Too Many Foreigners 

By Nicholas Lemann New York Times, April 16, 1995

Out of the melting pot, into the fire | Alien Nation Review: Washington Monthly, April 1995


Alien Nation Review: Has the Melting Pot Begun to Boil?

By Stephan Thernstrom The Washington Post April 02, 1995 IF YOU liked California`s Proposition 187, you`ll

Review of Alien Nation: The Closing of the American Mind | Peter Brimelow`s Foreign Intervention

By Lawrence Chua Village Voice Literary Supplement, Apr. 1995, p. 17. ALIEN NATION: Common Sense About America`s Immigration Disaster By

Alien Nation Review: Booklist, March 1995


Alien Nation Review: Publishers Weekly, Feb., 1995

Publishers Weekly, Feb 27, 1995

Thank You for Smoking

THE HANGPERSON`S NOOSE is unmistakably around the tobacco industry`s neck. In Florida and

“Black Mischief”

"Amity Shlaes feels helpless against the rising tide of anti-white  larceny and murder in New York" The London

When Quotas Replace Merit, Everybody Suffers

Bill Clinton promised that his cabinet would show as much diversity as is seen in the

Corporate Culture—Review of To the End of Time, by Richard M. Clurman

Commentary, September 1992 To the End of Time: The Seduction and Conquest of a Media Empire. By Richard