US Treasury Running on Fumes

down to the
last trillion in red ink

The White House is screaming like a
stuck pig.

release of the Afghan War Documents

"puts the lives
of our soldiers and our coalition partners at risk."


What nonsense. Obama`s war puts the
lives of American soldiers at risk, and the craven
puppet state behavior of
"our partners" in serving as US mercenaries is what puts their
troops at risk. 

Keep in mind that it was someone in
the US military that leaked the documents to WikiLeaks. 
This means that there is a spark of rebellion within the
Empire itself. 

And rightly so.  The leaked
documents show that the US has committed numerous war
crimes and that the US government and military have lied
through their teeth in order to cover up the failure of
their policies. These are the revelations that
Washington wants to keep secret.

If Obama cared about the lives of
our soldiers, he would not have sent them to a war, the
purpose of which he cannot identify.  Earlier in
his regime, Obama admitted that he did not know what the
mission was in Afghanistan. He vowed to find out what
the mission was and to tell us, but he never did. 
After being read the riot act by the military/security
complex, which recycles war profits into political
campaign contributions, Obama simply declared the war to
be "necessary." 
No one has ever explained why the war is necessary.

The government cannot explain why
the war is necessary, because it is not necessary to the
American people. Any necessary reason for the war has to
do with the enrichment of narrow private interests and
with undeclared agendas.  If the agendas were
declared and the private interests being served
identified, even the American sheeple might revolt.

The Obama regime has made war the
business of America.  Escalation in Afghanistan has
gone hand in hand with drone attacks on Pakistan and the
use of proxy forces to conduct wars in Pakistan and
North Africa. Currently, the US is conducting

naval exercises off the coasts of
China and North Korea and instigating war between
Columbia and Venezuela in South America. Former CIA
director Michael Hayden declared on July 25 that an
attack on Iran seems unavoidable. 

With the print and TV media
captive, why doesn`t Washington simply tell us that the
country is at war without going to the trouble of war?
That way the munitions industry can lay off its workers
and put the military appropriations directly into
profits.  We could  avoid the war crimes and
wasted lives of our soldiers.

The US economy and the well-being
of Americans are being sacrificed to the regime`s wars.
The states are broke and laying off teachers.  Even
California, formerly touted as
"the seventh
largest economy in the world,"
is reduced to issuing
script and cutting its state workers` pay to the minimum

Supplemental war appropriations
have become routine affairs, but the budget deficit is
invoked to block any aid to Americans–but not to
Israel. On July 25 the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz,
reported that the US and Israel had signed a
multi-billion dollar deal for Boeing to provide Israel
with a missile system. 

Americans can get no help out of
Washington, but the US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice,
declared that Washington`s commitment to Israel`s
security is "not
  Washington`s commitment to
California and to the security of the rest of us is
negotiable.  War spending has run up the budget
deficit, and the deficit precludes any help for

With the US bankrupting itself in
wars, America`s largest creditor, China, has taken issue
with America`s credit rating. The head of China`s
largest credit rating agency declared:

"The US is insolvent and faces bankruptcy as a pure debtor nation."

On July 12, Niall Ferguson, an
historian of empire, warned that the American empire
could collapse suddenly from weakness brought on by its
massive debts and that such a collapse could be closer
than we think. 

Deaf, dumb, and blind, Washington
policymakers prattle on about
"thirty more
years of war."

Paul Craig Roberts

was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during
President Reagan`s first term.  He was Associate
Editor of the
Wall Street Journal.  He has
held numerous academic appointments, including the
William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and
International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior
Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford
University. He was awarded the Legion of Honor by French
President Francois Mitterrand. He is the author of

Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider`s Account of
Policymaking in Washington
and the Soviet Economy


Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy
and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice
. Click


for Peter Brimelow`s
Forbes Magazine
interview with Roberts about the recent epidemic of
prosecutorial misconduct.