U.S. 2000 = Canada 1984?

[Peter Brimelow writes: Yeah, yeah, I know we should be posting about the October 11 Presidential Debate

They`re Killers. They`re HIV-Positive. And Guess What?…

Remember the "Lost Boys"? - the gang of child soldiers that the media discovered in the Sudan a

Presidential Debate Phooey! Trudeau Meant More To America’s National Question.

(Peter Brimelow`s 1986 book The Patriot Game: Canada and the Canadian Question Revisited is

Scott McConnell`s Buchanan Diary – That Immigration Ad

Previous Buchanan Diaries and VDARE Invitation to Other Campaigns Friday, October 6, 2000

VDARE – Q & A Session with Milton Friedman

Q & A session with Milton Friedman at the 18th Annual Institute for Liberty and Policy Analysis

Peter Brimelow Is Scum! (And Michael Lind is a…)

(And Michael Lind is a...) A few days ago, I commended to Peter

Olympics and Race: the results

The Olympics are the world`s festival of human biodiversity. And the medallists in

Alien Crossings

The American Spectator—October 2000 Ask ranchers

Man Bites Dog! LA Times Mentions the I-Word! (No Olympics)

The Los Angeles Times gave me a shock this week. I was reading

The National Question and the Olympics

The nation-state may be "finished" (R. Bartley, Editor, Wall Street Journal). But you sure