War On Holidays Is War on America

Thanksgiving is over, but the country is probably lucky

took place at all
. Various reports disclose that the
war against

is almost as ferocious as those against
such other evil institutions as

and the

Confederate Flag.

story in the Washington Times last week discussed
the war and who`s behind it. As you might expect, it`s
pretty much the same people who want virtually every
other white, Christian and national holiday abolished
or, even better, subverted to suit their own political

Two years ago the Board of Selectmen of Plymouth, Mass.,
where the Pilgrims landed in 1620, put up a plaque
denouncing them for coming at all.

"Native Americans
do not celebrate the

arrival of the Pilgrims
and other European

smirk the officials. "To them, Thanksgiving Day is a
reminder of the genocide of millions of their people,
the theft of their lands, and the relentless assault on
their culture."

That doesn`t stop the officials from continuing to live
on the land their ancestors stole, which today is worth
a good deal more than when the Pilgrims swiped it. [Pilgrims`
November 25, 2003, by Robert Stacy

The Selectmen are not the only warriors in the

jihad against Thanksgiving
. The Times also notes
that in 1996, an instructional guide published by the
U.S. Department of Education warned school teachers,
"At Thanksgiving, shift the focus away from re-enacting
the first Thanksgiving."


, written by a teacher who`s a Pueblo Indian,
might be suspected of containing hidden racial agendas,
if it were permitted to suspect anyone but white people
of such wickedness:

"The conception of
Native Americans

[she meant Indians,

citizens born in the United States
] gained from
such early exposure is both inaccurate and potentially
damaging to others."

Just to confirm her point, this year a school principal
in Skokie, Ill.,

banned cardboard Indian
headdresses in the school`s
Thanksgiving pageant because it might offend Indians.

Yet another Native American (I mean Indian) named
Moonanum James, who led a protest against Thanksgiving
in Plymouth back in the dark ages when there was no
plaque denouncing the white settlers, has even more
damaging lessons to impart: "The Pilgrims did not
come here seeking

religious freedom.
They already had that in

. They came here as part of a commercial

There are two problems with that thought: (a) it`s not
entirely true, and (b) so what if it were true?

The real problem with the Pilgrims` commercial venture,
says Mr. James, was that it

"introduced sexism,

, anti-lesbian and gay bigotry, jails and the
class system to these shores. About the only true thing
in the whole mythology is that these pitiful European
strangers would not have survived their first several
years in `New England` were it not for the aid of
Wampanoag people."

The Wampanoags, as you may have guessed, were also
Native Americans (even though there was no America at
the time).

"What native people
got in return for this help was genocide, theft of our
lands and never-ending repression."

There are those lands again.

It would be pointless to refute all this kind of stuff,
since those who believe it or worry about it probably
aren`t terribly open to persuasion (nor are those who
don`t believe it or worry about it).

The point of the war against Thanksgiving is not to
teach history but to destroy the national myth—and
therefore the nation itself—that the holiday and its
traditional representation help symbolize.

Some years ago, when the

against the Confederate flag and

similar Southern symbols
cranked up, a good many
Americans thought it made sense to denounce them because
of the blatant "racism" they represented.

What they didn`t get was that

and their own local myths and symbols were next
on the hit list.

Now what is happening ought to be obvious, even to them.

What is being fought in the jihad against the
Confederate Flag, Thanksgiving,

Columbus Day

is not the "sexism, racism,
anti-lesbian and gay bigotry"
and other pastimes of
Western man but the West itself and its local
manifestation in American civilization.

The isms being denounced are icing on the cake. The real
target is the cake itself, and those taking aim at it
know the only way they can get to it is by scraping off
the symbols and icons that represent it in the minds of
most Americans.

Americans who still care what the

real meanings
of their holidays, as opposed to the
three-day orgies of stuffing, guzzling and spending the
national ruling class wants them to mean, need to know
that the war against holidays is a war against their
country and against them.

If they don`t hang together in defending each other`s
myths and icons, sooner or later their enemies will hang
all of them separately.



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