Man Bites Dog! LA Times Mentions the I-Word! (No Olympics)

The Los Angeles Times gave me a shock
this week. I was reading this New-York-Times-wanna-be`s
latest article documenting yet another problem
caused by Southern California`s rapidly rising
population. This time, it was overcrowding in
the schools. Reporter Kristina Sauerwein offered
a vivid portrayal:

In Southern California, students skip
meals and delay going to the restroom
because the lines are longer than the
lunch period. Rushing to get to class on
time, mobs of students fight their way
through narrow doors and cramped
hallways, often enduring shoves,
bruising, dirty looks and loud
obscenities from frustrated peers. Once
inside classrooms jammed with three
dozen or more bodies, students with
desks study elbow to elbow while those
without sit hunched on stools or
counters, using their laps as a desktop.
(9/25/00) [


Of course, there`s nothing surprising about
any of this. What jolted me upright, however,
was the 1,105th word of the article, when Ms.
Sauerwein got around to mentioning that the
cause of the booming student population is
"largely a result of immigration."

Even more remarkably, she didn`t immediately
insert some excuse or even a warning that only
white racists worry about immigration. We can
only hope that this observant analyst doesn`t
get in trouble with her bosses for violating the
L.A. Times` usual policy: never report
any ill-effects of the hippopotamus in its
backyard swimming pool.

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September 27, 2000