Turkeys of the Year

As we gather round the Thanksgiving
table, bow our heads in prayer and feast on the holiday
bird, it is only fitting to take a moment to fete the
unforgettable turkeys of 2009.

1. The stimulus. Back in February,
I wrote that if the trillion-dollar stimulus plan were a
Thanksgiving dinner entree, it would be a

— the heart attack-inducing dish of
roasted chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a
turkey, all

wrapped in endless slabs of bacon.
And so it has
come to pass. After the Democratic majority larded up
the massive spending package with earmarks and bribes,
President Obama declared it

-free and has stubbornly touted its job creation
benefits for out-of-work Americans.

Reality check? The Washington

that more than 10 percent of the jobs the
Obama administration claimed were

 by the
stimulus are doubtful or imaginary. ABC News uncovered
countless examples of bogus congressional districts
listed as stimulus beneficiaries by the Obama stimulus
tracking website, Recovery.gov. The money has been
lavished on shady beauty schools in New Hampshire,
prison inmates in Texas and wind companies in Spain and
China. Just this week, a

California audit
found that the Department of
Corrections and Rehabilitation overstated the number of
jobs saved by federal stimulus dollars by upward of

While this

Generational Theft Act
continues to soak up our tax
dollars and add to our children`s and grandchildren`s
debt, the Democratic majority is in the government
kitchen cooking up a second stimulus turkey to provide
federal infrastructure money to public-sector unions.
Gobble, gobble.

2. President O-bow-ma. The
candidate who pledged to restore America`s standing in
the world couldn`t figure out how to stay standing in
front of world leaders. In April, he crouched before
Saudi King Abdullah. This month, he provoked

global derision
when he broke protocol and

performed a spineless blunder
in front of the
Japanese emperor.

The kowtower-in-chief`s body
language reflected the administration`s broader foreign
policy prostrations—including scrapping missile defense
in the Czech Republic and Poland, canceling a meeting
with the

Dalai Lama
to appease China, sitting on its hands
this summer during the Iranian election protests and
unveiling the 9/11 show trials in New York City that
will provide a circus platform for jihadis and
international Bush-haters.

The left complained that George W.
Bush was too much of a cowboy on the global stage. It`s
better than having a waterboy.

3. Green jobs czar

Van Jones
. This deep-fried turkey was recruited by
Team Obama`s Chicago
Valerie Jarrett
, who boasted about recruiting the
Marxist rabble-rouser from Oakland. He openly crusaded
to free Philadelphia
death row
cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal
, bashed capitalism with
radical revolutionary rhetoric and signed a 9/11
conspiracy petition that he meekly disavowed in a
botched attempt to save his job. Jones is now at the
Center for American Progress, run by Obama transition
official and Democratic operative John Podesta.

The other turkey in the story, Val
Jarrett, escaped unscathed and went on to push the
Obamas into their failed crony campaign for the 2016
Olympics bid in Copenhagen—a taxpayer-funded,
hubris-infused debacle that ties with Van Jones for
third biggest turkey of the year. Rio got the Games.
America got a closer look at the pay-for-play patrons,
power brokers and developers in the Windy City who have
put an indelible Chicago stamp on the Potomac.

4. The
New York Times.
Scooped by Fox News, conservative blogs and talk radio

the exploding ACORN scandal,
the paper whitewashed
its own role in covering up the community organizing
racket`s financial shenanigans last fall when it cut off
a reporter`s investigation a few weeks before Election
Day. Jill Abramson, the Times` managing editor for news,
acknowledged that her staff was

"slow off the
and blamed
tuned-in-ness to the issues that are dominating Fox News
and talk radio."
They assigned a new
"opinion media
to track the competition, but refused to
identify the watchdog for fear that he/she would get too
many mean, intrusive e-mails and phone calls.

More recently, the paper`s website
demonstrated that its real motto is
"All the
inconvenient news that`s fit to suppress."
Times` lead environmental blogger,
haughtily refused to reprint damning e-mails
leaked by a hacker in the burgeoning
scandal. The documents reveal a long trail of
manipulated data, but Revkin balked at the ill-gotten
trove. The

at the
Times had no
problem exposing national security secrets to undermine
Bush. But shed light on scientific hoaxes that undermine
Al Gore?


5. Tea Party-bashers. Millions of
ordinary, peaceful Americans joined the Tea Party
movement to revolt against big government, backroom
deals and the Beltway culture of corruption. For their
exercise of free speech and free assembly, they were
smeared nationwide. Hollywood has-been Janeane Garofalo
called them

"racist, backward
SEIU labor thug

Dennis Rivera
accused them of
CNN anchor Anderson Cooper used a

vulgar sexual epithet
to describe them. Team Obama`s
astroturfers declared all-out war on them.

For refusing to sit down and shut
up in the face of such unhinged bigotry, and for
exposing the foulness of the political fowl, I have two
words for them: Thank you.



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