Alien Nation Review: America Press, April 1995

America, April 22, 1995 v172 n14 p6(1)  By Terry Golway © America Press Inc. 1995 

Alien Nation Review: The Immigration Wave: A Plea to Hold It Back

By Richard Bernstein The New York Times April 19, 1995 ALIEN NATION Common Sense About

Alien Nation Review: Natterings Of A Neo-Nativist

By Reed Ueda Wall Street Journal April 18, 1995

Take Back Your Tired, Your Poor

ALIEN NATION Common Sense About America`s Immigration Disaster Random House 327pp $24 BY CHRISTOPHER FARRELL BusinessWeek, April 17, 1995

Too Many Foreigners 

By Nicholas Lemann New York Times, April 16, 1995

Out of the melting pot, into the fire | Alien Nation Review: Washington Monthly, April 1995


Alien Nation Review: Has the Melting Pot Begun to Boil?

By Stephan Thernstrom The Washington Post April 02, 1995 IF YOU liked California`s Proposition 187, you`ll

Review of Alien Nation: The Closing of the American Mind | Peter Brimelow`s Foreign Intervention

By Lawrence Chua Village Voice Literary Supplement, Apr. 1995, p. 17. ALIEN NATION: Common Sense About America`s Immigration Disaster By

Alien Nation Review: Booklist, March 1995


Alien Nation Review: Publishers Weekly, Feb., 1995

Publishers Weekly, Feb 27, 1995