Bilingualism−Bipartisan Blunder

Letters on Bilingualism Bilingualism - bipartisan blunder The Associated Press reported on 3/16/2000:

Scott McConnell`s Buchanan Diary

Previous Diaries Sunday, March 19

VDARE – The DOE`s Looney Diversitycrat

Peter Brimelow writes: Department of Education officials claimed to be unaware of Jane Elliot`s views in March 2000

Inequality: The Immigration Dimension

Near Monument Valley, site of so many John Wayne westerns, the borders of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and

Scott McConnell`s Buchanan Diary

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The Economist Magazine on Immigration

Scott McConnell`s Buchanan Diary

March 6, 2000: Last Thursday (March 2) we set up a press conference at the National Press club

Green Gag

Letters GREEN GAG Mass immigration`s impact on the American environment has become another of those issues that can`t be discussed

Valhalla of the Idiots Savant

March 01, 2000 I recently moved from Manhattan, which I assumed to be America`s zenith of solipsism, materialism and

02/27/00 – Diversity is Strength – College Admissions

For Gatekeepers at Colleges, A Daunting Task of Weeding, by Jacques Steinberg, New York Times, February 27,