`Just Say No!` Pays Off– The Country Is Up For Grabs

The polls and pundits are all in
alignment now.

The Republican Party is headed for
a victory Tuesday to rival the biggest and best of those
that the party has known in the lifetime of most

In 1938, the GOP won 72 seats in
the House.

In 1946, Republicans swept both
houses and presented Harry Truman with a

"fighting 80th
that contained three future
presidents: John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard

In 1966, Republicans picked up 47
House seats to set up the comeback of Nixon, who had led
the party out of the wilderness of Goldwater`s defeat.

In 1994, the Republican Revolution
added 52 House seats and captured both chambers for the
first time since Eisenhower`s first term.

Looking back on those Republican
triumphs, and forward to Tuesday`s, what do these
Republican off-year victories have in common?

In all four—1938, 1946, 1966 and
1994—the GOP won not because of what the party had
accomplished or the hopes it had raised, but because
Republicans were the only alternative on the ballot to a
Democratic Party and president voters wished to punish.

By 1938, America had had its fill
of FDR, as the Depression returned with a vengeance and
his aristocratic arrogance became manifest in the crude
attempt to purge Democratic senators and pack the
Supreme Court with six new justices who`d rubber-stamp
his New Deal.

In 1946, Truman was perceived to
have been as naive as FDR in trusting
"good old Joe"
Stalin, who was imposing his murderous Bolshevik rule on
100 million Eastern Europeans and whose Maoist allies
were waging war on America`s ally in China. What our
boys won on the battlefield, our diplomats have
frittered away, the country believed.

In 1966, the nation was reacting
viscerally to the stalemate in Vietnam, rising
casualties, campus disorders, soaring crime, and riots
in Harlem and Watts, all seen as the legacy of LBJ`s
Great Society.

In 1994, it was

gays in the military

and the public perception that Bill
Clinton was more liberal than he had let on that cost
Democrats both houses. The post-election spin that the
nation had rallied to Newt Gingrich`s

"Contract with America"
was pure propaganda.

Tuesday`s election, too, will be no
embrace of the GOP, but rather a repudiation of what
Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have come to
represent. All are seen as power-hungry politicians of
an out-of-touch regime that is seizing control of
private wealth and private lives as it fails in its duty
to win our wars, balance our budgets and secure our

Republicans will be the
beneficiaries of this repudiation, as Republicans are,
almost everywhere, the only alternative on the ballot,
and because they are seen correctly as having opposed
the Obama agenda with near drill-team solidarity.

Every Republican in the Senate but
Arlen Specter and the ladies from Maine voted against
Obama`s stimulus bill. Every Republican in the House,
save eight, voted no on cap-and-trade. Every Republican
on Capitol Hill voted no on Obamacare. More GOP senators
opposed Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan than opposed any
Supreme Court nominee in memory.

Tuesday, obstructionism reaps its

On Tuesday, the nation, including
millions of Obama voters, will come out to empower the
Party of No, even as the nation voted in 2006 and 2008
to throw out that party. While many did respond
positively to Obama`s politics of hope and change in
2008, as they ousted the Republicans, the nation, after
Tuesday, will have voted in three straight elections in
four years to be rid of its ruling regime.

The United States is starting to
look like the French Fourth Republic.

After France lost Indochina, began
losing Algeria and was flipping from one premier and one
party to another, the call went forth from an
exasperated nation

to Gen. DeGaulle
to come and take charge of affairs.

Consider the critical issue facing
America today—the budget and trade deficits, the soaring
national debt, an unemployment near 10 percent for 14
straight months—and how neither party seems to have the

While George Bush`s tax cuts did
not cause this, they did not prevent it. And if
Republicans believe that his deficits did cause it, why
have those Republicans not addressed the causes of those
deficits—Bush`s wars, Bush`s tax cuts and Bush`s social
spending on No Child Left Behind and Medicare drug

Yet, if liberal Democrats are right
and deficits are the correct Keynesian cure for
recession, why have Obama deficits of $1.4 and $1.3
trillion failed so dismally? Paul Krugman says they are
not large enough. Perhaps, but the country is about to
end the experiment.

The Federal Reserve, having used
and broken every tool in its toolbox, including doubling
the money supply and setting interest rates at near
zero, will now bet the farm on inflation, starting Nov.

Both parties have lost the mandate
of heaven, and neither knows if its economic philosophy
even works anymore.

We are in uncharted waters. The
country is up for grabs.



Patrick J. Buchanan


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