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VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow (email him) introduces his daughter Karia Sybil Nancy

to her first Christmas tree, December 5 2012. She thought it tasted fine, but it`s not very nutritious.


I have to close VDARE.com again. I hate to do it-there`s so much to write about-but our fundraising drive has stalled. And repeated experience has taught us that only closing the site gets people`s attention. Please help us now. 

Of course, I know that everyone is depressed.

But if you`ve had to deal with terminal cancer in your family, you are already familiar with the situation in which the historic American nation finds itself after the 2012 elections.

Basically, you learn that news is never either as bad or good as it appears at first. Crises erupt, then dematerialize. So, alas, do remissions.

Barack Obama`s narrow defeat of GOP nominee Mitt Romney has been wildly over-interpreted, especially in the extraordinary outbreak of what Steve Sailer has called “in-yo`-face-white-boy chest-thumping,” ironically from Main Stream Media Leftist white boys like the Daily Beast`s Michael Tomasky and the Washington Post`s Harold Meyerson.

In fact, it was a fairly close election. The Republicans lost because they failed to turn out the white a.k.a. American vote, exactly as VDARE.com had warned throughout the campaign season. Romney fell fatally short of the white share achieved by congressional GOP candidates in 2010. And that should have been a floor, not a ceiling.

(You don`t hear much about this in the MSM. But even campaign consultant Dick Morris now admits it-although he adds infuriatingly “Why didn`t we all spot it sooner?” Well, VDARE.com did!) 

Still, even a small shift in the Rust Bowl white working class vote will be enough to keep the GOP-or, more precisely what VDARE.com calls GAP, the Generic American Party-in power for a generation.

None of which is to say that the disease of immigration-driven demographic change will not prove terminal for America-unless it is treated soon.

I believe that VDARE.com, as a mass-readership webzine, has a vital role here. Because this treatment will not be prescribed from Inside The Beltway. Only grassroots revolt stopped the Bush Amnesties. Only grassroots revolt can force the political class to stop immigration.

For example: VDARE.com has good friends in the DC-based immigration patriot groups. But they would be the first to admit that they have been unable to prevent the GOP House Leadership celebrating Obama`s re-election by passing, in the lame-duck session,  a bill (H.R. 6429)to increase legal immigration, by giving visas to foreign students who get U.S. advanced STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics] degrees-at a time of massive unemployment among American-born graduates!

Obviously, this is a corrupt favor to cheap-labor Silicon Valley donors. And, we are assured by our Beltway friends, the bill will die in the Democratic-controlled Senate because it substitutes STEM graduates for the even crazier “Diversity Visa Lottery” inflow.

(Apparently, the Democratic Leadership cannot tolerate any reduction in the pace of the Election of A New People/ displacement of the historic American Nation.)

But, needless to say, the fact is that Americans should not be in this Beltway imbroglio anyway.

At a minimum, patriots in Congress should be passing:

* An anti-unemployment moratorium on legal immigration;

* Abolition of birthright citizenship-so the children of the illegal immigrant invasion will not eventually be voting (and legalizing their parents);

* E-verify-a fool-proof way for employers to find out if their hires are legal-and heightened interior enforcement i.e. enforcement through attrition;

* A serious Border Fence-which has just worked perfectly in Israel, as VDARE.com appears to be unique in reporting;

* Official English-plus a measure mandating that employers must not discriminate against English-speaking Americans

* A ban on immigrants benefitting from Affirmative Action quotas

In fact, why didn`t the GOP House Leadership raise any of these issues after they got control of the House (entirely thanks to the Tea Parties) in 2010?

So that the 2012 Election would have been fought on these issues-and Obama ousted?

When have you ever heard these simple prescriptions even discussed in the Establishment media-liberal or “conservative”?

Help us get these prescriptions into America`s public debate-please give generously now! 

Christmas is coming, so I`ll end on a lighter note.

* VDARE.com will shortly be announcing our annual competition to find the most egregious attack on Christmas shortly.    

We`ve been chronicling the War Against Christmas since we went first live, on Christmas Eve 1999. In 2008, Max Blumenthal of the fashionable Daily Beast even credited (= blamed) us for being first to invent the whole thing.  

It`s fun. But it`s deadly serious. The War On Christmas is a symbol and a symptom of the dispossession of the historic American Nation. 

And, looking back, it was plainly a harbinger of the grassroots patriotic backlash that stopped the Bush amnesties in 2006 and 2007 and, more recently, of the great Tea Party uprising.  

It`s also been fun to see how rattled the ruling class has gotten about this pro-Christmas grassroots backlash. And they should be: it meant they were losing control-which ultimately means they may be stopped from Electing A New People.

* My 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America`s Immigration Disaster, which Harper Collins mysteriously allowed to go out of print at the height of the Bush Amnesty Wars, will be available in Kindle form in the next couple of days.

Merry Christmas! 




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