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Is Putin the Irrational One?

Demography Is Destiny—In Crimea And In The U.S.

See also: The Enemy Of Ukraine’s Protesters Is Not Necessarily The American Right’s Friend, by Roman Skaskiw

In regions like Crimea, Donestk, and Luhansk, more than two-thirds consider Russian to be their native tongue.

In regions like Crimea, Donestk, and Luhansk, more than two-thirds consider Russian to be their native tongue. (Map courtesy CBS News)

Demography is destiny not just in American politics, but global geopolitics. Mysteriously, the American Main Stream Media is suddenly capable of understanding the consequences of ethnic identity, mass immigration, and demographic displacement—but only when analyzing Politically Incorrect subjects like Putin’s Russia. The true importance of this foreign quarrel, however, is not that we need root for one side or the other in the Ukraine, but rather must understand that the forces at work also apply here—for example, in the rapidly-Mexicanizing American Southwest.

The results are in in from the Crimea. Anywhere from 93 to 95 percent of the voters have chosen to reunite with the Rodina. [Crimeans vote in referendum on whether to break away from Ukraine, join Russia, by Carol Morello, Pamela Constable, and Anthony Faiola, Washington Post, March 16, 2014] While the high percentage may suggest fraud, it may be actually legitimate—after all, as Slate’s Dave Weigel argued, in 2012 Barack Obama quite literally won 100% of the vote in some black districts. [If We Lose, It Was Stolen, by David Weigel, Slate, November 14, 2012]

The MSM has savagely turned on Russia ever since Vladimir Putin imposed restrictions on homosexual activism directed at children, prompting what Steve Sailer has called “World War G.” Thus, the coverage is mostly negative—a startling contrast to the celebratory tone about the secession of Kosovo from Orthodox Serbia.  [The Media’s War Against the Serbs, by Stella Jatras,, January 15, 2001]

Things are not helped by the Establishment conservative movement, which features John McCain calling the Third Rome “a gas station masquerading as a country” and calling for military aid to Ukraine [McCain: ‘Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country, by Dylan Stableford, Yahoo News, March 16, 2014] (If only he were so militant in defense of America’s borders as he is of Ukraine’s.)

Sen. Ted Cruz offered the subtle geopolitical insight that the situation in the Crimea is a battle of “good vs. evil.” Even Tea Party Republicans seemingly feel it is safer to engage in saber rattling against a nuclear power than give a plain statement of opposition to Amnesty. [“Exclusive: Sen Cruz Describes Ukraine vs. Russia as ‘Good vs. Evil’by Awr Hawkins, Breitbart, March 6, 2014]  

As for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she immediately invoked Godwin’s Law by comparing the Russian President to Adolf Hitler, not surprisingly attracting “attracting rare notes of support from hawkish Republicans in Congress.” [Hillary Clinton’s Putin-Hitler comments draw rebukes as she wades into Ukraine conflict, by Philip Rucker, Washington Post, March 5, 2014] Also not surprisingly, Hitler mentions have the Pavlovian effect of making Americans more willing to take action against Russia. [ Mentioning Hitler makes Americans more willing to intervene in Ukraine,  by John Sides, Washington Post, March 14, 2014]

That said, the rationale for President, uh, Mrs. Clinton’s comparison was revealing. She noted

Should We Favor American College Grads Or Aliens?

The Winter 2014 issue of The Social Contract’s theme is "Whatever Happened To The American Dream?” Editor Wayne Lutton reports four powerful articles arguing for less immigration:

"Edwin Rubenstein reveals how the Middle Class is now confronting a nightmare future, thanks to a flooding of labor markets from immigration.

In her article, "Three Stakes in the Heart of the American Dream," Brenda Walker explains how mass immigration, outsourcing, and increasing automation are leading to the systematic loss of middle-class jobs.

Dr. Gene Nelson details that there is no shortage of college-educated Americans and thus no case for increasing the numbers of foreign "skilled" immigrants and "temporary" workers, especially in science, engineering, and related fields.

Peter Gemma reminds us that President Eisenhower appointed General Joseph Swing to head the Immigration & Naturalization Service, who then launched a campaign to arrest and deport illegal aliens. Over one million Mexican illegals were deported during the first year of operations. This contrasts with more recent American presidents, who claim we can't repatriate aliens residing illegally in the U.S.

Lutton also quotes my assessment of the dire situation:

"A coalition of what Donald Collins identifies as "cheap labor importers, job exporters, ethnic tribalists, and religious hypocrites" is lobbying to pass a set of "comprehensive" immigration laws that would triple legal immigration over the coming decade by providing 30 million green cards to immigrants while giving "temporary" work permits to a minimum of 15 million guest workers. As CNBC "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer responded, "The United States needs to focus on getting jobs for U.S. citizens instead of hiring immigrants and making deals with other nations for cheap labor .... To me, this is so basic. We obviously should be taking care of our own."

When I shared the above with an old and trusted friend, he replied as follows:

"I know this won't change your opinion, but consider this.

Our institutions of higher education are full of foreign students especially in the math, science and engineering graduate areas.

Walk around Carnegie Mellon U and Pitt and look at the faces.

If they don't work here after graduation what will they do? Short answer: they will go

Funny Thing: Coming Or Going—Gentrifying Or Fleeing—It’s Always Whitey’s Fault!

Spike Lee’s notorious February 25 lecture at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute in honor of Black History Month., was an expletive-filled, overtly racial, hypocritical rant. During the supposed Q&A, Lee jettisoned the format and steamrolled the adoring liberal white attendees:

Here’s the thing: I grew up here in Fort Greene. I grew up here in New York. It’s changed. And why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in the south Bronx, in Harlem, in Bed Stuy, in Crown Heights for the facilities to get better? The garbage wasn’t picked up every [bleepin’] day when I was living in 165 Washington Park. P.S. 20 was not good. P.S. 11. Rothschild 294. The police weren’t around. When you see white mothers pushing their babies in strollers, three o’clock in the morning on 125th Street [NS: highly unlikely], that must tell you something….

Then comes the [bleepin’] Christopher Columbus Syndrome. You can’t discover this! We been here. You just can’t come and bogart [steal]. There were brothers playing [bleepin’] African drums in Mount Morris Park for 40 years and now they can’t do it anymore because the new inhabitants said the drums are loud. My father’s a great jazz musician. He bought a house in nineteen-[bleepin’]-sixty-eight, and the [bleepin’] people moved in last year and called the cops on my father….

Nah. You can’t do that…. You have to come with respect. There’s a code. There’s people. …

And we had the crystal ball, mother [bleepin]’ Do the Right Thing with John Savage’s character, when he rolled his bike over Buggin’ Out’s sneaker. I wrote that script in 1988. He was the first one. How you walking around Brooklyn with a Larry Bird jersey on? You can’t do that. Not in Bed Stuy.

[Spike Lee’s Amazing Rant Against Gentrification: ‘We Been Here!’ by Joe Coscarelli, New York Magazine, February 25, 2014]

It’s important to note that the New York Magazine editor who called Lee’s rant “amazing” was not being ironic. Liberal whites must always re-define racist black behavior as something positive, anodyne, or just misrepresented and misunderstood, probably by white racists.

Of course, Lee’s position would only make sense if he still lived in the Fort Greene neighborhood he’d grown up in. In fact, he fled it back in 2000, to live far away from blacks in a $32 million mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. [“Spike Lee’s Upper East Side mansion hits market at $32 million,” by Matt Chaban, New York Daily News, February 2, 2014]

But while Lee insists upon his own right to enter elite white neighborhoods, he simultaneously claims that whites should be banned from so much as wearing a Larry Bird jersey in a “black” neighborhood. Lee’s definition of “respect” isn’t English, but the black street thug version: submission to threats of physical force.

What Lee advocates is Politically Correct asymmetrical apartheid—blacks can live anywhere, but they can also maintain (through force) segregated black neighborhoods. [“Spike Lee and other sentimental segregationists,” by Harry Siegel, New York Daily News, March 4, 2014]

What’s worse is that Lee’s hypocritical tribalism is in line with what our rulers have been imposing on us for 60 years. Government at all levels moves with ruthless fanaticism to destroy any neighborhoods that are “too white.” Even Republicans get in the act—like Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead strategizing to culturally enrich his largely white state with Somali “refugees.”

Those pushing these policies live far away from the consequences they create. Like Lee, they say “Diversity for thee, but not for me.”

None of the nine white Supreme Court justices of the unanimous Brown decision

That Live Oak High School Flag Decision: What Will Happen When Hispanics Rule (With Help From The Treason Court)

 American Students In A Formerly Free Country

The February 27 decision by the notorious U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that California school officials could ban students from wearing the U.S. flag on Cinco de Mayo because of an alleged fear it would “provoke” racial violence was a disgusting capitulation to Hispanic supremacism and Mexican Reconquistas, and a betrayal of white Americans. There is no other way to describe it. As’s Allan Wall asked, what country are we living in?

But no one in the Main Stream Media, liberal or “conservative,” has pointed out the decisive fact: 2010 was the first year in Live Oak High School’s history that Hispanics outnumbered whites., a popular source of information about schools, lists the racial composition of the student body and the way it changed over the decades.

Live Oak Race Chart

From 1988 until 2009, whites outnumbered Hispanics at Live Oak High. But Hispanics slowly grew in number, while whites decreased—until they became a minority in 2010.

Not coincidentally, 2010 was also the year that Mexican students threatened American students for wearing their flag on Cinco de Mayo—and the American students were sent home or told to change their clothes, while the Mexicans were allowed to celebrate their national flag.

2010 was simply the flashpoint in the mounting conflict brought about by racial population change.

Imagine the sense of dispossession and loss on the part of those poor American parents, as an American school took on the trappings of the Mexicans who had been allowed into the district in overwhelming numbers—legally and illegally, remember there an estimated 2.5 million illegal aliens in California

Now the immigrants, and their ungrateful anchor-baby progeny, are a living curse,

John Derbyshire On Nicholas Wade’s A TROUBLESOME INHERITANCE—A Small, But Significant, Step For Race Realism

John Derbyshire On Nicholas Wade’s A TROUBLESOME INHERITANCE—A Small, But Significant, Step For Race RealismEvery Tuesday the print edition of the New York Times includes a Science section. I don’t bother with it much, in spite of having been a science geek since infancy. Like most aspects of our metropolitan culture, the NYT Science section has been colonized by the hipster lifestyle. Girly concerns dominate, and there is very little hard science to be found.

The March 11th Science section, for example, had articles on:

  • gadgets to track your physical activity
  • brain workouts
  • online dating
  • apps to help you sleep
  • apps to help you relax
  • kids’ ice-hockey helmets
  • apps to monitor pets
  • better eating
  • parental smartphone usage
  • cycling skills
  • treadmill desks
  • more on activity-tracking gadgets

The writers’ forenames were: Albert, Tara, Abby, Claire, Anahad, Albert again, Nick, Catherine, Perri, Meghan, Amy, and Gretchen.

If you don’t own a smartphone and don’t worry about your health, diet, and kids, there is not much of interest in the Science section. It’s hard to imagine Niels Bohr absorbed in it over his Tuesday cornflakes. (The online version, which has additional posts, is slightly better.)

All the more reason to treasure Nicholas Wade, longtime science reporter at the Times. Wade belongs to the older tradition of science writer. Before joining the Times he worked for Nature, the most prestigious British general-science journal (Wade is British-born), and for Science, the U.S. equivalent. His scientific interests are deep and wide. It is possible—I don’t know, but it is possible—that he does not own either a smartphone or a bicycle.

Although Wade certainly knows his periodic table and undoubtedly could tell you how many miles there go to the light year, most of his writing in recent years has been on the human sciences. In his articles on genetics he has distinguished himself for at least the past dozen years by writing frankly about biological race differences—for example Race Is Seen as Real Guide to Track Roots of Disease, NYT, July 30, 2002.

This is unusual in mainstream science reporting. For the New York Times, it is astounding. Charles Murray expressed the general bafflement: “Do any of the reporters at the New York Times who cover other beats read the Science section?”

All journalists in the West—including all the conservative commentators you have ever heard of—and most other educated people cleave to the Standard Social Science Model (SSSM) of human nature, which declares race to be a “social construct,” a sort of figment of our collective imagination.

There has, says the SSSM, been no significant evolutionary change in Homo sapiens since one group of us left Africa to begin the colonization of Eurasia and the Americas 50,000 years ago.

Even academic professionals in the “soft” human sciences like anthropology and sociology take the SSSM as gospel.  Wade’s 2006 book Before the Dawn in fact occasioned heated criticism from anthropologists: for example, see Jonathan Marks response to the Leakey Foundation regarding controversial writer Nicholas Wade, by Mark Dawson [, October 15th, 2007] and Nicholas Wade Speaks to Leakey Audience | Productive Dialogue or Dangerous Advocacy? by Rachel Dvoskin, Anthropology News, September 2007. (I reviewed the book here.)


In his new book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race, and Human History, scheduled for publication May 6th, Wade raises high the banner of race realism and charges head-on into the massed ranks of the SSSM. He states his major premise up front, on page two:

New analyses of the human genome have established that human evolution has been recent, copious, and regional.

Those last four words are repeated at intervals throughout the narrative. They are, as it were, the keynote of the book; Wade returns to them many times to anchor his observations—and some speculations—on the history and development of human societies.

Along the way he has fun tweaking the SSSM-niks:

A few biologists have begun to agree that there are human races, but they hasten to add that the fact means very little. Races exist, but the implications are “not much,” says the evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne. Too bad—nature has performed this grand 50,000-year experiment, generating scores of fascinating variations on the human theme, only to have evolutionary biologists express disappointment at her efforts.

That “too bad” is priceless. Even better is Wade’s tossing and goring of Jared Diamond’s absurd best-seller Guns, Germs, and Steel:

It is driven by ideology, not science. The pretty arguments about the availability of domesticable species or the spread of disease are not dispassionate assessments of fact but are harnessed to Diamond’s galloping horse of geographic determinism, itself designed to drag the reader away from the idea that genes and evolution might have played any part in recent human history.

In a dry little footnote to Diamond’s well-known assertion that the tribes of New Guinea are “in mental ability probably genetically superior to Westerners,” [Guns, Germs, and Steel, p. 21] Wade notes, with a reference, that the mean IQ for Papua New Guinea is 83, and adds:

If Diamond is thinking of some more appropriate measure of intelligence, he does not cite it.

Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker is also

My Message to Girls: Be Bossy!

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Inevitable University of North Carolina-Type Student Athlete Scandals

Back in 2007, Rush Limbaugh told a caller, “Look it, let me put it to you this way. The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.” This January, Stanford alumni Richard Sherman confirmed Limbaugh’s observation with his loutish behavior at the end of the National Football League’s (NFL) NFC Championship game.

But NCAA college football is the feeder league for professional thuggery and a scandal far greater than Sherman’s screeching is all but ignored by the national Main Stream Media—above all, its undeniable racial angle.  One of the top public colleges in America is embroiled in not one, but two huge racial scandals that prove the NCAA has nothing to do with anything resembling “higher education.”

The University of North Carolina (UNC) is one of the top institutions of higher learning in the South.  Not surprisingly, this means the black male student population is low, and a high proportion of what “diversity” there is functions as “student-athletes” on the football or basketball team. [Only 98 of nearly 4,000 new first-years are black males, By Julia Craven, The Daily Tar Heel, October 14, 2013]. A 2013 study conducted by the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at the University of Pennsylvania, [Black Male Student-Athletes and Racial Inequities in NCAA Division I College Sports, By Shaun R. Harper, Collin D. Williams Jr., and Horatio W. Blackman (PDF)] noted that only 3.5 percent of the undergraduate population of UNC was black, but 69.9 percent of the revenue-generating athletes (football and men’s basketball) were black.

Stripped of Political Correctness, what this means is that black males are not capable of earning admission to UNC on academic grounds, but that the college thinks it requires blacks to staff profitable athletic teams.  

The perennial problem for UNC and other universities: how to keep these black male athletes academically eligible to compete for the school, while maintaining academic integrity and credibility.

The solution UNC developed: fraud!

The first scandal is the revelation that the UNC “Afro-American Studies” department engaged in massive fraud to ensure black athletes received grades they didn’t (and couldn’t) earn.  [The Scandal Bowl: Tar Heels Football, Academic Fraud, and Implicit Racism, by Paul Barrett, Business Week, January 2, 2014]

The fraud including changing grades, forging professors’ signatures, and “little or no class time” for supposed students.  It extended back to 1997.  [UNC probe reveals academic fraud, by Robbi Pickeral, ESPN, December 2, 2012]

Professor Julius Nyang’oro, a Tanzanian immigrant, was criminally indicted in December 2013 for the disgrace and has hid in a “cone of silence.”  According to the New York Times, before the scandal broke, Nyang’oro was an “internationally respected scholar.”  Now, it has been alleged that though students received grades, some of his classes never even existed.  [A’s for Athletes, but Charges of Fraud at North Carolina, by Sarah Lyall, December 31, 2013

The University has been reduced to spot checks of scheduled classes to make sure they are actually real.  [“UNC holds unannounced inspections of classes to make sure they exist,” by Robby Soave, Daily Caller, February 28, 2013]

For those wondering, an internal audit found that 40 percent of those enrolled in 54 classes at the heart of the scandal were football or basketball players. What percentage went on to get masters or even PhDs in Black studies or some other made-up liberal arts degree? [UNC players made up 39 percent of suspect classes: Nearly 40% in certain UNC courses played football or basketball, Charlotte News and Observer, May 7, 2012

Long-time NFL star Julius Peppers was one of those black athletes who

Malaysian Air Disappearance: Why Do Immigration Enthusiasts Sabotage Identity Security?

As I wrote in a recent letter to the editor, Malaysian Air flight MH370 has literally disappeared into thin air. The most seasoned aeronautic veterans are scratching their heads and wondering how an apparently well-maintained modern jet airplane can just up and vanish when it has reached cruising altitude in untroubled clear blue skies. They all seem to agree it must have been something fairly sudden and catastrophic because no communication has been detected by authorities, which one would assume would happen given something like a jammed jack screw.

No, something more sudden seems to be the consensus, it’s increasingly pointing into the direction of murder most foul. Investigation into the passenger manifest has revealed two people traveling with stolen passports. Which of course makes us all suspect that perhaps one of both of these people boarded the plane under-cover with a bomb with the intention of meeting Allah in a hurry. [Passport Theft Adds to Mystery of Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet, By Thomas Fuller And Eric Schmitt, NYT, March 8, 2014]

Malaysian  FlagBut it is odd, if that is the case, that they would target a Malaysian airline. It is a Muslim country, after all. But maybe they saw Malaysia’s candy-striped flag (right) and said to themselves, “Close enough, I want me my 72 virgins, Allahu Akbar!”

Given all this hand-wringing and speculation, it’s a wonder that the Main Stream Media has not picked up on the deplorable state of U.S. identity security. Here in the U.S., any attempt at improving the security and validity of identification is met with full-throated defiance by the usual suspects, who happen to run the country. We are meant to believe that asking for basic forms of identification routinely needed for something as simple as renting a movie is tantamount to poll-taxes and Jim Crow.

This mentality can be seen in the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill being pushed by the Great and the Good. It actually has a provision that makes it illegal to “forge, counterfeit, alter, or falsely make 3 or more passports”.

See? The first two are free! [Rubio Didn't Know His Own Bill Allows Someone to Forge 2 Passports Before It's a Crime,By Alissa Tabirian,, July 19, 2013.]

But honestly, what is the thinking behind this? Why on earth, given our apparent state of perpetual war against whole swaths of mankind, would we attempt to lay avenues of attacks unobstructed to foreigners whose designs may be anywhere from rudely imposing to murderous? I mean, what’s that point of having an official document if in fact the law actually has provisions allowing it to be counterfeited?

I’ll answer my own question: it’s because the person(s) who wrote this bill are wild-eyed Open-Border Treason Lobby fanatics. They don’t want ANY form of identification that hinders the absolute free-movement of people.

This Gang Of Eight bill was written by the likes of

More Evidence CPAC (“CorporatePAC”) Thinks America Is Not A Country, It’s Just A Business

Mickey Kaus, moderator Jonathan Garthwaite, and Ann Coulter "Debate" Immigration

Mickey Kaus, moderator Jonathan Garthwaite, and Ann Coulter "Debate" Immigration

I’ve made it pretty clear that Conservatism Inc. exists for the benefit of its wealthy donors, not to protect the interest of its voters. But protesting participants tell me that this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, which I discussed here, took price gouging and abuse of the loyal grass roots to new lows. The Beltway Right increasingly resembles the hitman antihero of the film Killing Me Softly, who concludes at the end of the movie: “America’s not a country; it’s just a business. Now f***ing pay me.”

As even the Leftist Main Stream Media has discovered, major corporations don’t just fund CPAC—they set its agenda. [Why CPAC isn’t as grassroots as you think, by Eli Clifton, Slate, March 7, 2014] Chief among the donors: oil, tobacco, and gun companies. Xbox, Motion Picture Association of America, and even Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook (!!!), also had booths at CPAC, part of the increasing corporate presence. CPAC now really stands for Corporate Political Action Conference.

But while the Left usually loves to bash Big Business, it is silent about the consequences of this corporate corruption—because it approves of the political consequences: above all the blatant repression of immigration patriots and the steady drumbeat for Open Borders and mass immigration.

Of course, in order for this plan to work, "CorporatePAC" (CPAC) has to control not only the views presented from the main stage but the organizations that participate in the Exhibit Hall. Over the past few years, the sponsoring American Conservative Union (Al Cardenas, caudillo) has steadily increased prices, limited access, and discouraged grassroots participation to make sure no unapproved views are aired at its swanky party.

This year, "CorporatePAC" (CPAC) dramatically cut down the hours in which paying exhibitors could display their booths: just 11 AM - 4 pm during Thursday and Friday, and 10 AM to 2 pm on Saturday. That's only 14 hours for small groups that paid $4,000 to attend the event just to have a booth—nearly $300 an hour.

For the second year in a row, the main stage where the speakers talk was on a different floor from the Exhibit Hall. Many people now never bother to go down to visit the Exhibitor Hall because they spend their whole time in the main Ballroom.

But at least last year exhibitors had a nice view of the harbor from the exhibit hall, and there were big-screen TVs in the hall so attendees could follow events. In contrast, this year all exhibitors were closed off from views, TV’s were eliminated, and “side events" also took place in the noisy Exhibit Hall, rendering them hard to hear and all but ignored. Small groups paid huge amounts of money for no perks, receiving as consolation prizes only "free lunches” and live music in the Exhibit Hall, which no one listened to. The obvious intent of all of this was to actively discourage participation by the grassroots.

Many exhibitors feel insulted by the way they were treated. Some libertarian groups are disgusted but take in stride because they think they are making a “hostile takeover” of the Establishment conservative movement. If the gray old men are eventually forced out by socially liberal, openly hostile left-libertarians, they have only themselves to blame given the way they treat their own supporters. Rather than a meeting place for a movement, "CorporatePAC" (CPAC) has become a gathering place for opposing tribes of con artists plotting how to exploit each other.

"CorporatePAC" (CPAC)’s venue, the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center, is very far away from any Metro subway station. This makes it very hard or expensive for people who do not have cars to attend the event. The obvious target is students, once seen as the very heart and soul of the annual event. CPAC claimed to have shuttle buses running from Union Station, but they were shut down at about 8:00 pm on Friday, making it all but impossible for students to stick around for late night events. The younger libertarians grousing about this in their “Stand With Rand” T shirts speculate that the Gaylord Hotel was chosen to make it difficult for the Ron Paul/Rand Paul student brigades to swamp the vote for their candidate.

This failed—Senator Paul won the straw poll this year, as he did the year before. Still, "CorporatePAC" (CPAC)’s manipulations have ensured that the Paulistas

CPAC 2014: Conservatism Inc. Tries To Finesse Amnesty/ Immigration Surge—But Ann Coulter Doesn’t Let Them

Ann Coulterimage
CPAC: The Good—Ann CoulterThe Bad and The Ugly—ACU chairman Al Cardenas

They have learned nothing. They have forgotten nothing. They are doing nothing. And they may win by default.

Thus is the state of “the movement” at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2014 Anno Domini.

Much was the same as the year before. Once again, ACU organizers did their best to prevent any dissent against their preferred policy of Amnesty. Once again, speakers used militant rhetoric on tangential issues. Once again, there were laughable efforts at minority outreach, greeted with hooting scorn by an openly hostile Main Stream Media. And once again, the only person who bluntly told the truth about the dispossession of the historic American nation was Ann Coulter.

One MSM mini-meme for this year’s CPAC: “sanity” (as defined by Leftists) has been restored to CPAC. This was duly dissected by Editor Peter Brimelow, whose appearance in 2012 seems to have been nominated as the nadir by whatever replaced Journolist.

The problem, of course: the goal posts for “racism” keep being moved. Thus the collection of clickbait clichés known as Gawker dispatched one Gabrielle Bluestone who duly kvetched that “on the second day of CPAC, all of the main speakers are white men.” [A Sea of White: Day Two at CPAC, by Gabrielle Bluestone, Gawker, March 7, 2013] (Like the demographic that created the country.)

CPAC did try its usual tactic of presenting a Great Black Hope—in this case, Dr. Ben Carson, who received a raucous reception. Conference organizers also tried to head off race-baiting stories with panels on minority outreach—unfortunately for them, no one showed up, at least not at the beginning of the panel. Thus, liberal journalists were able to write triumphalist stories about how CPAC is neglecting diversity. The smug John Hudak gloated

Attendance at the diversity panel was low.

“The diversity panel is the path to the party being successful and making inroads into traditionally Democratic groups. If the GOP wants to see the Democratic Party struggle to elect a president, they should win 20% of the African American Vote or 50% of the Latino vote…If the attendance pictured above reflects the party’s future approach to diversity outreach, it is probably safe to say that for some the given future, the White House will be a solid hue of deep blue.”

[Live from CPAC: The Most Important Panel Everyone Missed, by John Hudak, Brookings Institution, March 6, 2014]

The deliberate exclusion of immigration patriots was intensified this year—as Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA  put it, CPAC has become a “kind of the corporate elites playground instead of [about] conservative principles. [Immigration hardliners: No room for us at CPAC, by Jackie Kucinich, The Washington Post, March 7, 2014]. The Huffington Post celebrated that “Cuban-born lawyer and lobbyist Al Cardenas has invited several Latino activists and leaders to take part in panels and immigration and health care.” [CPAC, Once Again An Obstacle To GOP Attempts To Soften Message, Shows Signs of Moderation, by Jon Ward, Huffington Post, March 6, 2014]. (See here for more disgusting details on corruptocat Cardenas.)

However, there was an odd defensiveness about the entire conference

National Data | February Jobs: Only Immigrants Weather the Storm

Do you hear the wind? It’s a collective sigh of relief.

After two dismal employment reports—for December and January—that came in in well below expectations, many economists feared the worst: That the slowdown was not weather related but a sign that the economy was sliding back to recession—or worse. So last Friday’s news that employers added a better-than-expected 175,000 jobs in February, despite horrific weather, lifted much of the gloom. [US economy adds 175000 jobs in February despite harsh weather By Jim Puzzanghera , Los Angeles Times, March 7, 2014]

The latest figures for hiring are down from the average of 189,000 over the past 12 months and fell a bit short of what policy makers had been hoping to see at this stage of the recovery. The unemployment rate rose 0.1 percentage point to 6.7 percent.

Still, the relatively strong showing means the Federal Reserve will stick with its plan to ease back its monetary stimulus, a policy that assumes long-term economic recovery is in the works.

To which we say: NOT SO FAST. The “other” employment survey, of households rather than employers, tells a very different story. The household survey found a mere 42,000 jobs were created in February, down sharply from the whopping 638,000 job growth it reported in January.

The household survey reports national origins. And more troubling still is the fact that native-born American workers received absolutely none of last month’s paltry job growth. In February:

  • Total  employment rose by 42,000, or by 0.03%
  • Native-born American employment fell by 57,000 or by 0.05%
  • Foreign-born employment rose by 99,000, or by 0.42%

Bad weather is bad news for all workers, but especially for immigrants concentrated as they are in construction, landscaping, and other occupations sensitive to weather. You would expect that the immigrant share of total employment would be less this February than in other recent February’s. But our analysis of BLS data shows the opposite:

Foreign-born Employment (millions)




% chg.










Wyoming Patriots Alert! The Refugees (And Treason Lobby Scam Artists) Are Coming!

Also by Paul Nachman: Astonishing Immigration Patriot Victory In Montana—No Thanks To GOP, Which Ran Away (And Lost)

Since early February, the indefatigable Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch has been sounding the alarm that Wyoming, the only state without a refugee program, is setting itself up for all the woe that having such a program brings. Its Governor Matt Mead, [Email him] a Republican, actually contacted the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement to indicate his interest in getting started.

(Reading between the lines at Wikipedia's profile of Mead, we can guess that he's a typically well-insulated and clueless member of what columnist Mark Steyn calls America's "depraved political class." The profile includes this: "In 2003, Mead and his brother and sister put their family ranch in [Grand Teton National Park] up for sale; the price was said to be $110 million.")

Wyomingites wanting to bring themselves up to speed on this threat should first read Ms. Corcoran's blogs on the subject:

A couple of weeks ago, I did a blog about the threat to Wyoming, urging citizens of Wyoming and others with strong connections to the state to contact Mead and express your displeasure (politely, of course). If enough people do that, the governor may catch on that pursuing this initiative won't necessarily be a controversy-free way to burnish his "compassion" credentials. If you've been meaning to do that but haven't yet gotten around to it, step right up.

This Tuesday, March 4, a letter from me appeared in the Casper Star-Tribune, Wyoming's largest-circulation newspaper, under the (editor-supplied) headline Refugee influx not so great. Since others might use it as a starting template for their own letters, I'll provide the full text here:


The Feb. 22 article (Former child soldier wants refugee office in Wyoming) about a possible influx of refugees to Wyoming paints the cheerful picture of a program—under careful, joint control by the federal government and national charitable organizations (e.g. Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Services; Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)—that brings in people whose diverse backgrounds enrich the lives of the locals, even as these newcomers speedily become “self sufficient.”

That scenario has almost no overlap with the actual experiences of cities across the country (e.g. Lewiston, Maine; Amarillo, Texas; Manchester, N.H.) that have been deluged with needy people—typically unaccustomed to living in a modern, self-governing society—once they agreed to accept a few refugees.

And often they didn’t even agree. Instead, the U.S. State Department, in cooperation with those national organizations, merely announced that refugees would be coming, and it was up to local governments and their taxpayers to accommodate the inflow.

One explicitly local burden is the surge of non-English-speakers into public schools (ESL teachers required) and as clients of the court system and social services agencies (translators required). Those don’t qualify for the federal support that supposedly makes the program cost-free to receiving communities.

All public benefits—federal, state, and local—are available to refugees by 30 days after their arrival in the U.S., and their use is much higher than that by native-born citizens. For example, in 2010, 49 percent of refugees who had arrived during 2005-2010 were receiving medical assistance (primarily Medicaid).

Further, what’s implied by “self-sufficiency?” This merely means that refugees aren’t collecting federally-funded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). They can still be receiving food stamps, Medicaid, locally-funded general (cash) assistance, and Supplemental Security Income while being officially counted as “self sufficient."

It’s also important to recognize that those organizations that help resettle refugees are federal contractors. Instead of providing actual charity, they run their refugee operations primarily with taxpayer money.

So Wyomingites shouldn’t just leave decisions about the proposed state refugee program to such self-interested “experts.” Remember, it’s still your state.

PAUL NACHMAN, Bozeman, Mont. (Hyperlinks supplied by

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Obama’s Gun Control Obsession Causes Corporate White Flight From Black-Run America

President Barack Obama may be the greatest gun salesman in American history—and, as with most things in American culture and politics, the root cause is race. But an unnoticed related phenomenon is that white flight is now operating on an interstate level—and gun manufacturers are leading the way.

The FBI reported a record number of background checks for gun sales in 2013. [Obama backfires, gun sales in 2013 smash all records, By Emily Miller, Washington Times, January 6, 2014] The previous record was in 2012… which broke the record of 2011, and so forth back to the year of Obama’s election.

One of the few rights that Americans seem to have successfully defended is the ability to own a firearm. The Main Stream Media occasionally pushes gun control after some spectacular gun crime committed by a white shooter. But the real pattern of gun violence in this country can be seen in cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis, New York City, Memphis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Washington D.C. These cities, not surprisingly, already have strict gun control policies—and they have nothing to do with white people or Republicans.

Each year the anti-gun  Violence Policy Center (VPC) puts out its Black Homicide Victimization in the United States study. [PDF] Each year the conclusion is the same:

Blacks in the United States are disproportionately affected by homicide. For the year 2011, blacks represented 13 percent of the nation’s population, yet accounted for 50 percent of all homicide victims.

The devastation homicide inflicts on black teens and adults is a national crisis that should be a top priority for policymakers to address. An important part of ending our gun violence epidemic will involve reducing homicides in the African-American community.

For blacks, like all victims of homicide, guns—usually handguns—are far and away the number-one murder tool. Successful efforts to reduce America’s black homicide toll, like America’s homicide toll as a whole, must put a focus on reducing access and exposure to firearms.

Any mention of the black face of America’s gun crime sends even the most militant NRA-member running for the hills. MSM Journalists also do their best to ignore the obvious when writing navel-gazing stories about gun violence. For example:

Among cities with at least 100,000 residents, Birmingham ranked No. 9 last year, according to the FBI data. That is higher even than Chicago, a city that has gained a great deal of attention as a place with an out-of-control murder problem.

Alabama’s other large cities – Montgomery, Mobile and Huntsville – ranked 30, 38 and 85. Only Huntsville’s rate was in the bottom half of the country’s big cities…

James Alan Fox, [Email him] a criminologist at Northeastern University in Boston, said the most murderous cities and states tend to have higher concentrations of black residents, who on average are six times more likely to be involved in murders.

“There are certainly patterns there,” he said.

But Fox cautioned that race often masks deeper socioeconomic factors, such as poverty, unemployment and low levels of education.

“Demographics is a big part of it, but it’s not the whole story,” he said. “Of course, it’s not race, itself. There’s a whole array of economic issues. … It looks like demographics, but it’s really socioeconomic issues.”

[Demographics? Guns? Southern culture? Reasons for regional homicide variations remain elusive, by Brendan Kirby,, September 20, 2013. Emphases added].

But if “socioeconomics issues” were at the heart of the debate, why didn’t National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson find poverty-stricken white Appalachia replete with gun-aided homicides? [The White Ghetto , January 9, 2014]

Presumably for the same reason the Kansas City Star editors couldn’t say the obvious in a recent editorial on violence.

The statistics for all 50 large cities do show a correlation

Hillary, Hitler & Cold War II