Unzism Strikes Back

Peter Brimelow on Ron Unz Ron Unz asks Peter Brimelow a Question Unzism - The (New) Doctrine of American

VDARE – Scott McConnell`s Buchanan Diary April 16, 2000

Previous Buchanan Diaries Sunday, April 16, 2000 The campaign needs some humongous number of signatures in Texas, and Pat is

Unzism–The (New) Doctrine Of American Decline

Ron Unz is California`s most interesting and adventurous political entrepreneur. An ultra-high IQ physicist turned Silicon Valley software

Scott McConnell`s Buchanan Diary

  Previous Diaries Sunday, April 9, 2000 An oddly empty office by the end of the week, with a van

04/07/00 – Census Follies

Letter re Census Follies

Scott McConnell`s Buchanan Diary

Monday, April 3, 2000 A terrific week in the trenches, so-so in the press. The Buchanan forces have pretty

Hate Speech at the Forward

Tendentious headline of the week, from Seth Lipsky`s often perspicacious New York-based Forward (March 24), describing Pat Buchanan`s

Bilingualism−Bipartisan Blunder

Letters on Bilingualism Bilingualism - bipartisan blunder The Associated Press reported on 3/16/2000:

Scott McConnell`s Buchanan Diary

Previous Diaries Sunday, March 19

VDARE – The DOE`s Looney Diversitycrat

Peter Brimelow writes: Department of Education officials claimed to be unaware of Jane Elliot`s views in March 2000