The Humiliation of America

"Early Friday morning the secretary of state was considering bringing
the cease-fire resolution to a UNSC vote and we
didn`t want her to vote for it."
Olmert said.
"I said `get
President Bush on the phone.` They tried and told me
he was in the middle of a lecture in Philadelphia. I
said `I`m not interested, I need to speak to him
now.` He got down from the podium, went out and took
the phone call."
Rice left embarrassed in UN vote
, By Yaakov
Lappin , Jerusalem Post, January 12, 2009]

"Let me see
if I understand this,"
wrote a friend in
response to news reports that Israeli Prime Minister
Olmert ordered President Bush from the podium where
he was giving a speech to receive Israel`s
instructions about how the United States had to vote
on the UN resolution. 
September 11th, President Bush is interrupted while
reading a story to school children and told the
World Trade Center had been hit–and he went on
reading. Now, Olmert calls about a UN resolution
when Bush is giving a speech and Bush leaves the
stage to take the call. 
There exists no greater example of a
master-servant relationship."

Olmert gloated as he told
Israelis how he had shamed US Secretary of State
Condi Rice by preventing the American Secretary of
State from supporting a resolution that she had
helped to craft. 
Olmert proudly related how he had interrupted
President Bush`s speech in order to give Bush his
marching orders on the UN vote.

Israeli politicians have been
bragging for decades about the control they exercise
over the US government. 
In his final press conference, President
Bush, deluded to the very end, said that the whole
world respects America. 
In fact, when the world looks at America,
what it sees is an Israeli colony.

Responding to mounting reports
from the Red Cross and human rights organizations 
of Israel`s massive war crimes in Gaza, the
United Nations Human Rights Council voted 33-1 on
January 12 to condemn Israel for grave offenses
against human rights.

On January 13, the London Times
reported that Israelis have gathered on a hillside
overlooking Gaza to enjoy the slaughter of
Palestinians in what the

"the ultimate spectator sport." 

It is American supplied F-16
fighter jets, helicopter gunships, missiles, and
bombs that are destroying the civilian
infrastructure of Gaza and murdering the
Palestinians who have been packed into the tiny
strip of land. What is happening to the Palestinians
herded into the Gaza Ghetto is happening because of
American money and weapons. 
It is just as much an attack by the United
States as an attack by Israel. The US government is
complicit in the war crimes.

Yet in his farewell press
conference on January 12, Bush said that the world
respects America for its compassion.

  • The compassion of
    bombing a UN school for girls?

  • The compassion of
    herding 100 Palestinians into one house and then
    shelling it?

  • The compassion of
    bombing hospitals and mosques?

  • The compassion of
    depriving 1.5 million Palestinians of food,
    medicine, and energy?

  • The compassion of
    violently overthrowing the democratically elected
    Hamas government?

  • The compassion of
    blowing up the infrastructure of one of the poorest
    and most deprived people on earth?

  • The compassion of
    abstaining from a Security Council vote condemning
    these actions?

And this is a repeat of what
the Israelis and Americans did to Lebanon in 2006,
what the Americans did to Iraqis for six years and
are continuing to do to Afghans after seven years.
And still hope to do to the Iranians and Syrians.

In 2002 I designated George W.
Bush "the White House Moron." 
If there ever was any doubt about this designation,
Bush`s final press conference dispelled it.

Bush talked about connecting
the dots, but Bush has failed to connect any dots
for eight solid years.
president was a puppet for a cabal led by Dick
Cheney and a handful of Jewish neoconservatives, who
took control of the Pentagon, the State Department,
the National Security Council, the CIA, and
From these power positions, the neocon cabal
used lies and deception to invade Afghanistan and
Iraq, pointless wars that have cost Americans $3
trillion, while millions of Americans lose their
jobs, their pensions, and their access to health

obviously very difficult economic times,"

said in his press conference
before my presidency."

Bush has plenty of liberal
company in failing to connect a $3 trillion dollar
war with hard times. 
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
blames Bush`s tax cut, not the wars, for
"the fiscal

Bush told the White House Press
Corps, a useless collection of non-journalists, that
the two mistakes of his invasion of Iraq were: 
(1) Putting up the
"mission accomplished" banner on the aircraft carrier, which, he
said, "sent
the wrong message,"
and (2) the absence of the
alleged weapons of mass destruction that he used to
justify the invasion.

Although Bush now admits that
there were not any such weapons in Iraq, Bush said
that the invasion was still the right thing to do.

The deaths of 1.25 million
Iraqis, the displacement of 4 million Iraqis, and
the destruction of a country`s infrastructure and
economy are merely the collateral damage associated
with "bringing freedom and democracy" to the Middle East.

Unless George W. Bush is the
best actor in human history, he truly believes what
he told the White House Press Corps.

What Bush did not explain is
how America is respected when its people put a moron
in charge for eight years.

Paul Craig Roberts [email
] was Assistant
Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan`s
first term.  He was Associate Editor of the
Street Journal.  He has held numerous academic
appointments, including the William E. Simon Chair,
Center for Strategic and International Studies,
Georgetown University, and Senior Research Fellow,
Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He was awarded
the Legion of Honor by French President Francois
Mitterrand. He is the author of

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