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Memo From Middle America | War On Christmas—War On American Food—War On America?

It’s not enough that Christmas is being replaced in the name of diversity–so is American food, at least according to the Main Stream Media, which wants to lecture us on how this means the historic American nation is inevitably being replaced too. 

For years, we’ve been told that salsa now outsells ketchup in the US. [Ketchup vs. Salsa: By the Numbers, By Carl Bialik, WSJ, September 20, 2007]But a recent Associated Press Article took it a step further, reporting that several well-known American foods are now being outsold by Mexican foods.

The packaging of this AP same article by two different outlets of the “conservative” Fox empire is also revealing. 

On My Fox DC the article was entitled Changing demographics influencing taste buds; salsa beats ketchup! [AP, October 17, 2013].

But over on Fox Latino, it was announced in typical triumphalist fashion: Tortillas vs. Hot Dog Buns: Latinos Take Over The American Culinary Experience [AP, October 18, 2013].

Besides the headline, a different first sentence was placed in each article. My Fox DC began with:

Salsa overtaking ketchup as America's No. 1 condiment was just the start.

Fox Latino version kicks off with:

Are Latinos taking over the American cuisine?

The AP article reports that

  • “Tortillas and taco kits outsell hamburgers and hot dog buns”
  • “Sales of tortilla chips trump potato chips”
  • Tomato-based salsa not only outsells ketchup, but outsells ketchup 2 to 1

Gloatingly, the article explains that this is part of a demographic transformation (which, it implies, is inevitable and all good people support):

As immigrant and minority populations rewrite American demographics, the nation's collective menu is reflecting this flux, as it always has…This is a rewrite of the American menu at the macro level, an evolution of whole patterns of how people eat.

And we are reminded this is all due to a particular group of people who cannot be denied:

The biggest culinary voting bloc is Hispanic.

Ah, hah! Just as in electoral politics, the MSM is

Cruciphobia at Mt. Soledad: The Cross the Left Can't Bear

Cruciphobia at Mt. Soledad: The Cross the Left Can't Bear

Consider this: Taylor Swift wasn't even born yet when the fight over the Mount Soledad cross began. How much longer will it drag on? Disgruntled atheists first filed suit over the memorial at a veterans park in San Diego in the summer of 1989. The fringe grievance-mongers have clung bitterly to their litigious activities for nearly a quarter-century. It's time to let go and bring peace to the city.

The historic 43-foot cross has stood atop Mount Soledad on public land since 1954. The Mount Soledad Memorial Association erected the monument to commemorate the sacrifice of American soldiers who died in the Korean War, World War I and World War II. The cross has long carried meaning for the city's residents far beyond religious symbolism. "It's a symbol of coming of age and of remembrance," Pastor Mark Slomka of the Mount Soledad Presbyterian Church said years ago when the case erupted. The San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board explained that the cross is "much like the Mission San Diego de Alcala and the cross at Presidio Park, both of which also are rooted in Christianity but have come to signify the birth of San Diego."

I first started covering the case as an editorial writer at the Los Angeles Daily News in the early 1990s. A federal judge initially ruled that the landmark cross's presence violated the California constitution's church-state separation principles. The city of San Diego put the issue before voters, who overwhelmingly approved a practical solution in 2005: Sell the cross and the park to the veterans group for use in a national war memorial.

A pragmatic, tolerant resolution with 76 percent of voters' support? Heavens, no! The extreme secularists couldn't have that. They sued and sued and sued and sued. By 2007, the state Supreme Court—affirmed by a state appellate court—had rejected the atheists' campaign. The courts affirmed the constitutionality of the San Diego referendum (Proposition A) and the sale of the cross to the Mount Soledad Memorial Association. The American Civil Liberties Union intervened to suppress and "de-publish" the ruling as a way to prevent its use in future litigation. They lost.

Cruciphobia at Mt. Soledad: The Cross the Left Can't BearLawyers for the Thomas More Law Center, which represented the memorial association, were relieved: "This decision protects the will of the people and their desire to preserve a historical veterans memorial for future generations." They've fought hard to remind America that the Founding Fathers fought for freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

But still the cross-hunters press on. Fast-forward to Christmas week 2013. U.S. District Court Judge Larry Burns, who earlier had ruled in support of the cross, was forced to rule that it must come down in 90 days in the wake of a liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision overturning his prior decision. In anticipation of new appeals, Burns stayed the order. All eyes are on the U.S. Supreme Court, which refused to hear the case last summer.

Rabbi Ben Kamin, who lives in Southern California, responded sensibly to the hysteria of the Mount Soledad cross-hunters who claimed to be irreparably "hurt"

War Against Christmas: Kwanzaa And The FBI

Peter Brimelow Responds To A Thoughtful Tennessee Reader About The Future

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War Against Christmas 2013: America's Cultural Marxist Elite Deadlocked By Leaderless Patriot Resistance

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[Previously by Tom Piatak: Happy Holidays? Bah! Humbug!, November 23, 2001,  The War On Christmas After Ten Years January 5, 2012, and at least a dozen more in between.]

Let me start off by noting that the Duck Dynasty, ground zero of the most intense battle in America’s Culture War since Chick-Fil-A, drew an estimated 30,000 people from all over the country to the recent “Commander Christmas” (not “Holiday”) parade in Monroe LA.

The Culture Wars are One.

In 2013, the 2013 War Against Christmas is marked by the same patterns we have seen in recent years: an elite consensus that the War against Christmas does not exist coupled with outrage that anyone should care about constant attempts to diminish the public celebration of Christmas, matched by a steady popular resistance by ordinary Americans to further encroachments on Christmas. This popular resistance, as Editor Peter Brimelow has noted, is essentially leaderless. But it is nonetheless effective in maintaining this deadlock, even as other fronts in the culture war—most notoriously, “Gay marriage”—threaten to turn into routs by the left.

The War against Christmas, as has long noted, is not confined to the United States, and thus cannot be attributed to the First Amendment. I commented on this in May for Chronicles, after reading a piece in La Stampa describing how the education minister in the Spanish province of Asturias had ordered schools there to replace references to Christmas and Holy Week with references to "winter holidays" and "end of second term holidays."  [Spanish province of Asturias says goodbye to “Christmas” and hello to “winter holidays”, By Marco Tosatti,   May 21, 2013]The rationale given for this nonsense: the need to "not to hurt peoples' sensitivities," driving home the point that those of us who enjoy the public celebration of Christian holidays simply don't have "sensitivities" worth considering.

La Stampa’s Tosatti  also noted similar efforts in Belgium, where

"Duck Dynasty" and the New Blacklist

Korie Robertson (Mrs. Willie Robertson) for those of you who were tired of pictures of Phil.Pope Francis' call for a truce notwithstanding, the culture war rages on in America.

Last week, a Utah judge struck down part of the state's anti-polygamy law, clearing the way for men to marry multiple spouses.

Methodist pastor Frank Schaefer, defrocked for officiating at the same-sex marriage of his son, refused to recant, and joined a Dupont Circle congregation, declaring from the pulpit to repeated ovations Sunday, "Change is coming" to the United Methodist Church.

Major media stories both.

Yet these were skirmishes alongside the culture war clash last week over the remarks to GQ magazine of Phil Robertson, patriarch of the clan of "Duck Dynasty," the wildly popular show on A&E.

Using crude terms, but biblically correct arguments, Robertson told GQ what he thought of homosexuality and moral relativism. Said Robertson:

"Everything is blurred on what's right and what's wrong. Sin

Stockman And Cornyn Campaign Manager Agree On Immigration—But Stockman Could Do Something About It

 Does GOP Establishment Senator John Cornyn, who is facing down a surprise primary challenge from Congressman Steve Stockman to thunderous applause from the MSM and Conservatism Inc., have a Southern Avenger problem?

“The Southern Avenger” was the stage name of former talk show host and conservative polemicist Jack Hunter, who was in the process of mutating into a Beltway operative working for Libertarianism Inc. Senator Rand Paul when he was outed for his Politically Incorrect past by the neoconservative webzine Washington Free Beacon.

Let me be clear: I don’t think Hunter should have been purged for his (former) Political Incorrectness. I think Hunter should have stood his ground and Paul should have backed him up, just as I think Rand’s father Ron Paul should have stood his ground over the somewhat similar point-and-splutter faux scandal (there was nothing in either case that had not long been on the public record) over his paleolibertarian Ron Paul newsletters. Political Correctness is the mortal enemy of any sort of rational thought on the National Question and America’s post-1965 immigration disaster.

Oh—maybe that’s the idea?

But Hunter and Paul caved and groveled anyway, just as Ron Paul did before him.

The moral of this story: Conservatism Inc. takes promising activists and redirects them into dead ends. Next case: Brendan Steinhauser, Cornyn’s campaign manager. He was a Tea Party organizer and a former campus radical conservative.

In college, Steinhauser was a chapter leader of Young Conservatives of Texas—the same group that recently hosted a “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day” before pressure from the state Republican Party forced them to back down. In 2004, he (literally) wrote the book on using controversial tactics to build conservatism on campuses: The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses. The book heavily promotes the “Affirmative Action bake sale,” a onetime staple of conservative campus activism which involves charging different races different prices for baked goods. Steinhauser even wrote an article for David Horowitz’ Two, Three, Many Bake Sales, (September 28, 2003).

And Steinhauser was also explicitly on the side of secure borders during the Bush Administration. In 2006 he condemned “illegal aliens” who wanted “citizens’ rights” and urged

War Against Christmas 2013 | POLITICO’s Daniel Danvir Cranks It Up With “War On Christmas Denial Denial”—Smears With Guilt By Association

See also: War Against Christmas 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999 All Posts

A recent salvo in the War On Christmas, which I suspect POLITICO thinks of the latest salvo against “The War On Christmas” is a story called

A Short History of the War on Christmas 

How everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Jon Stewart became a co-conspirator in an annual farce.

By Daniel Denvir, Politico, December 16, 2013

Denvir [Twitter] starts with Guilt By Association. Now, I’m actually in favor of guilt by association. You know the people in the 50s, investigated by Joseph McCarthy or HUAC, who were members of a zillion Communist fronts? They were guilty.

Barack Obama, comrade of Bill Ayers, and parishioner of Jeremiah Wright’s church? Guilty, too. (Guilty respectively of pro-Communism, anti-Americanism, and anti-white animus.)

However, neither Editor Peter Brimelow nor I are associated in any way with Henry Ford, automotive industrialist and “author”(he used a ghostwriter) of a book called The International Jew, nor with the 1950- era John Birch Society—two early examples of people objecting to the War On Christmas that Denvir adduces.

This kind of thing is common on the Left—Guilt By Association with no association. In Brimelow’s  Alien Nation, you can read about a Raoul Lowery Contreras attack on a George Will column [A 'Nation of Immigrants' no More, July 29, 1993] which had quoted Peter Brimelow to the effect that supporters of current immigration policy “must explain why they wish to transform the American nation as it had evolved by 1965''.

Contreras said that the American of 1965 had “needed to be transformed and that's exactly what's happening, Brimelow, Will and Metzger notwithstanding.”[Racists Wish to Turn America as It Had Evolved in 1965 [sic] El Hispano (Sacramento), August 11, 1993].

In Alien Nation, Brimelow wrote in response:

"Tom Metzger is the leader of the neo-Nazi White Aryan Resistance. In a 1990 case, he was held liable for civil damages on the theory that his views had inspired three of his followers to murder an Ethiopian immigrant. Contreras seems to have thrown him in to keep us company.” 

Metzger is in no way associated with Will or Peter Brimelow. Contreras decided that what Brimelow said was racist, Will, in quoting him was racist, therefore: Nazi!

Denvir thinks Bill O’Reilly is anti-Semitic, and his opposition to the War on Christmas is nuts, therefore: Henry Ford/John Birch/Whatever!

Denvir doesn’t link directly to the sources of the Henry Ford quotes or the Birch Society pamphlet. He scalped it from earlier an earlier War On Christmas denial piece by Michelle Goldberg from Salon Magazine:

If there's no War On Christmas, what are these guys jousting about?

The right-wing crusade against the liberal "war on Christmas" is great for rallying the troops. Too bad the war doesn't exist.

How the secular humanist grinch didn’t steal Christmas, November 21, 2005

As Tom Piatak wrote at the time:  Yes, Virginia (And Michelle Goldberg), There Is A War Against Christmas.

This was an early case of War On Christmas Denial (Stage 4 in Peter Brimelow’s Eight Stages Of Christophobia). But, as with Denvir’s piece now, Goldberg herself actually linked back to actual examples of the War on Christmas, going back years and years.

Denvir gives another horrible example of the tainted sources of the War on Christmas resistance—us here at

Blogger Peter Brimelow

Duck Dynasty On Verge Of Victory For Historic America—If They Don't Quail

Sadie Robertson is the granddaughter of Phil and Miss Kay . She is the niece of Jase and Jep, and the great niece of Si.

From patriarch Phil to granddaughter Sadie, the Robertson Family is united.

It’s another Chick-Fil-A moment, as the historic American nation rises in defense of the “Duck Commander” of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. Whether this is beginning of the successful counter-revolution against the controlled media’s intimidation that Paul Kersey predicted after the Paula Deen debacle, or just another conservative false start, depends entirely on whether the Robertson family sticks together and if the Duck Commander holds the line. 

After comments about homosexuals and blacks deemed Offensive by elite opinion makers, Robertson family patriarch Phil Robertson was suspended from the record-breaking program, leading to public outrage, a backlash against gay rights organizations, unease among a few liberals like Andrew Sullivan and Jon Stewart and even—incredibly—support from Republican politicians.

The controversy began as it so often does, when a liberal publication sent out a reporter to write the kind of the “Gorillas in the Mist” story that pathologizes anyone who doesn’t get their opinions straight from Rachel Maddow or the Huffington Post Gay Voices. Reporter Drew Magary duly elicited the now-famous quote from Phil Robertson:

“It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

[What the Duck, GQ, January 2014]

The reaction to these light-hearted comments was instantaneous. The Main Stream Media, which has increasingly abandoned even the pretense of reporting instead of brow-beating, flew into its usual mode of caterwauling, wailing and humorless passive aggressive proclamations. The Huffington Post (headed by a woman sporting the name of her homosexual ex-husband) predictably shrieked about “shockingly vile” comments. 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Makes Anti-Gay Remarks, Says Being Gay Is A Sin [UPDATED] ” Piers Morgan sputtered that Phil’s comments were “repugnant” and called for “responsible” corporate donors to drop him.

And of course, the hysterics at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation screeched at A&E, who instantly suspended Robertson because of his defiance of the “fundamental values of the company.” Apparently, sodomy is more “fundamental” to A&E than freedom of speech.

But a funny thing has happened on the way to the lynching —the Robertsons closed ranks. They issued a statement saying that

Why Neo-Isolationism Is Soaring

"Duck Dynasty" Persecutors GLAAD: More Cultural Marxist Christophobes

"Duck Dynasty" Persecutors GLAAD:  More Cultural Marxist Christophobia"Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson is not alone. He's the latest in a long, long lineup of politically incorrect targets of the left's sensitivity mob. Founded in 1985, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) gangstas won't stop until both the cultural and legal enforcement of their agenda are the norm.

The A&E network (Atheists & Elitists) suspended the reality TV patriarch and self-made businessman on Wednesday for the Biblical views he expressed in an interview with GQ. Robertson was asked by the liberal magazine what he viewed as sinful. Drawing on the condemnation of sexual immorality in Corinthians 6:9, he cited "adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won't inherit the kingdom of God."

Robertson's punishable transgressions? Responding honestly to a question posed to him (this was not an unsolicited "anti-gay rant"; it was a response) and abiding by his Christian faith. GLAAD's P.C. Praetorian Guard sprung into repressive action. The same group that initially gave f-word-spouting, homophobic liberal Alec Baldwin a pass accused Robertson of uttering "some of the vilest and most extreme statements" against "LGBT people" ever. (They should listen to the Koran-inspired executioners' rants of gay-hanging and gay-stoning Iranian mullahs sometime.) GLAAD also railed

John Derbyshire On Race-Whipped Conservatives And The Stigma Of “Racism”—Or: Robert VerBruggen Loves Big Brother!

Robert VerBruggen’s piece “The Stigma of Racism” at has been widely noted on the race-realist websites, mainly for purposes of mockery.

The topic of the piece is a study conducted by a Harvard professor on people’s willingness to admit having noticed race. The setup for the study is:

  • A screen showing twelve faces, six white and six black.
  • Volunteer X, who silently selects one face from the twelve.
  • Volunteer Y, who has to discover which face X selected by asking X a series of yes-no questions.


 By asking “Is the person black?” Y could eliminate half the faces right away. However, most Ys did not ask this question, nor mention race at all, especially when X was black.

Yet that majority of Ys who did not mention race were more likely to be perceived as racist by X—more likely, that is, than the minority who did mention race. [The Costs of Racial “Color Blindness”, by Michael I. Norton and Evan P. Apfelbaum, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2013]

So far, so good, although nothing very surprising. As VerBruggen says:

[Many whites] place so much importance on demonstrating that black people don’t make them nervous that black people make them nervous.

But he then goes on to tell us that this is a jolly good thing:

Going from Jim Crow to white people who refuse to utter the words “Is the person black?”—often categorically, but frequently in deference to a nearby person of color [sic]—in 50 years is a remarkable accomplishment for the civil-rights movement, both as a social force and as a driver of government policy.

As I said, the piece drew some mocking responses. The Countenance blog was particularly scathing:

So, a knave who . . . praises as “a remarkable accomplishment for the civil rights movement” the fact that we have gone “from Jim Crow to white people refusing to utter the words” is all of a sudden upset when white people self-censor and engage in informal affirmative action.

AmRen posted an edited version of VerBruggen’s piece which generated a long comment thread. Several commenters stated the obvious thing: that the “remarkable accomplishment for the civil rights movement” that VerBruggen [Twitter] rhapsodizes over consists in having instilled justified fear in nonblacks—the fear that they will lose their jobs if they venture outside the narrow bounds of approved discourse by so much as a millimeter.

By that criterion, the greatest social “accomplishments” of the 20th century were those of Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Il Sung, and Pol Pot.

Chuck at noted the piece

Register Maniacs, Not Guns: Mental Health Laws Let Loonies Wander Free

Instead of always taking incoming fire, how about Republicans start sending some back?

Affirmative Action AND Corruption—The Crony Obama Donors in Charge of DHS

Jeh Johnson is the "first African-American" to hold this DHS postDirty Harry Reid sabotaged the filibuster, and now the Democrats are running wild in Washington. Mark my words: We all will pay a price. Thanks to Reid's crony-coddling rule change, unqualified stooges will manage the Obama Department of Homeland Security. It's a bundler's world, and we're just living in it. God help us.

On Monday night, Senate Democrats voted 57-37 to end debate on the nomination of Jeh Johnson to head DHS. That's three votes short of the traditional 60-vote filibuster threshold that Reid nuked last month. Johnson went on to win his appointment by

Memo From Middle America | Merry Christmas (And Travel Warnings) From Mexico

Some Americans are afraid to visit Mexico, given the ongoing and well-publicized drug cartel violence, but millions do still visit and aren’t victims of crime. What’s going on?

I’ve written about this issue before. It’s is not a merely academic issue for me: I take my family to visit Mexico twice a year. (For my most recent trip, click here.) We’re planning our next visit at Christmastime.

I neither encourage nor discourage Americans from visiting Mexico. But for those who go, I recommend they be well aware of where exactly they are going and what they plan to do there. The U.S. State Department website’s Mexico Travel Warning is quite informative:

Millions of U.S. citizens safely visit Mexico each year for study, tourism, and business, including more than 150,000 who cross the border every day. More than 20 million U.S. citizens visited Mexico in 2012. …Resort areas and tourist destinations in Mexico generally do not see the levels of drug-related violence and crime that is reported in the border region and in areas along major trafficking routes.

On the other hand….

Nevertheless, U.S. travelers should be aware that the Mexican government has been engaged in an extensive effort to counter TCOs [Transnational Criminal Organizations] which engage in narcotics trafficking and other unlawful activities throughout Mexico. …Crime and violence are serious problems and can occur

Is Putin A Paleo?

Is Putin A Paleo?Is Putin a paleoconservative?

In the culture war for mankind's future, is he one of us?

While such a question may be blasphemous in Western circles, consider the content of the Russian president's state of the nation address.

With America clearly in mind, Putin declared, "In many countries today, moral and ethical norms are being reconsidered."

"They're now requiring not only the proper acknowledgment of freedom of conscience, political views and private life, but also the mandatory acknowledgment of the equality of good and evil."

Translation: While privacy and freedom of thought, religion and speech are cherished rights, to equate traditional marriage and same-sex marriage is to equate good with evil.

No moral confusion here, this is moral clarity, agree or disagree.

President Reagan once called the old Soviet Empire "the focus of evil in the modern world." President Putin is implying that Barack Obama's America may deserve the title in the 21st century.

Nor is he without an argument when we reflect on America's embrace of abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, pornography, promiscuity, and the whole panoply of Hollywood values.

Our grandparents would not recognize the America in which we live.

Moreover, Putin asserts, the new immorality has been imposed undemocratically.

The "destruction of traditional values" in these countries, he said, comes "from the top" and is "inherently undemocratic because it is based on abstract ideas and runs counter to the will of the majority of people."

Does he not have a point?

Unelected justices declared abortion and homosexual acts to be constitutionally protected rights. Judges have been the driving force behind the imposition of same-sex marriage. Attorney General Eric Holder refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

America was de-Christianized in the second half of the 20th century by court orders, over the vehement objections of a huge majority of a country that was overwhelmingly Christian.


Culture of Corruption: The Dems' Dangerous DHS Pick, Alejandro Mayorkas

Culture of Corruption: The Dems' Dangerous DHS Pick, Alexander MayorkasThe "S" in President Obama's DHS doesn't stand for "security." It stands for "sleaze." In the wake of Dirty Harry Reid's sabotage of the filibuster, Democrats have rammed through the Senate nomination of a shady Chicago crony associated with dangerous Clinton corruption and at least two visas-for-sale schemes.

 The White House wants Alejandro Mayorkas to helm the No. 2 position at the Department of Homeland Security. It speaks volumes about this ethics-challenged administration that the most qualified person it could find for this important post is a government DHS hack currently under investigation by other DHS hacks. More on that in a moment.

On Tuesday, Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security

Obama Vigilantes At MEDIA MATTERS Muscle Critics Of Treason Bar USCIS Takeover

Immigration law enforcement is in shambles, but now the Obama Regime is using it for outright subversion. Reversing decades of policy, the Obama Administration is staffing the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with lawyers from the Treason Lobby who specialize in helping illegals break the laws USCIS is supposed to enforce. And what’s worse the Obama Regime’s media vigilantes say the real problem is the people pointing it out—like former Justice Department lawyeWell, we COULD have displayed a picture of  J. Christian Adamsr J. Christian Adams (who resigned in protest over the New Black Panther cover-up) and Fox’s Elizabeth Hasselbeck.(Pictured right.)

Immigration law enforcement was already in shambles because the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) was broken up in 2003. The agency once held all authority in immigration law enforcement, but the responsibility is now split between USCIS, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The unified INS developed an effective agency culture. Most positions attended the Immigration Officer Academy, which provided uniform training and standards for the entire department. More importantly, INS consciously developed its cadres by only hiring employees at the trainee level, including Deputy District Counsels, the attorneys who prosecute