UnConventional Opinions for Labor Day

Lucky thing for George W. Bush and his Republican
National Convention lemmings that they got out of Dodge
before the Labor Day weekend started.

For the unemployed and underemployed, listening to
Republicans preen about job creation (low
, but that`s never mentioned) and the

non-existent economic recovery
is tough at any time.
But on a national holiday that

honors workers
, those spiels might have triggered
even louder outbursts from the disaffected.

As it was, more than 1,800 were

—nearly three times the number arrested in

Chicago, 1968.

For those of us grounded in reality, the RNC made the
week long and arduous.

What a cast of characters! Bush, his

insipid wife
Laura, their depressingly dull
twin daughters,
the ominously

secretive Cheneys
, the bad- rugwearing Zell Miller,
John McCain, Rod Paige,

Rudy Giuliani
and Arnold Schwarzenegger all were
vying for most inane. If any of them uttered a word of
truth, I missed it.

Last year Paige, the

Secretary of Education,
called the

National Education Association

“terrorist organization.
” And, as reported by
VDARE.COM, Paige was the Houston Independent School
District superintendent when those schools
scandalously spiked their academic achievement
by ushering the under-performing students out the back
door when test time rolled around.

Giuliani, once a Democrat, is an open-borders
champion. What did Giuliani do to earn his status as a

national hero?
His actions on
while respectable, were no different than what
any other decent man would have done.

Consider this—in 2000 Mayor Giuliani was shacked up
Judith Nathan,
his press secretary, while still
married to Donna Hanover, his wife of sixteen years.
Hanover later charged Giuliani with

“open and notorious adultery.”

And I`ll bet you thought the GOP frowned on
extra-marital sex.

Then Schwarzenegger insulted me during his

sis-boom-bah speech
by calling me a
“girlie man”
since I don`t buy the Bush hoopla
about how strong our


Now, Schwarzenegger, who has raised $30 million from

special interests
since becoming

California governor
only ten months ago, has

decided for some reason
not to campaign for Bush.

I tried to skip the entire unbelievable convention
scene. Every night I promised myself I would relax and
tune in the US Open Tennis Tournament. Who wouldn`t
rather watch

Serena Williams

Andy Roddick?

But drawn like a moth to a flame, I ended up glued to
the convention, steam jetting out of my ears.

While Bush cannot tangibly defend any aspect of his
first term, except his so-called progress on the “War on
Terror,” real people—working Americans—would like answers
on jobs and the economy.

During the early days of the convention, a symbolic
unemployment line marched from Wall Street to Madison
Square Garden, the site of the convention. Waving pink
slips, the demonstrators, in the words organizer Christ
Wangro, intended to raise “the level of public
discourse above the sound bites of the politicians.“
the GOP: Biggest N.Y. parties in the streets
 August 27, 2004, By Verena Dobnik, Associated Press]

American workers are not buying what Bush is selling.

Here, from a flyer designed by

Rescue American Jobs
, is their assessment of the
job market.

Americans have been:

  • Spurned—we created the environment and paid the

    to make America great. Now our jobs are

  • Forsaken—4 million

    guest worker
    visas have issued since the recession
    began in 2000

  • Robbed—technology and science developed at our
    universities has gone overseas.

  • Targeted—92

    professions are now approved for cheap
    foreign guest-worker visas.

  • Violated—when jobs go off-shore, so does our
    confidential data like tax returns, medical records,
    credit cards and social security.

  • Sold Out—federal agencies plan to

    more than 850,000 jobs

  • Cheated—L1 visa holders pay no

    regardless of how high their income is. And
    H1-B visa holders receive the bulk of their income in
    non-taxable “living expenses.”

  • Subverted—foreign nationals have
    unfettered access
    both domestically and abroad to
    America`s technology, communication and electric

  • Duped—when manufacturing jobs moved offshore in the

    , Americans were told get training in
    technology. Now what do we do?

If you believe—as I do—that the flyer represents the
feelings of most working Americans, then what do you make
of a Republican platform that includes an amnesty for
workers illegally in the US, a guest worker program for
aliens who would take American jobs (See University of
California at Davis Professor Norm Matloff`s evaluation

.), and increases in
H-1B and H-2B visas
that would displace American
workers currently employed?)

Most incredibly, according to Rob Sanchez, founder of
the website

, is the persistent rumor that the GOP
has outsourced its

telephone fund raising
to India.  

I spoke with Ian Fletcher, Vice-President of
Government Relations for the

American Engineering Association
  for his views on
the impact of non-immigrant visas and outsourcing
policies on the long-term job market.

Speaking to me from Manhattan, which he described as

“armed camp,”
Fletcher said:

“The Republicans proactively endorse failed policies.
They are as naïve as

Kool-Aid drinkers
. They really believe that
everything will work out in the end. The Democrats, on
the other hand, have looked at the problem and decided
not to do anything about it. Kerry has asked himself,
`What is the least I can do to win voters concerned about
outsourcing?` And the least is naturally meaningless.”

Fletcher concluded by observing that,

“The Republicans and the Democrats are leaning on each
others idiocy. It will take two more years for the impact
of visas and outsourcing to fully set in. By then, there
will be no more meaningful debate on how those policies
have hurt the American economy. I pity the winner of the
2004 election. He`ll be left to sort out the mess.”


and Fletcher were

not invited
to address the Republican National

The delegates, therefore, got their information from Bush et al.