New Readers (Maybe Juan Mann Fans?) At DHS/ICE

For all of us out there who
believe that it`s about damn time that our federal
government actually provides some

physical security
for our borders—and summarily

illegal aliens and

criminal alien residents
too—at least we have a
little good news these days.

With the advent of the

Minuteman Project
, the federal government is finally

paying attention

So . . . guess who`s
reading my

on Monday nights?

It`s the public relations
folks at the headquarters of the Department of Homeland
Security`s (DHS)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Eat your heart out,

Treason Lobby!

How do I presume to know
this?  Well, a reader informed me that my postings from the evening of June 27 were sent
around in an internal e-mailing to all

ICE employees
called “ICE Clips” early the
following morning on June 28. 

The “ICE Clips”
e-mail broadcast is a daily collection of news summaries
and links to newspaper articles that cover some aspect

ICE operations
, including many with official quotes

ICE managers
or public relations officers. [Click
here for the "Ice
Clips" e-mail

On June 28,

ICE`s Office of Public Affairs and Internal
made sure to include summaries and
links to these freshly-posted items: 

ICE`s media monitors could
also have been alerted to my features from my

on Michelle Malkin`s

Immigration Blog

And they could have found the
articles from an up-to-the-minute

provided by Glenn Spencer`s

American Patrol

Hats off to ICE for
circulating these columns to all of their employees . .
. and welcome aboard

Stay tuned to as
well as other

web sites
of the

immigration reform movement.  You`ll be glad
you did.

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of