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Merry Christmas From

Merry Christmas From Virginia Dare [Audio | MP3]’s Christmas Eves Past 2014 Merry Christmas 2014 From By James

Said In Spanish: Meddling Mexico Promotes Drive To Help Mexican Immigrants Become U.S. Citizens—And Voters; Etc.

Mexican Ambassador Meddling Again Yet again, the Mexican government is openly intervening in U.S. politics, encouraging Mexicans in the
Coulter: Only white liberals take Kwanzaa seriously. American Blacks celebrate Christmas.

Happy Kwanzaa! The Holiday Brought to You by the FBI

I will not be shooting any Black Panthers this week because I am Kwanza-reform, and we are not
Marine Le Pen is a patriot--and so BOTH opposing parties cooperated to stop her.

The New Alignment: Patriots Vs. Progressive Plutocrats (But Still SOME Signs Of Life In GOP)

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] Obviously, France’s ruling class was not relieved by the
The alleged perpetrator of one of Brian Levin's "anti-Muslim hate crimes.  His name is Anthony Mohamed.

How to Manufacture an Anti-Muslim Hate-Crime “Epidemic”—The Brian Levin Method

Step one: Find an expert with an impressive-sounding academic title to legitimize shoddy advocacy propaganda. Meet Brian Levin. He's

Islam and the West: An Irreconcilable Conflict?

“I worry greatly that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans, [...]
NPR's Featured image: Steve Inskeep interviews Obama in the Cabinet Room of the White House. They’re talking about what's wrong with the white working class.

Obama Plays Race Card–Trump Plays Populist (NOT Conservatism Inc.) Card

[See also“They`ll Think You`re Signaling”! Dog-Whistles From Goldwater To Reagan To Palin, by James Fulford ] In an interview
Q: What would happen if instead of blacklisting Communist enemies of the US, they blacklisted patriots? A: No one would make a show about that!

“Alias Me”—How Rescued Me (And You!) From The Politically Correct MSM Clique

I signed the back of the check with one hand: [...]

Whither the American Right: Cruz And “Movement Conservatism”—Or Trump And National Conservatism?

It’s a sign of Conservatism Inc.’s desperation that they are turning to Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump.
This exercise in hysteria is by the Los Angeles Times's David Horsey, who has two Pulitzer Prizes.

John Derbyshire Says: If You Think Donald Trump Is Adolf Hitler, You’re Nuts

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] This year—I just have time to notice!—marks the
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