Paul Ryan and Luis Gutierrez, collaborators.

John Derbyshire: “That’s Not Who We Are”—Sez Who?

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available at for no charge.] If there's one thing guaranteed to
Merkel tries to explain herself.

Merkel Threatens Europe—And The West

The first snow in Bavaria covered the tents sheltering thousands of illegal immigrants at the border between Austria
American troops guarding the American border, not the Syrian or Iraq border.

Memo From Middle America| America Faces “Refugee” Invasion—Because “Fight Them Over There” Didn’t Work

Ten years ago, I was deployed with the Texas Army National Guard to Iraq. In fact, it was
They weren't arguing about Muslim immigration in 1943.

The Cold Civil War On Thanksgiving–Thanksgiving Table Arguments About “Racism” Are Only Happening In White Families

Former conservative Bruce Bartlett was radicalized to a surprising degree by the Bush Administration, and now tweets from
It's a pack of lies, but it's official White House lies.

Ann Coulter: Importing Terrorism And Other American Values

Americans keep being hectored to take "refugees" from terrorist-producing countries because to do otherwise would be "a betrayal

Jared Taylor: What Donald Trump Should Have Tweeted

Murder would fall by 91 percent in an all-white New York City. [See, earlier, SBPDL’s Paul Kersey Writes An
When a Tennessee paper put this image of the "worst of the worst" of local criminals on its front page, it was called racist--of course.

SBPDL’s Paul Kersey Writes An Open Letter To Donald Trump Thanking Him For Raising The Color of Crime In America. (Hint: It’s Black)

Dear Mr. Trump: I’ve been following your campaign with growing excitement because of the energy, fresh ideas, and boldness

Have a Happy, Politics-Free Thanksgiving

Many people naturally assume that since I work in political [...]
Trump and Cruz are friends, but only one of them can be President.

Patriots Should Rejoice As Cruz Tries to Steal Trump’s Thunder on Immigration

Trump and Cruz are friends, but only one of them can be President. Even Donald Trump can’t single-handedly
Wars aren't won by moments of silence.

Will Europe Man Up?

If the purpose of terrorism is to terrify, the Islamic [...]