The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon Bush`s Amnesty—Coldly

As the
Bush Administration prepares to launch America headlong
into yet another illegal alien

, the White House`s resident "Texan"
(no offense to

Midland, Texas
-born Laura—I refer to her

New Haven, CT
-born husband) would be well served by
finding out what`s on the mind of the folks from his
adopted Lone Star State.   

response to my "Conversations
with Tejanos
last week, I received a good
amount of e-mail from VDARE.COM readers in Texas. 

amnesty to illegal aliens from Mexico—or from anywhere
else for that matter—is the last thing on their minds.

recognize that their fellow-Texans of Mexican
descent—identified as "Tejanos" since at least
when leaders at Goliad used the term
—have been part
of Texas since before its founding.  In days of old,
Tejanos and Texians fought together to repel the Mexican
tricolor of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

But the
question is—would the illegal aliens of today, in a
pinch, help to repel the Mexican army? 

are they

invading army

For now, VDARE.COM-reading Texans
still know the difference between legal and illegal
immigration—even if the Bush Administration does not.

Here are the Texans` comments,
received since February 14, via e-mail:

Roger Chaillet [winner,
VDARE.COM War Against Christmas 2003 Competition

"Thanks for your
Valentine`s Day VDARE.COM piece on Texas illegal
BTW, I used to do
construction work here in Dallas, Texas.  It was during
the summer of 1978.  I did commercial roofing along with
other whites, as well as blacks and Mexican-Americans. 
I fail to understand how Dallas or Houston could come to
a `standstill` if illegals were deported.

"As for
the racial makeup of illegals, ask yourself, `Why does
George Bush focus only on illegal aliens from Mexico,
and not, say, from Ireland or

your reader failed to mention the explosive rise in the
murder rate here in Dallas.  Just this morning another
Mexican, probably an illegal, was murdered in the
northern Dallas suburb of Lewisville.  I drove through
this part of Lewisville not more than an hour after the
attack!  Lewisville used to be a sleepy bedroom suburb.


property taxes have skyrocketed
here in Texas to pay
for the education of the American (sic) offspring of

does the one Dallas letter writer fail to mention

From: Burley Morris

"I am a
Texan who has worked all over south Texas from the Trans
Pecos to Raymondville, including McAllen, Laredo, El
Paso, Pharr, Rio Grande City, Roma, Del Rio, Aguilares,
Mission, Edinburg, Bruni, Falfurrias, Zapata, Briscoe
Ranch, Bustamante, South Callaghan Ranch…

"In the
late `60s Laredo was a small border cow town, population
not more than 5-7 thousand.  Now it approaches or
exceeds 200,000.  They are not all Tejanos, believe me,
nor is the corridor from Laredo to Brownsville.  It is
wall-to-wall Mexican.  Many are


thing that your detractor leaves out is how it came to
be that Texas

became a nation

settlers and Tejanos
threw off Santa Anna`s
dictatorship. They had settled under the Constitution of
1824, and when Santa Anna rescinded it, and declared
himself dictator, they rebelled.  Under the

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,
reimbursement was made
to Mexico, plus additional later for southernmost parts
of New Mexico and Arizona for railroad.   Mexico ceded
Texas and its former lands


from some missions in South central Texas, and San
Antonio, the Mexican presence in the state was sparse. 
In fact, in 1848 there were more

Germans in Texas
than Mexicans.

"Needless to say there has been an enormous influx all
along that border, with the

weak enforcement
(5+ % apprehensions or more average
per year) for the last 35 years… Checkpoints were
sparse, and there were many ways to get round them that
I know of first-hand, without smuggling. In Texas
magazine in the 1980s illegals were quoted –
`look out gringos, here we come, and there`s nothing
you can do about it`
—which is pretty descriptive. 

illegals say they are

to `migrate` illegally, because it all used
to be theirs.  Some say they are reacquiring their
former jurisdictions without firing a shot.  There`s
more ammo in:  Lone
Star Internet

Handbook of Texas Online

Jack Bauer – MexicanWar

Descendants of Mexican War Veterans

Hardin – Texian Iliad

up the good work."

Paul Cornelius

"According to the portion of the email you reprinted
from Frank Zamarripa, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston
`would come to a

` without illegals, and `[
build all the houses and buildings, construct the
roadways, run the hotels,

the meat industry,
the agriculture, the McDonalds,

Dallas to come to a `standstill,` as Frank suggests, I
would be overjoyed.  Indeed, the quality of life in this
city and state would be 100 times better had Dallas come
to a standstill 15 or 20 years ago. 

used to be an efficient, jewel of the Sunbelt two
decades ago (when Dallas was called `Swiss` in its
administration) has become just another corrupt,
bankrupt, dirty,

, ward-dominated urban slum. 

I plan
on leaving the area as soon as family and work
responsibilities allow it. 

I was
born and raised here, and it doesn`t even faintly
resemble the city and area I grew up in during the

"I live

, a northwest suburb of Dallas.  And
here`s what Frank doesn`t tell you: Almost 90 percent of
the reports of murders, carjackings, robberies, home
invasions, and drunk driving related deaths are caused
by people with `Hispanic" names.  And when the local
news stations go to talk to relatives of both the
victims and the perps, they almost always need a Spanish

"Historically, Dallas` black parts of town, around Fair
Park, along Gaston Avenue, and in Oak Cliff, have been
responsible for

most crimes.
These days, it`s almost as much of a
shock when a black commits a crime as when a White is
responsible.  Increasingly, blacks are even becoming

equal opportunity
victims of `Hispanic` crime. 

Make no
mistake, almost all these `Hispanics` are Mexicans. 
Hence, the constant news addendums that the police are
looking for a `suspect` who is `presumed` to have

`fled to Mexico.`

"Otherwise, we can thank these Mexicans for the one or
two shutdowns per year of local schools, due to a

outbreak.  The continual

congestion of freeways
, leading to more and more
local roads being turned into toll-ways, and summer air
pollution alerts that make breathing Dallas` air one of
the most dangerous aspects of living here.  We also now
enjoy water shortages and rationing and a looming water

As for

manning the McDonalds
, I don`t eat

fast food
and feel sorry for anyone who does
so—risking God knows what diseases imported from Third
World Mexico.

"Finally, Parkland Hospital, the city`s indigent care
facility is on the

verge of bankruptcy
, as is the state`s Medicaid
program, because of the influx of Mexican illegals and

`anchor babies.`

schools?  Every two years, the state legislature must
respond to the

school funding `crisis,`
which is really a crisis in
funding the

education of illegals
and their offspring. 

Property taxes are skyrocketing and state services for
elderly, disabled, and impoverished American CITIZENS
being cut or ended, because `the children` come first."

From:  Pat Mason

how `Mexican Americans` freely use the racial slurs of

`Gringo,` and `Gueros,`
while whining about how
they`re victims of `racial discrimination` The hypocrisy
is sickening.  The great majority of those who identify
themselves as `Mexican Americans` divide their loyalties
openly between Mexico and the United States. 

is no such animal as a

hyphenated American.
You`re either

Mexican, or American.

`Hispanics,` whatever that means, who claim to have won
the right to be called `patriotic` simply because they
joined the U.S. military seem to have a strange sympathy
for their `comrades` illegally crossing the border. 

Additionally, having served in the military doesn`t
prove anything—especially that one is necessarily
"patriotic."  Most join the military as a means to an
end (i.e. job training, college tuition grants, etc).

seen many U.S. Army servicemen boarding planes in El
Paso, Texas, speaking pure Spanish with each
other.  Could these soldiers be counted on to turn back
an invading Mexican Army?  One has to wonder.  

these soldiers so easily embrace the Spanish language
over the native English tongue of the country they are
supposed to be defending, how could any responsible
commander put complete trust in these men to disregard
their obvious strong sympathies with their race and
culture to properly defend a different race and

the words `Mexican` and `Spanish` with

,` then answer the question."

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of