes”–John Derbyshire On Math by John Derbyshire
  33. California Puts Bracero Studies on the Curriculum by Brenda Walker
  34. San Antonio Hispanics Plan Their Own Ethnic War Memorial by Brenda Walker
  35. NYT: Paying Immigrant Dishwashers Less Is “Friendly To Immigrants” by Steve Sailer
  36. Obama “Playing Out ASuperhero Life” by Steve Sailer
  37. Israel: America = Serbia: Czarist Russia? by Steve Sailer
  38. Gay Marriage: 0 For 32 At The Polls by Steve Sailer
  39. Zoning Enforcement: New V. Existing Construction, Immigration And Cheap Labor by Steve Sailer
  40. “The Coup” by John Updike And Obama`s Parents by Steve Sailer
  41. Nikki Haley Defies GOP Convention Bosses, Raises Immigration: Deserves Apology by Patrick Cleburne
  42. Rush Limbaugh Makes It Three In A Row On Immigration by James Fulford
  43. CIS: Don`t Get Panicked About The Hispanic Vote by James Fulford
  44. White Flash Mobs, Et Cetera by James Fulford
  45. Ted Cruz Comes Through: Calls For Reversal Of Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty by Patrick Cleburne
  46. The Weirdest Thing In “Barack Obama: The Story” by Steve Sailer
  47. Romney and the Mormons by Steve Sailer
  48. “2016: Obama`s America” by Steve Sailer
  49. Federer V. Nicklaus: Most Tennis & Golf Grand Slam Championships by Steve Sailer
  50. Obama As An Academic Leader? by Steve Sailer
  51. California Legislature Passes Legality-Lite Bills to Aid Illegal Aliens and Foreign Criminals by Brenda Walker
  52. Limbaugh Doubles Up: Denounces GOP Establishment Attempt To Prevent Conservative/ Tea Party Influence At Conventions by Patrick Cleburne
  53. Sununu Aligns with Alien Amnesty by Brenda Walker
  54. Limbaugh Denounces GOP Establishment For Heeding Treason Lobby! by Patrick Cleburne
  55. Demographics Of U.S.A. Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) Winners-Absolutely No Surprises by John Derbyshire
  56. The Ron Paul Campaign`s Hispanic Outreach by Allan Wall
  57. CASA De Maryland, Gay Groups Ally To Destroy America by Patrick Cleburne
  58. Tennis Arms Race: Roger v. Serena by Steve Sailer
  59. Concentrated Stupidity In The Field Of Education by John Derbyshire




  1. A Reader Protests That George Lopez Isn`t THAT Disloyal
  2. A Louisiana Reader Asks If California Schools “Bracero Studies” Curriculum Will Feature Mexican Government Corruption?
  3. A Member Of The GOP`s (White, Christian) Base Unimpressed By RNC Multicult
  4. An Illinois Reader Points To A Parallel With Obama`s “You Didn`t Build It” Speech
  5. A Reader Wants To Know Why A Hotel In Texas Has HUNGARIAN Cleaning Staff; The Answer Is Probably Abuse Of The Student Visa
  6. A Canadian Reader Has An Idea On How To Spread The Word About Voter ID
  7. A Reader Objects To The Term WASP-Calls It A “Hate Caricature”

Syndicated Columns

  1. The `Large Purpose` of Romney-Ryan by Patrick J. Buchanan
  2. A Suggested Survival List: 2012 by Chuck Baldwin
  3. Obama`s Sneaky, Deadly, Costly Car Tax by Michelle Malkin
  4. America`s Descent into Poverty by Paul Craig Roberts



Sailer on Sundays (sometimes)

 Steve Sailer On David Maraniss`s BARACK OBAMA: THE STORY-Boring, But Inadvertently Revealing 

Trende`s Trends: Sailer on The Lost Majority