Why Wisconsin`s Scott Walker Must Win

The anti-democratic methods President

Obama`s union
allies are

using in Wisconsin
testify to the crucial character
of the battle being fought.

have walked off in wildcat strikes, taking
pupils with them. Doctors have

issued lying affidavits saying the teachers were sick
a good example of ethical conduct for the school kids.

Thousands of demonstrators have daily
invaded the Capitol, chanting, hooting, banging drums.
Hundreds have

camped out there and refused to leave
so the Capitol
building can be cleaned.

Is this democracy in action? Is this
what 9-year-old

Christina-Taylor Green
went out to see that
Saturday morning in Tucson?

Picketers have carried placards with the face of Gov.
Scott Walker in the cross hairs of a gun sight. He has
been compared to Hitler, Mussolini, Mubarak. Democrats
have fled the state to deny the elected Wisconsin Senate
a quorum to vote.

Such tactics

cannot be allowed to triumph in a republic.

is the Left behaving with desperation? Because it senses
what this battle is all about. Not just about pay, but
about power.

Republicans are not only resolved to guarantee
government workers pay a fair share of the cost of their
pensions and health care. They are in a purposeful drive
to disarm and demobilize the tax-subsidized armies of
the Democratic Party and end sweetheart deals between
unions and the poodle politicians they put into office.

"Walker wants to end collective bargaining"
, is the

Actually, what the governor wants to end is the
scandalous practice of powerful unions raising millions
and running phone banks and get-out-the-vote operations
for politicians who thank them with wages, benefits and
job security no private employer can match.

Since the 1960s, government unions have been able to sit
behind closed doors with the politicians they put in
office and write contracts, the cost of which is borne
by taxpayers who have no one at the table.

call this collective bargaining. A more accurate term is
collusive bargaining. And Walker means put an end to the

When Ford sits down with the UAW, Ford

represent the executives, directors and
shareholders. Should they give away the store and Ford
have to raise prices, and be undercut by

, all Ford workers, shareholders and executives

is a healthy adversary procedure where Ford and the UAW
each represents the interests of those who sent them,
and both share a stake in keeping Ford prosperous.

government unions sit down with the politicians they put
into office, the relationship is not adversarial. It is
not healthy. It is incestuous. And taxpayers must pay
the cost of their cohabitation.

Walker also seeks to end the practice of having the
state government collect union dues from state workers.

Indeed, why should a Republican administration collect
dues for the benefit of union bosses who constantly
labor to see to it those Republicans are not re-elected?
Let the unions collect their own dues.

Walker would also require public service employee unions
to hold annual elections by secret ballot to determine
if state workers want the union to represent them, or if
they would prefer to have their deducted union dues put
back in their paychecks.

Legislators submit to voters every two years.

ought not unions to do the same?

Wisconsin, the die is cast and Walker cannot yield.

if he yields, the state and its 3,000 cities, counties,
towns and school districts will be forever at the mercy
of these unions.

he yields, it will be a triumph for the tactics of
intimidation, wildcat strikes and mass demonstrations to
block legislative action.

senators who fled will come home heroes, and Walker will
have broken the hearts of the people who put their faith
in him.

If Walker yields, governors and
legislators across America will read the tea leaves and
back away from taking on government unions. That means
higher and higher taxes, as in Illinois, and eventual
sinking of the states into unpayable debt and default.

correlation of forces is in Walker`s favor. Time is on
his side. When you are holding a winning hand, you do
not offer to split the pot.

After his opponents invaded the Capitol, called him
Hitler, fled the state, and tried to shout down and shut
down the legislature with raucous demonstrations, what
other cards do they have left to play?

Walker has recalled

Ronald Reagan`s firing of the air traffic controllers
as an example of how a strong leader must stand up
even to a popular union when it is wrong.

There is an earlier example. When the

Boston police went on strike
and criminals ran
amuck, and

Sam Gompers
came to the defense of the cops,

Gov. Calvin Coolidge
sent a telegram to that
founding father of the American labor movement,

"There is no right to strike against the public safety
by anybody, anywhere, any time."

Scott Walker cannot lose this fight, because his country
cannot afford to have him lose it.



Patrick J. Buchanan


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