The Amnesty Bandwagon Rides Again

The public
relations campaign for President Obama`s latest revival
of "immigration
makes one thing crystal clear: This is not,
and never has been, about homeland security. This is
not, and never has been, about economic security. It`s
about political
security, plain and cynical. [Remarks
by the President on Comprehensive Immigration Reform in
El Paso, Texas
, May 10, 2011]

In conjunction
with Tuesday`s renewed White House push in Texas for a
"new pathway to
for millions of illegal immigrants,
disgruntled Latino activists are ratcheting up their
radical anti-enforcement rhetoric. Illinois Democratic

Rep. Luis Gutierrez

critic on Obama`s left flank—lambasted
federal workplace enforcement raids this weekend. On
Sunday, he repeated his hyperbolic attacks on homeland
security agents "terrorizing" neighborhoods and ripping babies from the breasts of nursing moms.
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet
Napolitano made no public effort to defend her

On campuses
across the country, unhappy ethnic college student
groups have turned up the heat on Democrats to resurrect
the "DREAM Act"
nightmare for the 12th time in a decade. The
legislation—persistently rejected by a bipartisan
majority on Capitol Hill—would provide illegal aliens
(not just teenagers, but

students up to age 35
) federal education access and
benefits, plus a conditional pass from deportation and a
special path toward green cards and U.S. citizenship for
themselves and unlimited relatives.

Obama argues
that his comprehensive amnesty plan would boost
America`s bottom line. But the open-borders math doesn`t
add up. The Congressional Budget Office score of the
last DREAM Act package estimates that

"the bill would
increase projected deficits by more than $5 billion in
at least one of the four consecutive 10-year periods
starting in 2021."
And that doesn`t include the
costs of the unlimited family members the millions of
DREAM Act beneficiaries would be able to bring to the
U.S. A separate cost analysis by the Washington,
D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies concluded that
the illegal
alien DREAM Act bailout would cost taxpayers $6.2
billion a year
"crowd out"
U.S. students in the classroom.

To help gloss
over those sobering realities and blur the lines between
legal and illegal immigration, Obama

summoned Latino celebrities
such as actresses

Eva Longoria

Rosario Dawson
. The starlets—deemed important
in the immigration policy debate by the

celebrity in chief
—have served as glamorous
distractions from the vocal complaints of Southwest

, farmers and

other victims of continued border chaos
. These are
the real stakeholders whose

lives and livelihoods
are at risk. But none had a
seat at the Hollywood-filled table.

While proudly
emphasizing her ethnic loyalties, Dawson (an outspoken
critic of Arizona`s immigration enforcement law) insists
immigration reform

"isn`t just a
or Latino issue. But for more candid
liberal strategists, the illegal alien amnesty bandwagon
is nothing more than a tool to motivate current and
future Latinos to protect the Democrats` grip on power.
Eliseo Medina, secretary treasurer of Obama`s
deep-pocketed backers at the Service Employees
International Union, laid out the stakes in
an interview with MSNBC:

"Clearly with immigration reform and any other kind
of reform that would benefit the Latino community, we
have to make sure that our voices are heard in the
ballot box. There are approximately 23 million Latinos
that are eligible to vote, yet only

10 million voted in 2008."

SEIU`s goal:
"If we increase the

from 10 million to anywhere between 12 and 15 million, we`re going to
have an outsized impact on the election in 2012."

If, as widely
expected, Obama fails to deliver amnesty through the
legislative process, there`s always amnesty by executive
fiat. White House insiders first floated the idea in

June 2010 to unilaterally extend either deferred action

or parole to millions of illegal aliens in the United
States. This administration has accomplished its

major policy agenda items
through force, fiat and
fraud. Immigration will be no different.

for the law-abiding, there is no
Hollywood-Washington-Big Labor lobby to speak for them.
While Obama`s homeland security officials hang their
banner over the border, the feds have
barely made a dent in the three-year naturalization
application backlog or the 400,000-deportation fugitive

Meanwhile, law
enforcement witnesses told a House subcommittee last
month that border smuggling has grown so out of control
that federal prosecutors are simply declining to pursue
cases. Cochise County, Arizona, Sheriff Larry Dever
testified about the feds` so-called

"Turn Back South"
policy—which includes lowering thresholds for
drug and smuggling prosecutions, and permitting
border-crossers at least seven strikes before being
charged with immigration misdemeanors. And just last

the General Accounting Office reported another massive
1.6 million illegal visa overstayers backlog
problem exposed by five of the 19
September 11 hijackers
who benefited from

systemic failure to enforce visa regulations.

So much for

"never forget."


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