Report From Occupied America: Jared Taylor`s Open Letter to Alexandra Wallace

James Fulford writes: We`re reposting this
Open Letter, which Jared Taylor

night on

with added links because it`s important—since we last

, Miss
Wallace has been forced to drop out of UCLA, where she
was a member of white minority group on the UCLA campus.
Her experience is instructive as to what the rest of us

if we
allow ourselves to
become a minority. Do not expect
affirmative action or reparations.

Dear Miss Wallace,

Welcome to fame you never wanted.

By my count, since you posted your

YouTube video
about Asians at UCLA
on March 11—10 days
ago—some six million people have watched it. You took it
down two days later, but it went viral anyway. There are
now scores of

"replies" and
"parodies" on
most of them vile, many of them obscene.

National newspapers
have held you up to ridicule,
and UCLA`s

vice chancellor
for student affairs Janina Montero

she is "appalled
and offended.
After a week of enduring what you say were
"the harassment
of my family, the publishing of my personal information,
death threats and being ostracized from an entire
you have decided to drop out of UCLA. [UCLA
student who made controversial video says she`ll leave
| L.A. NOW |
Los Angeles Time, March 18, 2011]

None of this would have happened if
you had been caught

stealing books
from the library

on an

. It would not have happened even if you had
been arrested for

bank robbery

. In the times in which we live, what you did
was far worse. You were

What exactly did you do? You said "hordes" of Asians attend UCLA. In fact, there are

more Asian
than white undergraduates—37
percent vs. 32 percent
—so whites are a minority.
They don`t call it
"UCL Asian"
for nothing. You said the number of Asians was
"fine" with
you but that if they were going to come to UCLA they
should learn American manners. Specifically you said
they should not use

cell phones
in the library, and
imitated how they talk
. You also said that the

of Asian students come to

cook and clean
for them, so that Asian students
never learn to
"fend for themselves."
Tasteless, perhaps, but
hardly shocking.

I`m sure you feel you are being
punished terribly for a trivial mistake—for something
that might not

even be a mistake at all
. I`m sure you are
bewildered and frightened, and I suspect no one in your
circle can explain what is happening.

Let me try. Perhaps it is beginning
to dawn on you that your sin was not what you said but
who you are.

If you were


and made a

mocking video about Asians
no one would care. The
Asians and others who have made video
address you as "bitch" and say awful
things about your appearance and imagined sex habits,
but no one has criticized them. Many of them seem to be
students. Is the administration
"appalled and
? Have they received death threats? No.

In 2005, Kamau Kambon, a black man
who taught Africana studies at North Carolina State

said on C-SPAN

all whites should be exterminated.
It caused hardly
a ripple. Just last year,

Professor Kent Wong
of your very own UCLA

urged non-whites
"become lawyers,
and teachers, and doctors and members of the U.S. Senate
[and] replace those old white men."
Was Vice
Chancellor Montero
"appalled." No. But she is appalled at you. Why?

Pearl Cleage [Email
] can help you understand. She is a

black poet and playwright
, just the

sort of person
you might have had to read in
high-school English. This is what she

about race:

"In discussions of race between black people and white people the
conscious black person is always right; is
the ultimate authority on questions having to
do with race and racism; must always be regarded
as the `injured party,` or the oppressed. . . . [
cannot possibly be expected to be objective about
questions of race."
[Pearl Cleage, Deals With the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot (New York, Ballantine Books, 1993), p.

That, italics and all, sums it up,
and what Miss Cleage says about blacks applies to all
non-whites. They are your moral superiors, and you must
defer to them on the subject of race. In fact, it`s
safer to defer to them on other things, too. You never
know when

disagreeing with a Hispanic could be

Non-whites, on the other hand, don`t have to be
"sensitive." They can

mock you, insult you, imitate your accent
, insist
that you learn their manners, but you, Miss Wallace, are
different. You must never do these things.

And you must never, never, never
notice that whites are outnumbered at UCLA. Next you
might notice that whites are being outnumbered in the
whole country—outnumbered by people whom your very own
Professor Wong [Email
] is urging to

"replace those old white men."
You are not an old white man; you
are a young white woman. Judging from the obscene
"replies" on
YouTube, the people who are replacing the old white men
different plans
for you.

None of this is fair, Miss Wallace.
Just three minutes of what you thought was harmless
video have changed your life. And what have you learned?
The lesson Vice Chancellor Montero wants you to learn is
the same one Pearl Cleage wants you to learn: that you
are always wrong, always the oppressor. She wants you to

hang your head, and be

all your life.

I hope you learn different lessons.
They are difficult lessons that will destroy your
illusions, but the sooner you learn them the stronger
you will be. You have already learned that when
populations change, culture and behavior changes. I hope
you will learn that as a white woman, as someone
descended from the

stock who built this country
established its institutions
, you have the right
to notice and care. If newcomers are

changing this country
in ways you don`t like, you
have the

right to say so
. You have the right to want your
country to

remain part of the West
rather than become a

chaotic mix of conflicting peoples and cultures.

I hope you learn that double
standards about
are not just about tormenting one
white woman and ignoring the vicious behavior of her
non-white attackers. Those double standards mean that no

white person may ever stand up

his own values and culture
. They mean that
non-whites may work for explicitly racial goals but
whites may not. Ultimately, Miss Wallace, double
standards that deny to whites what they permit to
non-whites ensure that your people and your culture will
be elbowed aside.

These are difficult and painful
truths. It often takes years to grasp them. But you will

what has happened to you
only if you can see through
the lies
and deceptions
that distort everything

you have ever been told about race

In the eyes of the people who are
driving you off campus, your greatest sin, Miss Wallace,
is that you are


Jared Taylor (
him) is editor of

American Renaissance

and the author of 
With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in
Contemporary America
(For Peter Brimelow`s review, click

The long-awaited sequel,

White Identity: Racial Consciousness In The 21st
Century, will be published this year.